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NuSkin Galvanic II Tool Left a Line on my Face

I went to a NuSkin party, and an independent...

I went to a NuSkin party, and an independent distributor of NuSkin used the galvanic spa on my face, and she was very aggressive as she stroked this tool over my face. The end result was a two-inch deep red line on the left side of my cheek within 24 hours after she ran the tool over my face. The line has not gone away, and it has been on my face for 18 months now. I went to see a dermatologist, and he stated that it may or may not go away.

If you have sensitive skin, this tool is not for you. If you have thick skin, try at your own risk, but use light strokes, never aggressive.

I am of the opinion that if you are not an aesthetician, you have no business using this tool. A good analogy would be me trying to use a gentle activator tool, the same as my chiropractor uses on my when she does my adjustments. I have no business buying one of those tools, as I have never the proper training to use that tool. Same rule applies here. It's the bubble of greed taking over, when this type of tool is sold to the public with absolutely no training at all!


I have one of these... you need to use the gel (I would recommend buying a cheap ultrasound gel and applying it in a thick layer rather than the extremely expensive Nu Skin gels which are tiny anyway!)... keeping your face moist prevents the spa from burning your face. If the gel dries out and you carry on, then you'll get a burn. Also you're not supposed to use it if you have rosacea. I tried to get it to lift my eyebrows but it made no difference. To be honest, the effect for me is the same as when you have a cold shower and your skin feels "tighter". But in my case it all drops about 30 mins later. The biggest crime with the spa is that it's a total rip off - I would imagine it is literally made for like $10. You can get a more professional device on Ebay from China!
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Based on my experience - this product is dangerous for home use. BE CAREFUL - YOU CAN DAMAGE YOUR SKIN!!!
I don't have many wrinkles (or i didn't use to) but I've noticed my face have dropped a bit giving me a tired look and some expression lines. So I bought the Galvanic Spa II after doing my research (plenty of good reviews from distributors) on internet and having a treatment in a beauty salon.
I used it 6 times in a period of 2-3 weeks, 5 minutes pre-treatment and 5 minutes treatment gel (as per demonstration videos on youtube). The first day my face looked fresh but then it went back to normal again so after few days I repeated the treatment. Having not seeing permanent improvements, I gave it a break of 2 weeks and my face started looking worse. My eyes have dropped, my black circle around the eyes and my expression marks are now more prominent. I can see fine wrinkles around the eyes (which I didn't have at all). People from work keep saying I look tired. I feel I've lost the rest of "freshness" I had on my face.

I'm looking old for a 35 years old (I'm not married, I don't have kids, I have a very healthy diet and I have good genes as my family don't look their age at all).

I sent an email to Galvanic and they replied saying that I had over treated the skin (I should use only 2 minutes and then 3 minutes) and it potentially can have the opposite effect, increasing the lines and wrinkles for a shorter period of time.

I'm very wary of trying it again and make my skin even worse than it looks now.

I think the negatives sides when over using it should be very clear and well explained on their website and youtube videos. One can damage their skin if they use ti more than 3 minutes (up to this date there's nothing on their FAQ explaining the opposite effects when using it wrongly).

'I'm not sure whether my skin will go back to normal. I'm going to see a dermatologist and start some facial exercises routine and hope it will fix my skin. This was a lesson for me (a very expensive one). I'll never try "miracles" again.
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