sensitive nipples/ new twins 4wks po

My life has taken alot of unexpected changes over...

My life has taken alot of unexpected changes over the last couple of years. My husband passed away just over a year ago. It was a tough time but I am finding my way back to being myself. After losing my weight of nearly 45 lbs and gaining back my self-confidence, it's time to start loving my body again. I am beginning to like how I look in my clothes but being naked has been really depressing. I'm sick of my boobs pointing toward the ground. I should say that I'm about 160 lbs at 5'7" with 38C. I am having a breast lift with augmentation 375cc silicone implants under the muscle on March 22. I'm not crazy about this little belly that I just can't seem to get rid of and if it still bothers me by next fall I will have Vaserlipo. I've already talked to my PS and she assured me that the lipo would help out since I don't really have alot of extra skin hanging - but it still bothers me. But right now I am only taking 2 wks pto and want to be as healed as possible when I go back to work. I am looking forward to getting this done and just being happy to have pretty boobs again that point forward.

Awww you have had a tough time haven't you? Goodness this will lift your spirits and your boobs!! I would say you will be good to go after two weeks as long as you aren't doing alot of lifting or stretching up type work. I am thrilled that you only have until March 22nd too! Yayyy it's going to go fast and you'll be very happy you did something nice for yourself :)
Thanks for the kind words of encouragement and sharing your great outcome. Your pictures are really encouraging; your scars have faded so well. Did you use anything on them (can't remember because I've been reading so many reviews). Only a couple more days to go - eeeek!

I'm so sorry to hear that your husband passed away last year. I am glad that you're taking care of yourself though! How did you lose the 45 pounds?


Ok just 3 weeks to go and I am getting nervous. I...

Ok just 3 weeks to go and I am getting nervous. I work at the hospital as an Xray tech. I was working in the OR tonight and even though I never get freaked out by anything, tonight I was watching while the skin was being stitched and thought about how it will be me on the table in just a few weeks. I'm not having surgery at the hospital I work at but just getting a little overwhelmed. I actually got a little lightheaded at the thought. I know that all of us have the same nerves, I just wanted to voice this to get it out. I'm sure it will be fine.

Surgery is just 2 weeks from today and I'm glad I...

Surgery is just 2 weeks from today and I'm glad I am only doing just the BL & BA this time around. I will be doing lipo (tummy, thighs) in the fall & hopefully will have toned up a bit more before then. I have read so many other stories on here - I'm excited and nervous but am looking forward to having boobs that just aren't so sad looking. But at least I got my pics posted.
Good luck!!! You will look great! My surgery is a week after yours!

Yay for pics!

I'm so excited for you, your gonna have great results!!!

Had my pre admission testing today and did the pre...

Had my pre admission testing today and did the pre op visit on Monday. I am all set to go next week. I can't believe this has gone so fast. 1 week from today I will be getting my boobies lifted and filled out. I am so tired of them hanging down when I don't have a bra on. I am hoping to have my areola's reduced in size too because if they are facing forward it's possible they would look like my whole boob is all pink (little pig faces). So I am excited, a bit nervous, and yes doing alot of the nesting that I have read that so many others have done on their reviews. But it is good because this place is cleaner and more organized than it has been in ages. Hate to admit that after my husband died (it's been over a year) I really let the place go. It's not "Hoarders" bad, but not what I want it to be. So I have been buying containers & organizing closets etc. What a relief to see the mess going away.
Ok so I have decided to do the tummy lipo later in the fall. I have to go back to work in 2 weeks and just want to make sure I can handle all the lifting and moving patients. I am still losing weight; and maybe I won't need as much done. With all this work of trying to lose weight,I seem to be changing my size but the number on the scale is still the same GRRRR. I guess I am rambling (could it be nerves????). Ok well, I need to get some stuff done around here since it is my day off. WOOHOO 1 week to go!
You look GREAT in your before pictures, girl!! I also just had a breast lift (4wks today) and I was lucky having full breasts that just were low and downward facing nipples. You also have full breasts -- better than what mine looked like pre-op and I'm only 31/no kids!!! Good luck!
thanks Verta, I will be alot happier after next Thursday when I'm on the healing side of this surgery. I have been like a little kid waiting for Christmas and I'm sure all my anticipation is driving my friends crazy. Do you have any pics posted of your after surgery from your lift?
LOL thats how i felt with my HUSBAND. LOL. Type up some lists, and check lists, and MORE lists! lol. Im sure you have though, huh?
I bet the kiddos will surprise you... My husband sure did. He's a lazy little turd and he seriously SHOCKED me with how amazing he has been being.

I hope the kiddos do the same for you =]

Yes it is only 4 more sleeps until my big day! ...

