So, So, SO Happy!! :) My Experience *UPDATE*

Hi! I'm Brittany. I'm 23 years old, 5'3 and 130...

Hi! I'm Brittany. I'm 23 years old, 5'3 and 130 lbs. I am so, so, SO happy that I went through with a breast reduction on May 24th. I was really nervous leading up to it. It was an idea I kind of struggled with in my head for a long time. I'd never had major surgery before, besides my wisdom teeth, so I didn't really know what to expect. Meeting with my surgeon the first time she seemed confident that I would be a good candidate for this surgery. I started as a 34DDD and would be going down to a 34C. My surgeon made me feel so comfortable and I really had all the confidence in the world with her.

The morning of the surgery I arrived around 6:30AM. They took my back into my room where I changed and my nurse got my IV ready to go. The anesthesiologist came in and I voiced concerns to him about being nauseas after the surgery. When I had my wisdom teeth taken out I was so sick afterwards for the anesthesia. He put a patch behind my ear and said he could give my medicine and fluids once I woke up to help also. My surgeon then came in and marked my chest with a sharpie to see where she was going to mark. She was so excited for me and genuinely happy to be there. She gave me a big hug and said she'd see me in a few minutes. Then at 7:40AM it was time to go to the OR after being slightly drugged up.

I slightly remember being wheeled down the hallway to the OR in my bed. I do remember being covered with blankets on the OR table and a few of the nurses kindly asking if I was warm enough. The last thing I remember was my surgeon saying, "take a couple deep breaths. I'm going to be here as you fall asleep and I will be there when you wake up." .... what felt like 5 minutes later .... which was really 4 hours later, I woke up in the recovery room. As SOON as I opened my eyes I was dry heaving into my pale pink puke dish. BOO!!! But also, there was my surgeon as promised. So sweetly holding my hand telling me everything went super well.

After an hour in the recovery room I was wheeled back into my room where I continued to feel green. I tried eating some crackers with some ginger ale while more nausea medicine was put into my IV. I had no pain at all, besides feeling so sick. The anesthesiologist came in some time later and apologized and felt horrible that I felt so sick. After about another hour I was wheeled out to the car and my parents took me home.

I remember feeling much better on the way home. A little pain hitting big bumps in the road but not too bad. After about 6 days of recovering I became sick again. I hadn't had a bowel movement since the night before the surgery, so about 7 days! I spent about a day throwing up before my mom decided to take my to the ER. I was dehydrated and also had a UTI. The ER doctor gave me more Zolfran and some fluids that made me feel much better. He also gave me Magnesium Citrate to get my bowels moving. I didn't end up drinking it until the next morning because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep it down. Once I started using the bathroom again I felt SO much better!! So I def. recommend drinking LOTS of water after surgery and increasing your fiber intake since the narcotics slow down your intestines.

I'm amazed how good my incisions feel. I was so nervous about the pain but now, almost 3 weeks later I still feel great. Every once in a while I will get a sharp pain briefly, but that's normal since the nerves are reconnecting. I'm so happy I got the surgery done. Even with all the stomach problems, I don't regret getting it done. I now can buy bras from normal stores, bathing suits and strapless dresses! I also really recommend getting into shape before your surgery. I think that really helped me bounce back quickly being in shape. Good luck to whoever reads this!! :)))


Slight hiccup ...

Ouch! Under my left breast I've been having some pain. Went to my surgeon last week to make sure there was no infection which she said there isn't. But man, am I sore. It's weird to me almost 4 weeks later, NOW I'm sore lol feel like this hole will never go away. Anyone have anything similar?


Whoops forgot the pic! I know it's kind of gross! Ow!

3.5 weeks post op!

Feeling good today. Still a little swollen but not too sore at all! Going to the gym today for some light, LIGHT treadmill walking. Wish me luck!
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Girl,,, you look great
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Awesome results!! You must be so pleased :) Sorry to hear about how sick you were, I am hoping my anaesthetist takes me seriously when I tell him/her how easily I get nauseous though luckily I have never thrown up after anaesthesia.
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I get sick from anaesthesia too and my anaesthetist tried a different than normal on me for my surgery which worked wonders! I still had a sick bag with me and got nauseus enough to need something but only at one point! It was a godsend. Also thats strange i got sick 4-5 days after my surgery too with a migraine and tons of throwing up until i almost couldn't breath. The doctor at ER said it was most likely from my body not being used to even the regular panadol i was taking every 4 hours for the discomfort. And sure enough after that i started to get better because the next 2 days i couldn't stomach eating much but crackers and was sickly at the thought of trying to take tablets. Crazy huh. Also i didnt go No.2 for about 6.5 days and didnt take anything for it because i never got to the point were i felt like my body really wanted to go. It just did when i was ready i guess and also i had been eating light and often which was being used up mostly by metabolism. If your eating light dont fret too much :)
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Oh noo! I have already taken some light laxatives because it's been 48 hours now and I don't feel terrible but I am trying to give my bowels a gentle nudge so I don't get to that point :(
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Very nice job. Keep it up!
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You look just great. Best of luck to you. Small boobs are the best
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Congrats on surgery. I had an open spot under my left breast after they removed a few outer was normal. I'm 5 weeks PO, and its just now finally almost healed up.
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Thanks for your comment!! Its already looking better today, yay!!
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Congrats on your surgery. I had mine four days after you. I also had the tummy troubles and ran to get a Citrate. Afterwards no problems. I don't regret anything and Im so glad that I did it. Thanks for your story. What size did you get to?
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That's great! Happy healing.
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Yay, looking good :-)
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Thank you!!!
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congratulations! it makes me happy to see other girls around my age getting this procedure done! happy healing!
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YAY us!!!!
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Congrats Brittany :-). Another happy customer!!! Yay for little boobies :-) :-) :-) :-)
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Woo hoo!!!!!
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