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Doctor Said to Place Tape Above Belly Button to Lift for 2 Weeks. Wont This Stretch It? - Mentor, OH

I had thermage to tummy after a year after lipo....

I had thermage to tummy after a year after lipo. for wrinkly and loose skin. doctor told me to place a piece of tape above belly button to lift for 2 weeks to promote lift off of upper belly button . wont this pull and stretch skin and make looser when 2 weeks is up.because when i took tape off after 2 days for shower it made a looser line across top of belly button . it got better after leaving tape off one day.. she also said wear garment for 2 weeks , that does make sense.


I can understand why you would be uncertain about the taping. I posted this as a Q&A for you. You can click here to check for answers. It usually takes 24-48 hours for the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf to start posting.

Can you notice any difference in your skin firmness wise at this point?

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