Yes it is only 4 more sleeps until my big day! Everyday coming makes my stomach just turn. I know I will be fine, but so nervous. I have a bit of a countdown schedule in my head: get my hair dyed, wash all my pj pants & yoga pants. find front button shirts (really? cant someone put a big t-shirt on me?), get my zip up hoodie washed and ready to go -- although the weather is in the 70's lately. I ordered my arnica montana, quecertin & bromalien. Need to find food dishes to make for a few days - easy stuff from Sams club for my daughter to make for us. Wanted to clean my carpets so I bought a new vacuum yesterday and the damn dog ate the filter when I took it out to wash & air dry. Can't buy a replacement in any stores so I ordered one online. It will arrive the day after surgery. Sooooo that's not happening. Still need to finish cleaning the piles of papers in my room and on my desk. I just want things to be straightened up nice for when I am feeling groggy and ouchy. I really don't want to be a bitch during all this since my bf was kind enough to be treating me to this whole ordeal. Yes that makes me extra lucky; he's been an amazing friend for a long time and now just wants me to feel better about myself.
ok I am starting to ramble again and it is getting late. I have 2 more days of work this week and then am off for over 2 weeks. (ok I am going back to the easier job right after my 1 wk visit) I work at an outpatient clinic and it is no lifting etc. I will be fine - just working the weekend and then off for another week & a half before going back to the hospital. OMG I am getting freaked out with nerves and what if's and I need to do's before I go in.....breathe, just breathe. and go to the gym tomorrow morning to burn off some stress......
I am so happy for you! You must be excited! Im getting a lift and implants as well. I just cant stand my saggy boobs and I also have large areolas which my dr. is going to make smaller. Please keep us posted about your journey. I know how you feel!!
It's crazy how my brain is coming up with all these thoughts. I'm usually a pretty calm person; but right now I am as scattered as my teenage daughter! I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of all the stuff I want/need to do. I can't wait to just get this over with and be part of the healing club. And it will be just in time for my 48th birthday. LOL my boobs will be high and tight for the first time in 24 yrs!
I know the days leading up to it are crazy. So much going in in your head. Your gonna do great though and I think your gonna have beatiful results!

Ok I just finished my last shift at work until...

Ok I just finished my last shift at work until after the surgery. Glad we were busy tonight and now after reading posts until I can't focus I will try to get some sleep. I feel like you all are the only ones who really understand the range of emotions I'm going through. My friends at work were totally super supportive and that is nice but I can't really say how I am scared shitless while being as excited as a kid at Christmas at the same time. Tomorrow I have to color my hair, paint my toenails and do some clear on my hands, get to sames club to get some easy meals stuff, need to buy my daughter's birthday card and order her cake (Monday is her birthday). Geez I wanted to clean the carpet too -- the dogs need a bath. Oh god my stomach is flipping again. . . did I mention that I have a work meeting in the middle of the day too? Oh crap... I'm going to get a beer and try to chill out, while reading everyone else's updates. Goodnight all.

Can you believe my day is here already? I did...

Can you believe my day is here already? I did manage to get my hair colored, shopped for food, cleaned up like crazy. I even got beautiful flowers from my boyfriend tonight!
So it is a 5 am wakeup (will I even be able to sleep?), shower and be at the hospital at 6am. Surgery is scheduled for 7:45 so hopefully I will be home by early afternoon. I am fortunate to live only 10 min from the hospital. Ok girls by this time tomorrow I will be on my way to healing and joining so many of you in posting exciting pictures of my recovery! OMGosh this is really happening!
So excited for yoy! Good luck!
thanks = )
Excited for you! Wishing u the best!

Ok well I have new and improved Boobies! YAY, I...

Ok well I have new and improved Boobies! YAY, I did it and I have to say it went much easier than I thought (as I sit here on pain meds and still shaking off the fog of anesthesia).

Here is my day as best as I can remember: I got to the hospital at 6am. My daughter was with me (she turns 18 on Monday). So they had me change into a gown, & the ugliest surgical stockings. I got an IV started, and vital signs done. Later the anesthesiologist came in with bunches of questions. The Dr came in and marked me, said I had alot of extra skin. The next thing I know was I went in to the or, took a couple of deep breathes from a mask and then I woke up in the PACU (recovery room). The Dr. came in to talk to me in pacu and told me that after my lift, she had to adjust the size of my implant. If she would have put in the 375cc I would have ended up an F cup. Geez I never dreamed I had that much there since they were laying halfway down my belly LOL. So she adjusted the plan and put in 300cc which will give me a full D. of maybe even a DD. LOL I could end up being a permanent designated driver forever. Ok I chalk that up to the medication.

