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Hi! I have 2 daughters that are 8 years old and 19...

Hi! I have 2 daughters that are 8 years old and 19 months old. Both were born through a c section. I am 5'7" and weighed 132 pre surgery, but I had some pockets of fat that just wouldn't go away plus my tummy always looked a little bloated. I had a mommy makeover 10 days ago consisting of a mini tummy tuck with muscle repair, breast revision (changed saline implants for silicone gel), and lipo to flanks, abdomen, hips, inner and outer thighs. So far, I have felt great! The doctor used a new drug called exparal on me that they give you during surgery, and I had zero pain for the first three days except for the expected soreness from the lipo! I did get my daughter's cold about 3 days later then it developed to pneumonia since I wasn't really able to cough. I got a couple of shots and some medicine yesterday and I'm already feeling much better! The dr sent me my before pictures today, and I was so surprised to see that even tho I'm still swollen some I can see a noticeable improvement on the flatness of my abdomen. Can't wait to see my final results!!!
Wow! You looked good before and you're going to look fab once you're all healed. Thank you so much for sharing on RealSelf. Are there any supplies that have particularly helped as you've healed?
I would've LOVED to have had some adhesive remover the day after surgery when I got ready to shower. I got my compression garment off and realized I had 13 pieces of gauze taped on me over all of my lipo holes. By the time I got them off I was too exhausted to shower right then! Lol Also after one week in the compression garment I started wearing just a spanx. I now have 3 of them because they are my new best friends! So comfortable, but still supportive enough that I don't swell. I have 3 pairs now. I may wear them forever.
Oh and thank you for your sweet comments! My husband was adamant that I didn't need anything done, but said whatever made me happy was fine with him. I just wanted to look in the mirror and see my old body before I had two kids. You know how we are... Women look in the mirror and see EVERY imperfection!

16 days post op today... Feeling great!

It has been 16 days since my mommy makeover. I'm adding some new pictures today. I look great when I first wake up, but as the day goes on I swell again. Still pretty bruised up, but they're fading away a little at the time. I talked to my surgeon today, and he says that I can go back to doing cardio and light exercise so I will be back at the gym tomorrow.... I just can't do any abdominal or core exercises. I took these pics about 3 o clock in the afternoon so the swelling was in full force even in my knees and ankles which weren't operated on! Lol My surgeon says that a little exercise may actually help the swelling and bruising by getting my blood pumping and being more active. I'm sure hoping so. He said that I can just wear a compression garment for 12 hours a day, but my husband isn't home for the next few weeks anyways so I'm wearing it day and night. Part of the day I'm just wearing a spanx and the rest of the day I wear the full compression garment that the PS gave me. Let me know if anyone has any questions.... I will be glad to help in any way I can!
You look pretty damn amazing before and after. Your legs look awesome, it ALL looks awesome. You and I are about at the same post-op days, I see my Doctor today. I hope I'm cleared for some lighter exercising. You are going to look great this summer! Looking forward to more posts from you!

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op!

Hey everybody! I don't even really know if anybody reads this stuff, but I will update it anyways. I think I'm getting a seroma. I called the PS office today and told her it feels like there is a tiny bit of water moving in my abdomen when I bend over. I can't really see it any other time, but the feeling is driving me crazy. I go on Wednesday for them to look at it and see if that's what it is. If so, I will probably have it aspirated and pray it doesn't come back. I took a pic this morning before I went to the gym so I will post it so you can see. I look great and feel great. I'm just ready for the bruising from the lipo to go away so I can wear shorts again since I just so happen to live in Missisippi where we've already been having some 90 degree days! Haha
I thought you look great before. You look amazing now.
Thank you!!! I feel great and am happy with my results so far... I'm glad I decided to post all of this on here. It gives me a way to document everything, and a few months from now when everything is back to normal I can get back on here and be able to look at these older pictures and compare my final results.
Did your PS let you exercise? I am doing the treadmill... Walking and a slow jog. I'm also doing light arm and leg weights. Tons of air squats and lunges.... Gotta get the booty firm again! Haha

4 weeks post op ladies!

What does 4 weeks mean to me??? 4 weeks means no more compression garment (unless I want it, of course), 4 weeks means I can finally do ab workouts again (which I did today!), and 4 weeks means bruises are nearly gone! Hallelujah... I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. For the ones of you that read my previous post... I did have a seroma that had to be aspirated. The needle was terrifying! I couldn't feel a thing since he had numbed me with lidocaine, but just from sheer reflex I pushed his hand back which in turn pulled out the needle, and he had to stick me again. It didn't hurt at all, but the size of the syringe and needle is enough to make anybody freak out. Good thing my plastic surgeon has as good of a sense of humor as I do, so he just laughed at me while I was having my fit! Haha The seroma does have some more fluid in it now, but it isn't much at all so I'm waiting a few days to see if it gets any better on it's own. I am posting some new pics that were taken this morning at the gym after my workout. I have read a lot of posts saying that the first time they did ab workouts after a tummy tuck they had a lot of pain, but I had zero pain. I did 30 sit-ups on a decline bench and didn't tear anything apart inside my belly, so that's a plus!
Hello, I am having a mini TT and BA July 16th, you have absolutely amazing results!! Did you get muscle repaired all the way to the top? I think I am having the floating umbilical procedure b/c I have a diastasis that goes from top to bottom. Also how big is ur incision? I hope my tummy looks as good as yours after!!
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