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Don't Know Yet, but I Hope Its Worth It! - Memphis, TN

I have had 2 children by c-sec, the last was 9lbs,...

I have had 2 children by c-sec, the last was 9lbs, now I'm close to 50 yrs old and my tummy is a mess! I am within my ideal weight range, but need MR and I have a little bit of extra skin. Dr. A said I might have to a small ver incision because there might not be enough skin to put down to lose the old bb. I really don't want an extra scar so I hope he can do it without one! I have to say that so far he seems to be the perfect choice for me. I'll let you know as we precess!

Getting ready to go to ps appointment, I think its...

Getting ready to go to ps appointment, I think its just to have pictures taken, but I'm not real sure. I do have a few more questions to ask and I am planning to ask to see his photo albums again. Now, after the shock of hearing that I might (most likely) have a ver incision to close my old bb has worn off, I have more questions and want to see pictures of his other clients with the same incision.

I'll let you know how it goes!

So my appointment went well, had pictures taken,...

So my appointment went well, had pictures taken, which is really weird. Anyway I asked more questions about the vertical incision and he explained it more and I think I understood things a bit better. I did ask him to try and just stitch the old bb hole and not go all the way up to my new bb. He said he would try, he explained that a lot of the time when there isn't a lot of extra skin to pull up enough to see the upper muscles that need repair that you have to cut up to the bb to have enough room to work. I know I'm not explaining that very good, but I understood what he was saying, he is just better at explaining that I am! Lol I really don't want a scar all the way to my new bb.
I'm attaching pictures of the drawing he did, the dotted line is where my u/wear was sitting and the solid line is where the incision will be.

When Tuesday for my pre-surgery blood work. Was...

When Tuesday for my pre-surgery blood work. Was having second thoughts as I walked the halls of the hospital! Its a scary place. That has pasted and I'm nervously waiting my date. Two week from yesterday! OMG

One week from today!!! Getting nervous, but really...

One week from today!!! Getting nervous, but really excited!

Only 3 more days! I went yesterday and picked up...

Only 3 more days! I went yesterday and picked up my rx, 355.00 Wow! The first time I called to get the price for all of the meds (not including otc ones) it was close to 900.00. I just about died! Then I realized I could use my insurance so it knocked it down quite a bit. Without insurance one of the meds (Arixtra for blood clots) alone was 562.68, crazy. Now all I need to pick up is the Hibiclens, soap to use for 2 days before surgery.

I am still going back and forth from scared to excited! But seeing Gail's post today about her experience has boosted my confidence and helps me think I can do this!

Just wanted to update you guys. Everything is...

Just wanted to update you guys. Everything is going good so far. I like the way my belly looks!! Dr Aldea is great and did some really good work!!

The pain has been pretty tolerable, no better or worst than I expected.

Just got back from ps and that was bad at all. I thought it would be hard riding back and forth, but it was fine.

I have pictures 1dpo that I will get uploaded soon.

3 dpo and I'm doing pretty good. Very tight,...

3 dpo and I'm doing pretty good. Very tight, but thats to be expected I guess. I'm going to post pic from 1 dpo,but they aren't very good. I'll try and get better ones today. All in all I'd say the pain is not awful, just tight and sore.

2dpo pictures

2dpo pictures

9 dpo and I'm going to see Dr. A today. He...

9 dpo and I'm going to see Dr. A today. He said he was going to take one drain out and then after the weekend we would see about taking the other one out. I hate these things! But I must say he has figured out a way to deal with them that is as good as it can get. They are still a pain in the booty, but at least this keeps them out of the way. I'm going to post a picture or two so you can tell what I'm talking about. He put the drain on a strip of velcro and put it around my leg right below my knee and above my calf. Putting it there allows it to be a little loose because it can't slide down because the calf is bigger than the area below my knee. Works great! I wear knee socks and pull them over the velcro so it doesn't stick to my yoga pants or sweats and it keeps the plastic bulb from sticking to my skin.
No laughing at these pictures. LOL!!