I have pictures that I will upload tomorrow. My pain is pretty controlled with the meds and my favorite thing the ice pack. I have my post op garment on under the biggest ace wrap bandage. I took my last pill about half hour ago and I keep falling asleep as I'm typing. So I'm going to sleep a little more. G'nite girlies! pics tomorrow

Even more crazy; I keep gettng the hiccups. This...

Even more crazy; I keep gettng the hiccups. This is irritating. and just a little uncomfortable too. And another thing; I know I was catheterized during the surgery (a foley catheter for urine) and it was taken out before I got out of the OR. But now I am having trouble peeing. I am drinking lots of water but when I get the urge to pee nothing is coming out. This last time I really had to bear down and struggle to get it out. Sounds crazy and I was wondering if anyone else had this issue before.

I slept so much this afternoon that now I am wide awake. Or as awake as can be; this is nutty. I didn't take my percoset at midnight... instead of that I opted for the Valium and just 800 mg of Advil. I like the ice packs best of all. Just wish I could pee... ok enough whining.
I'm so happy for you!!! Can't wait to see your pictures!!! Hope you heal fast!!! Have a good night!!!

It's important to have a good rapport with your PS...

It's important to have a good rapport with your PS. I had discussed what I wanted to look like after my surgery; basically just like I did in my slightly padded bra with a bit more curve to the top of my breasts. We had decided that I would go with 375cc smooth round moderate plus profile gel implants. I wanted somewhat bigger than I was but not huge boobs. So when I woke up I remember that the Dr. was talking to me; and then my daughter reminded me that she said she actually had to go with a smaller implant. During the surgery they place a sizer in and with what I had picked I would have ended up an F cup. Totally not what I had wanted. So she lowered it to a 300cc implant and I will be a full D cup. Whew! Glad she understood what I was wanting to end up looking like!
Damn this typing on my phone. Yes I'm reaching my bitchy point. Im heading back out to the couch with more ice packs and tmw a flippin enema if I don't go soon. Grrr - I know, keep my eyes on the prize. Sorry for venting everyone : /
Yep I agree Col, tonight is my worst night so far. I still haven't pooped, even tho I quit taking the percoset the 1st night home. I tried moving back to my bed tonight & I'm hating this big time. Can't wait to go back to the couch in few min. I'm crabby, sick of this ace wrap & bloated from not having a BM. plus just tring to move is aweful - don't know how girls who got a tummy tuck at the same time are doing this. I'm going to take another stool softener ve but
Getting up and down is soooooo hard! I can't even believe how hard. And I'm getting those shooting nerves and those SUCK the PA assured me it's normal and I read about them in Mackenzie's review. Recovery =not that much fun. I have to keep my eyes on the prize!

Ok more new pics, the paper adhesive tape that was...

Ok more new pics, the paper adhesive tape that was under the ace wrap really was irritating my skin so I took it all off. That hurt more than anything else so far. I've been feeling pretty good - using ice packs and either tylenol or advil. Taking arnica, keflex and quercetin. I take probiotics when I can remember along with stool softener and feel like I spend all day swallowing pills. Finally took a small poop (sorry for the graphic details) but that was the best part of my day. I am trying to remember to eat protein but until I can get my system back in order I just don't want to eat. I was taking Valium at night and some OTC pain reliever, but this am I took a couple Tylenol PM and got the best rest I've had since surgery. Going to try that again tonight. I am still on the couch in my nest of pillows in a semi sitting position. I was even able to turn a little like I'm sleeping on my side kinda. Hope everyone else is doing well out there. Thanks for the love all. . .
That's what we are here for!! Hope you are feeling better today:)

Well tomorrow is my 1 week post op and I will...

Well tomorrow is my 1 week post op and I will finally get to see my new girls completely. I promise to take and post new pics. I must be healing ok as I am having kind of prickly feelings around the nipple. It's not the most comfortable feeling but after having breastfed and then experiencing severe breast tenderness with my periods this is just another little bother. I haven't peeked under the gauze covering my nipples so I am really looking forward to seeing what I look like. Hope it doesn't make me queasy. I am pretty calm about seeing "gross" stuff as I work at the hospital; but like I said before it is different when it is my body. Thankfully I have seen how wonderful so many ladies have healed so it will just be another step in getting to the exciting result I am hoping for.
Hi lifegettingbetter48! You are looking awesome!! Glad to hear you are feeling better...I am two weeks out and my stomach is driving me crazy....I feel like I have taken just about everything.
yes I have taken all kinds of stuff to get my back into a normal routine. A friend who does alternative medicine suggested that I message from my rt lower hip/pelvis in a diagonal direction toward my belly button. I only did this 3 or 4 times before I actually had a BM. Whatever it takes -- I know it sounds crazy but I will take it and I didn't need any more chemicals to cause a result.

Wow I am thrilled with the results at only 1 week....

