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Well I had the augmentation in 2008. I came home...

Well I had the augmentation in 2008. I came home and about 3 weeks following surgery the pain would not subside from my right rib...I just felt something was not right. I went in and they told me it was normal to have that pain..I went in again as I called and told them I needed to be seen as I was worried it was an infection, once again doctor and dawn the office manager brushed me off...went in following week as I called again and my implant was so infected it rubbed through my skin was oozing puss and showing. Doctor took it seriously then, had to have immediate surgery to have it removed...have horrible scar and had to go half a year with no implant on left side I felt like a freak, now I'm deformed as he did nothing to fix that awful scar so the implant dents in where the scar does...oh ya and not to mention I had to pay the hospital and anthestia the addional two times I had to have surgery. 


thank you for your review it is greatly appreciated, i am so sorry to hear of your misfortunes i hope everything is going better for you and that you are mainly strong and healthy, god bless you
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf. I'm sorry for your infection! So, you had surgery twice more after the first time? Was one to remove the implant and one to replace it?

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Yes I had to have 2 additional surgeries. One to have the implant taken out and allow my body to heal ( it was out for 6 months) and then another one to put the implant back in. I still look like a freak to this day due to the scar he left and I plan to have reconstruction surgery after I am officially done having kids.
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Doctor is a nice guy but didn't listen and take my concerns serious until it got to the point where it was urgent and required surgery, also felt it was unfair I had to pay for the additional hospital and anthestia fees. Dawn the office manager is rude. I will deff be going elsewhere for a reconstruction.

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