2.5 months out, still have a issue with right breast!

I think I am happy, I really am conflicted. Had...

I think I am happy, I really am conflicted. Had mine done on November 20, 2012. I did this as I have lost alot of weight in the past years and breast fed two kids, My boobs looked horrible, I am 49 years old, 5'5" and about 151lbs. Mother of two breas fed kids. My goal is to lose about 10-15lbs more. I was so disappointed when I looked in the mirror, my boobs were so saggy - totally embarrassed to wear certain clothes or god forbid go without a bra. Everything I owned had to be a push up type bra or bathing suit. When I decided to do this, I did some online research and the price was way too high - that was two years ago. This time, the price was much better and I thought what they hey - I am going to do this.

The first few days after surgery, I was actually kind of depressed. I didn't feel it looked much different. In fact some family didn't even notice. It is a work in progress, as they drop, heal and the swelling goes down they look better. I have been taking weekly pictures to see the difference, because sometime it is hard to tell. I also have bought new tops that actually show them off alittle more and I do notice a difference.

I did take advice from others and from the web and did the rice bag thing to get an idea what size I wanted to be, but let me warn you - this is good, but when they place this under the muscle, I feel it may be misleading. I was also told because I had a lift and augmentation they could only go so big on me. I wanted 450cc he did 480cc, he said he tried 500 cc but it didn't look right - really 2 ounces made that much differnce. I do still feel I would like to have been alittle bigger, alittle more clevage, but I trusted my Dr's opinion as he has been doing this for years and has seen alot of boobs and body types.
So maybe for a soon to be 50 year old having a lift, this was the best they could do.


Looking good
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Hi Sherro! I think you look GREAT! Look at the bright side- they are definitely an improvement over your 'before's'. I see that you told Fitluv that you werent happy bc they are kindof boxy shaped. That sometimes happens with the type of lift you had and you had so much breast tissue too. And noone can tell i had a boob job and I also dont have much for cleavage either if that makes you feel better. =). I think the reason you dont without a bra is that it seems you have a decent gap between your breasts. I bet you can pump them up in a push up bra though. I still cant get cleavage with a push up. I have tried! Lol What I noticed with myself is that my boobs looked bigger after dropping and fluffing. I have 2 parts to my review. Pics are prob in my part 1. Give it to about 3 months and then reevaluate. But I really don't think you wasted your money. =) Enjoy them, and Happy New Year to a new you!
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Hey Diva they look great there still dropping into place time is. all .that is needed I love the size for you ..I'm 5'8. And I did 550 with a lift an my are just a lil higher than yours ..I dont think people will come up to you an.say anything but the complements will come in suddle cues like .Oh wow I love that top...or have you lost weight...so be easy beasy Diva the girls look nice
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Well, they certainly healed nicely, but still have...

Well, they certainly healed nicely, but still have issues with the right side looking boxy, or high. There is a hard area on my right breast on the bottom just above the scar tissue, that is hard. Doctor feels it may be edema - took photos wants me to massage and come back in two months for review. It has a darker tint to it. The Dr said may have to re-open and help it drop. If that is alot of $$$ that is not going to happen, I took out a loan for this. They look great in clothes, and I am proud of the lift, such a difference from the old saggy mom boobs. I just will not be able to be a topless dancer with this noticeable issue. :)

I am happy overall, but wish they both looked more alike, the left looks great . I also wanted to know how come some questions "to The doctors" are longer then others, every time I post a question, I can't elaborate as I am confined to 500 characters, any help there would be great. I can never give enough info. I am back to working out and wonder if lifting the weights is keeping it from dropping, over working the muscle, doc didn't seem to think so.

Also I hate pictures, I look so much worse on these boob shots then I feel I look, I guess incentive to keep working out. I have gotten a lot of comments about them, so that it good, hopefully it will all work out.


Are you massaging the right one? I think you look great. I used Trameel cream to reduce my bruising and it did wonders. I picked it up at super supplements. I had some deep bruising from lipo that looked like your darker area of your breast. The Trameel really helped!
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Thanks so much for your updates. I think you look really nice!

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You look great!!!
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I do feel if I had not come prepared with pictures and questions I gleaned from the web, they would not have asked as much. I took it upon my self to see how big I wanted to be. I am not saying they were not nice or helpful, but I think as a patient leave nothing to chance, know exactly what yu want when you go in. I really wish I had some personal friends I could have spoken to before, but I didn't.

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