Wow I am thrilled with the results at only 1 week. I was so happy to see my areolas are smaller and that the vertical incision looks great already. My PS said that the bottom incision is so dark because of the glue used to close the incision. I still have some swelling but not bad and I guess the arnica did it's job because I don't look bruised at all. I can get a shower tonight and only have to wear my garment at night for about 5 more days. Then I can shop for new bras. This is so cool! I'm a little tender but not bad. I will take better pics in a couple of days - some are blurry because I was trying to take them in a hurry when I first got home.
Luv the twins!
Looking great! Glad you are healing nicely!
Your doing GREAT11 and looking good! at only 1 week out youll love the 1 month 2 month and 3 month mark!!

Holy cow are my nipples sensitive! I never really...

Holy cow are my nipples sensitive! I never really had nipples that were sensitive (after breast feeding); but today as I was getting dressed for work my left one was perky and SUPER sensitive. All day I noticed it was really out there and just even the slightest brush of my arm about made me jump. And by this afternoon the right one is doing the same thing. Oh jeez this is totally new and more than a bit annoying. I'm sure it is just the nerves reconnecting but whoa baby! yikes...
good for you for doing this for yourself. I have been using a " scar away " strip from cvs over the nipple and it is really working to decrease the super sensitivy. good luck!
Thanks for the suggestion. I will get some today. Last night at work they were really starting to bother me as the night went on. Posting new pics today!
That really helped, thanks so much.

Ok I'm now PO day 19, it really has gone fast. I...

Ok I'm now PO day 19, it really has gone fast. I went back to work last night and found out just how physical my job is. I was sore when I got home; the muscles really tightened up on my chest after a whole night of working... even the doors were heavy to open. I took a muscle relaxer and 2 advil and slept really well. I just feel stiff this morning and am starting to notice new stretchmarks appearing around my nipples. I use Vitamin E oil a few times a day and will pick up some palmers cocoa butter and the scar strips at CVS (thanks Mothera8). The nipple sensitivity has cut back from full time to just later in the evenings now. But by the end of my shift last night I was really feeling it. Looking forward to getting those strips before work this afternoon.

I slept without a sports bra the last 2 nights. Almost back to sleeping on my side; still propped up a little bit tho. My left side is kind of square shaped on the side and the PS mentioned it at my 1 week visit that it is due to swelling. I am hoping as the implant moves down it will fill it out better. Ya it bothers me but I'm trying to be optimistic as I know I won't see final result for at least another month or two.

I'm missing going for my workouts, although I did take a long walk on Easter. Only a couple more weeks until my 1 month po visit when hopefully she will clear me to get back to the gym. I am going to Sedona AZ in early May and want to be ready to hike those beautiful red rocks.

Also the dark markings on the Left nipple are the...

Also the dark markings on the Left nipple are the last of the glue. I lifted up the edges but it brought a little blood to the surface so I am leaving it alone. Most has come off and I'm really happy with the scars. Sorry about the blurry photos, but my daughter freaked out when I tried to use her camera - lol I was going to erase them after I uploaded them. LOL traumatized teenager!
I agree with angel-it does look like you are healing well. Healthy and happy healing!
Looks like you are healing very well. Look fantastic!

Ok well it's been a few days and a lot has...

Ok well it's been a few days and a lot has happened. Earlier this week I was at work And my sports bra was really uncomfortable. So I took it off and went all shift with no bra. Lol imagine at my age going braless at work & nobody noticing! Woohoo! Then 2 days ago, I was having so much tenderness along the incision under the right breast. I looked with a mirror and there was an opening at the incision, a lot of yellow discharge and it was red and sore. I called the PS office & was told I was throwing a stitch. I was told to use warm compresses and ointment & cover the opening. Needless to say, I picked at it - removed that stitch and any others I could find with tweezers. I got quite a few out and used poly bacitracin. After just one night I felt much better. But removing the stitches was much like taking out an ingrown hair. That was truly the most uncomfortable thing to date. But still aft a couple of days it's ok. Next week will be my follow up appt and hopefully I get released to get back to the gym with no restrictions. I'm 4 wks po yesterday and happy so far.
I actually had a consult with Dr Blanchard but decided to go with Dr. feng in Pepper Pike. but my mom had hand surgery performed by Dr. Blandchard and you cant even see her scar...and by the looks of your 21 day pics, you will heal very nicely. Congrats on your new girls:)
How are you feeling???
Glad you are healing well. Are you doing breast massages yet? One right side is just a little higher than my left. The massages have helped with that. Take care and please keep updating us on your progress.
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I love my Dr. and her entire staff have been wonderful. The consultation was great, I had met several former patients of hers and it gave me a great point of reference. She has a wonderful reputation with the staff at the hospital, the store where I purchased my post op garment, and her staff displayed a sense of enthusiasm that made me feel comfortable and confident.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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