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I'm 38 yr old Asian American who was fortunate...

I'm 38 yr old Asian American who was fortunate enough to inherit dad's freckles, mom's type IV skin tone and grandma's nasty age spot on my cheek. (Thanks, grandma) Fast Forward to today.... desperate to clear up these spots (so I look more cougar-ish and less leopard-ish) I agree to be my Plastic Surgeon's guinea pig for Melanage. In fact, I'm writing this while the mask is still on my face.

I was instructed to keep it on for 8 hours then wash and apply soothing balm from Young Cosmetics. THANK GOD it looks like nothing more than an egg yolk mask we did as teens. Well, hopefully I'll wake up when the alarm goes off at 2:30am to wash this off, according to specific instructions. Will keep everyone updated.


I had laser skin resurfacing in October for acne scars. My doctor said she used erbium on my cheek where I had deeper scars and fraxel for the rest of my face. I was pretreated with hydroquinone to prevent hyperpigmentation which I was really concerned about. It's been 3 months and what a rough recovery. I did not expect the downtime to be so long. Going into it she said I would be presentable in a month. WRONG!The most troublesome side effects were redness and hyperpigmentation. Redness all over my face but especially on my cheeks and brownish discoloration on my cheeks,temples and mostly where she used the Erbium. I followed the after care instructions: wore sunscreen, stayed out of the sun and had to wear make up (which is very distressing for a guy). To say that it was very disruptive to my social and recreational life is an understatement. Long story short, it's been 3 months and while the redness started to subside, it was blotchy. I was more red in areas where she really went deep. The hyperpigmentation got lighter but still obvious. I was so sick of it so I consulted another clinic and they recommended Mealanage peel. It's been a week after the peel and so far I'm it looks like I will be HAPPY with the results. It did not hurt, but the first 3 days I was peeling like crazy and very red. This made me feel rather depressed and worried that I would have to go through more downtime. BUT after that the redness lessened and I could tell the brown discoloration has lightened significantly. I'm still peeling minimally and continuing with the creams they gave me. The results take up to 8 weeks for full effect. I'm very satisfied with the results so far. My skin looks more even, the pores are much smaller and the discoloration is lighter. In hindsight I'm still not sure if the laser surgery was worth the downtime. The scars have gotten shallower and my doctor says benefits from laser continue up to 6 months. I am certain though that I would not want to relive the past 3 months.
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How did the mask end up working for you?  Please let us know!



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