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. A is great. He answered any questions I had in great detail. He never rushed me out the door, always wanted to make sure he had covered everything that I had questioned. I would recommend him to anyone!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am doing good, thanks for asking! It has not been nearly as bad as I had anticipted, which has been nice.
I don't have any binders or tape, just glue. It's the only way I know so it's been fine. I went to my 1st PO appt. and she said it all loooked great.
One drain sight is pulling at the stitch today and it bothers me more than anything! My swelling is not bad at all, I can tell the difference big time!!
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By the way are you in the immediate Memphis area? I am in G'town. We should have a tt coffee get together sometime! I think I am going to do the velcro thing, I need to send my hubby to Hobby Lobby for velcro today.
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Dr.E is doing my surgery on Mon 2/28. I hope to get such fantastic results as you did! Thanks for posting!
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How are you feeling? I hope everything went good!!
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Will do.

Heck, I am sleeping with a couple pillows each under my head and knees. My back would kill me if I slept flat on it, and I never do. I just wish I could find a way to get comfy sleeping on my side again.
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Thanks for the info Country Gal. Yea, if I don't stand up straight it don't feel so tight but my ps said I am prolonging the stretching of the skin by giving into it. He said when I saw him on day 6 that I should be sleeping flat and no pillow under my legs to help the stretching process. He assured me that even though it would feel like it was pulling everything out - it wouldn't. They seem to all have their own unique theory on this tummy tuck thing. He did tell me that a lot of girls like the flexee undergarment. I think until I get my drain out I will wait on the tight stuff. Let me know what you find out about what your ps recommends when you go. Good luck at work!
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ac - I am about 15 days out and still not standing straight. Maybe that's why I don't have too much upper ab tightness. I still ice it every day though, and it helps.

My PS suggested the binder for 4 weeks, and that will be when I see him next. I start work next Thurs, and will wear the binder with a loose blouse. I have Spanx, but I always found it hard to get into. I don't think, that with my limited abdominal movement, that I want to attempt Spanx yet.

When I go to the PS, they have sample of suitable garments to show, but the nurse forgot when I was there on Monday. So, until then, I'll use the binder, and then maybe shop for something a little less bulky after that. The nurse did comment that lots of people treat the binder like a security blanket, and wear them long after the 4 weeks recommended.
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Hey, the drain down the leg is a great idea! I was wondering how you could conceal it without being a bulk around thw waist. My surgery isn't until March 11th but it is getting closer!! Of course I am obsessing right now :)
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Lookin good:)
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Lookin' good! I'm glad to hear you're not hurting too badly, either :) Some people have all the luck.
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Thinking about you and sending warm wishes and prayers your way!

You are going to do wonderful tomorrow.   I will be waiting to hear your update.
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You must be going in today or tomorrow.

Best of luck - we'll be waiting on the other side for ya. :)
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Thanks! I go in at 6:30am and sx at 8:30 tomorrow! Scared but excited!!
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Hope you are doing ok Brookles. I have been thinking about you, x
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You are going to do wonderful and come out with a nice flat tummy!   I will be thinking about you :)
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Thanks!! Yes, please I'll take all the prayers and good thoughts you guys have!!
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It'll be worth it! I can't believe how flat my new tummy is. No matter how much weight I've lost in the past (and even sometimes more than was healthy), I was never able to get a flat tummy, but now it's amazing, even with the swelling, even when I'm wearing a binder, I can wear any shirt or sweater I want, and I don't have to stretch it out or sit hunched over so it doesn't cling to my belly. It can cling all it wants, now, cuz there's no huge bulge for it to get stuck on!
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At 8 days post-op I am almost standing straight, but still have to fight against the tightness in my upper abdomen. Can you tell me how long it took to feel normal when you stand straight. My dr. gave me a binder also, but it seems so bulky. Are you wearing a regular binder or spanx? I know I am being inpatient, but this tightness is starting to get on my nerves.
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I meant impatient not inpatient. LOL
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You and i have the same tummy! My surgry is Feb. 2 . YOu will look great! keep me posted!
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Brookles - I am Feb. 2 as well.

Best of luck to you!
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I know you will be very happy with your decision. I had the same feelings before surgery, a lot of what ifs...but all in all I am four days post op and am not having any doubts. You will be very happy with your descision. Good luck!
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Thanks, I really am excited about it!
I keep getting those doubts, is it really worth the risk, am I wasting money, etc. Then I'll past a mirror and see my belly hanging over my jeans and think, hell yes it going to be worth it!!! I only go through these same feeling about a million times each day! Lol
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Totally worthi it!   And you are worth it :)
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