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Like most of you all I've had big breast since as...

Like most of you all I've had big breast since as long as I remember. Probably by the age of 11 or 12 I was a D cup and the cups kept getting bigger and by my late 20's I was every bit of 250 pounds. So after the birth of my daughter at age 27 I decided it was time to get healthy and lose some weight and I did. But my breasts didn't get much smaller they just traveled south. Along with shoulder, back, and neck pains I hated looking at my breasts just hang it was heartbreaking.
Going bra shopping was so depressing and costly as all of you probably know paying 65 dollars for one bra was a financial headache for a single mom. So I've had a hate-hate relationship with my breasts for yrs. Now here I am at age 40 finally had the procedure done it toke about 6 months to get approved by my insurance. I have read many reviews on the website for months now to get an understating of what to expect and what I would need to buy. Y'all have been soo helpful and I have been inspired by all the love that have been shown on here. So I have some questions for anyone to answer although I'm soo happy to have it done and I feel soo much better. How long does it take for the swelling to go down? And how long will it take for them to take a round shape? I'm new to it all.
Hey! Congrats! You look fabulous! and I bet a whole lot lighter (: I'm only 5days post op and still swollen. Everyone heals differently. I was told that swelling can take up to 6 months on and off. I've read several stories from women on this site (isn't this site so frikkin helpful!) anyway a few ppl recommended Bromelain a natural herb supplement that can b found in health stores. Ppl say it works wonders! I bought mine but haven't taken yet..waiting for my first post op appt to make sure all is clear and ask my PS if I can start taking it. But ppl say Bromelain helps, also ice gel packs. And just make sure ur resting well lying down propped up and not flat. I hope my swelling goes down soon but I'm also trying to be realistic and tell myself it could take months. Well good luck to u! (: congrats!
Thanks for the reply is brome lain good for the swelling?
Yes that's what I keep hearing Bromelain helps as an anti inflammatory. Several ppl have said it in their posts. If u do a search on the Realself web page u can read what so many ppl hv said about it. Hope that helps (:

One week today since surgery

Meltdown today! I'm soo overwhelmed with the way they look I know their still swollen but they look nothing like a breast. Praying .
sorry you are feeling low, they actually look great for 1 week post op
They do look great..and will look even better once completely healed. It's a process! (: don't fret
Thanks so much I'm trying to have more patience. Everybody's encouraging words has helped a lot.

Week two so far so good

Hello everyone it's been two wks since my surgery and I'm making progress. My stiches are dissolving and the scars are looking great. I've had problems with stomach issues has anyone else? Had to go to doctor for meds. Don't know if it's something to do with the surgery or not. Excessive gas and stomach pains nauseous and headaches. I hope the meds work Bc I'm ready to be back to my old self. I hope everyone is doing great ttyl.
what meds are you on because they are the likely cause of stomach issues. i got stomach pains from taking antibiotics without food post op. advil also upsets your stomach badly
I wasn't on any other meds at the time.
Looking good (: hope ur stomach pains ease up soon so u can focus on the new girls!

3 wks update

Hello everyone I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday. Tomorrow will be 3 wks since my surgery and my stomach issues have gotten better but my right Breast have been causing me pain i have a hole underneath and a spot that just throbs. Anyone else had issues like this? I toke a pain pill to help with pain.
Honey you look amazing!! I'm only 8 days out and your breasts are so shapely and small & the incisions look all clear! Wow! Remember to check out your before pics!! ; ) My incisions are still taped, bloody and I look like I took a beating from Mike Tyson the bruising is so awful!! Ha ha! They will round and soften with massaging and oiling and TIME! Be patient lovely - very very early days. PS I take Bromelian and I don't honestly think it had made a difference yet - breasts rigid, firm, numb.....I guess without it they could be worse though? Arnica gives a tiny bit of temporary relief from swelling. Just topical cream. You look amazing! Xxxxxx
Thanks I was feeling pretty good about my progress until I got the hole under my right breast so I'm praying it heals as good as the left one
I have a spot underneath where the incisions meet, that looks similar to your hole. My spot is round, but is plugged up.
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