Scheduled my Fully Tummy Tuck Today and Scared - Mesa, AZ

I am a 43 year old female that has two grown...

I am a 43 year old female that has two grown children I gained 50lbs with each. Since then my max weight was reached 242lbs at 5'5 that was scary. I have since lost 100lbs over 4 year period and kept it off. However due to the children that I love and weight loss I have alot of loose skin that hangs over all my pants. It is so embarresing. I have done everything I can but the loose skin still hangs there. At this point I am so scared about my tummy tuck that is scheduled for May 12, 2011. The recovery seems so hard and painful and long. Any advice would be helpful.

Well I change my surgery date from May to April 7...

Well I change my surgery date from May to April 7 and my pre-op is end of March. I am really praying that everything goes well and I survive the recovery; it seems to be difficult and long. Does anyone know if you can excercise the same you did before the tummy tuck? Unlike most people I really enjoy doing cardio and weight training and would truly miss it.

Does anyone know if your insurance covers...

Does anyone know if your insurance covers prescriptions for tummy tuck?

Well the date is getting closer for my surgery and...

Well the date is getting closer for my surgery and I thought I would be more nervous the closer the date got but I am actually feeling more at ease then at first. I go for my appointment at my doctor for clearance on March 7 and my Pre-op appointment is March 21, 2011. I know it will be here before I know it..I just can't wait to get rid of this Jelly Belly.

I have a question is it possible to recover...

I have a question is it possible to recover without having anyone at your home to take care of you after you leave from your surgery?

Marvin Borsand

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We have the same surgery date. Good luck to you and wishing you a speedy recovery. My doctor said I can do light cardio after two weeks, and regular workouts after eight weeks (weight training.) Should be interesting to see how I deal with two weeks of no exercise, since I work out everyday.
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My insurance did pay for all of the prescribed medications.  Check with your insurance but generally if you have prescription coverage they will cover any prescribed medication.   Minus the co-pay of course. 

Just give them a call. 
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My insurance did cover the cost of my prescriptions. :) YEAH! I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
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Thank you so much for the positive thoughts. I think the fear comes from the unknown...but hearing good things make it worth while. I so look forward to my surgery I just wish I didn't have to wait so long. I am going on a trip in March so I need to wait til after that. Keep us posted please it does help and take care
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Hi there! First, congratulations to you on your weight loss. 100 pounds! WOW...that is an amazing accomplishment!
I understand your fear, I felt the same way before my TT w/lipo. My procedure was done on 1/12 so I guess I'm 9 days post op. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined. For me, the pain never peaked higher than a 5 and pain pills plus the pain pump I had knocked it down to almost nothing. No shooting pain, just lots of aching, especially sore where the lipo was done. Like Kimmers said, we are all different but remember that we all got through it! :)
I have before pictures up (EMBARRASSING and EWWWW!) and posted after pictures today so those should be up tomorrow if you are interested, take a look! We are the same height although I'm heavier than you. Maybe they'll help give you some idea of how awesome you'll look when you are done! I'm thrilled with the results even though I am still very swollen!! It is SO worth it! Good luck to you and stay positive! You'll do great!
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The first week was bad- my husband did everything for me. Once the drains came out on day 10 and I was able to shower, I felt better. Now I am waiting for the ok to drive and workout.
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Hi there! I just joined here and glad to see you're in Az, I am 3wks post op today. Make sure you ask a lot of questions at your preop visit. Good Luck and keep us posted!
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How has the last three weeks been for you? My doctor is in Scottsdale and he is doing the no drain tummy tuck
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Hey Girl and welcome to RealSelf!

Congratulations on your weight loss; that is fantastic and I am very proud of you.  It is a long hard process so you totally deserve this tummy tuck.  And thank you for posting the pics.  It is all good...we have all posted our double muffin tops and survived.  We all cheer for each other on this site. 

I totally understand the being scared part but you can do it!   Any surgery will rattle your nerves so just focus on the end results.  You are going to end up with a nice flat tummy and absolutely love it. 

The worst part is the first week post op but the meds help numb that portion.  Stick with us on the site while you wait for your surgery and we will all help you through it.    We will also be here after as well :)  Just remember the pain is temporary but the flat tummy will last you years....

Everyone is different in the healing process so what was horrible for one may not be as bad for you.   You are doing the right thing because that skin will not go away on it's own. 

Stay positive, keep posting and we will all help you through this process. 

Feel free to email me anytime with questions.   Oh yes and I would love to hear how you lost all of the weight!!!  Please share :)   That is also a very hot topic on the site.

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Good job on that weight loss! How inspiring. How'd you do it?

And thanks for being brave enough to post photos here. I know it's a scary process. I bet in 90% of the reviews I read, women mention how nervous they are. Totally normal! It's a big deal and a long journey, but in the end, most women are happy they did it. If you've done your homework and chosen a board certified surgeon you're comfortable with and trust, I think you can rest easy.

Think of recovery as a chance to catch up on movies and read those books you've been meaning to. :)

Check out Kimmers' Month-by-Month Tummy Tuck Diary. It's full of some great info.

Please keep us updated!

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Thanks for the support I lost my weight just by eating health and working out. I am not to worried about my doctor because he is American Board Certitied not just Board Certified and he has been doing surgeries for 30 some years. He started out as a nose throat and ear surgeon then went to generaly surgery then cosmetic. He actually trains other surgeons. I think I am more scared of the long recovery and how much swelling there will be and how long it last....
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