On the flat side!!!

Hello everyone, a little bit about myself. I have...

Hello everyone, a little bit about myself. I have two awesome kids, ages 21 and 14. Decided to have a tummy tuck to get rid of my muffin top. I am 39, 5'7" and 158 lbs. I have kept this same weight for a few years so I decided it was time to get it done. Very nervous, but ready to get this done.

Gonna have hubby take pictures tonight!! Hopefully will post tonight if not tomorrow.
Two more days! Congrats and I hope we get to see pics:)

How exciting this is your week!   Keep  us up to date on how you are coming along.  


Well this is my last day with this muffin top....

Well this is my last day with this muffin top. Getting nervous, like everyone else wondering if I should do this. Worrying about the pain and recovery. I have an awesome ps, have used him in the past for my breast implants and lipo, he did a wonderful job, so I know he will do great this time. Just hope I'm no sissy to the pain. I am getting the pain pump so I hope it helps. Sorry about the rambling. Lol. Good luck to my ladies joining me on this journey with me tomorrow. Sending prayers out!! Gonna get all my last minute stuff done. Wish me luck. :-)

Almost time. Going in the morning, freaking out a...

Almost time. Going in the morning, freaking out a bit but understandable I guess. Was gonna post b4 pictures but not sure how to. Will working on it after the surgery. If I'm coherent. Lol. Wish me luck. Praying for the others having surgery tomorrow with me.
Momofgirls glad to hear someone else is tomorrow. Good luck to you to!!! Getting nervous, I'm sure it will be no sleep night to night for me. Lol Praying we have a safe and speedy recovery. :-)
Good luck and prayers your way! I go tomorrow also...at 10:15

Had my tt this morning!!! Everything went good....

Had my tt this morning!!! Everything went good. Got there at 6:00 a.m. Called me back by 6:30. Dr. Marked me up, anestethia came in gave me something to relax and that's all she wrote. Lol. Woke up in recovery, stayed for a couple of hours.
Got home took my meds, then to sleep I went. I am sore, but not to bad ( have a pain pump) my butt is sore, I guess cause it was a bandoplasty ( meaning he went all the way around). Fun fun for me (sarcasm).

I put undecided because I haven't seen it yet, not because of my doctor he was greeeat!!!!
Glad to see things are going well smdukes. I can't wait to see your pictures.

Hurray your home:)   Now just rest and take it easy for the first week or two.



Thinking about you and sending hugs your way!


Well I have been resting this weekend like the...

Well I have been resting this weekend like the doctor told me so I haven't been on her for updates. Sorry.

3 days po and doing pretty good. Still sleeping in my recliner, but I am able to get out of it by myself today. Ya. Still pretty hunched over and back killing me and no bm yet.
I do have my pain pump but I think I'm almost out of it, so I think I say goodbye to it tomorrow :(.
I have taken two showers, pretty tough but makes me feel better to b clean. I don't have my compression garment yet. Dr said he waits till the drains are out before putting them on. Which I am glad for.
I definitely get tired very easy but my body has been through a lot so I'm not gonna push it.
Husband goes to work tomorrow, so it's just my son and I. I think we got this. Lol. I will let him take care of me instead of the other way around. :)
Im sure you are very happy to have it over with. I hope you have a fast and full recovery!
Thank u armywife. Wishing the drains goodbye, but have to wait. Doing pretty good, just a little sore and SWOLLEN!!! But from everyone else's comments, that's normal. I can't wait to see the final results.
I don't want to go through swell hell! I'm sure that sucks! But it sounds like everything is going well.

Well it's been one week and a day. Thank goodness...

Well it's been one week and a day. Thank goodness it's getting easier.

Had my first PO appt. today since my surgery. I got one drain out and he said I should have the last two out by Wednesday. I can't wait. He said everything is looking good. He said make sure I keep resting, just walking around no cleaning. Oops I swept and mopped my floors yesterday, but I didn't tell him that. I did do that while sitting in a chair. ( thought that way I wasn't cheating) lol. So no more cleaning for me.

I have been doing pretty good. I have been able to shower since the second day with help from my awesome hubby, ecxept today i did it by myself. :) unlike most of the ladies on here my dr didn't put on a binder so I got to see my scar the second day when my husband took the bandages off. We did freak out cause it was so ugly. It looks much better now and getting better everyday. Can't wait till I can put some cream on it. I did go through a why did I do this stage when my drains starting hurting. He took that one that was bothering me out today. Thank goodness.

Still hunched over a little bit, but not to bad. Actually stood up for a long time today and my back didn't ache for a change. I wish I could just sit without my bottom hurting. Mine was a full tt and he did the scar low so it kinda bothers me when sitting down.

Plan on going out to eat tomorrow, somewhere with outside seating Just to get out of the house and enjoy this beautiful weather.

I pray everyone is having a speedy recover. (cause it feels like it is sooo slow).

PO day 12 Went to my second po appt. and got my...

PO day 12

Went to my second po appt. and got my last 2 drains out. Yeah!! I also got a binder to start wearing, which is okay. I say better than those drains. Dr. still not letting me do anything yet but that's okay. Was a beautiful day outside so stayed outside for awhile and loved it. Can't wait to go shopping.

Happy healing everyone!!

Oh yes do get out and enjoy the sunshine.  It lifts your spirits and make you feel better.   Glad to hear you got the drain out!  Next phase..

Kimmers I finally got out this weekend and went to the river and enjoyed the sun and outdoors. My husband didn't let me do anything but sit and relax which I am thankful for except I think I got to much sun and feeling it today. Lol. But it was nice to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather were having here. I'm still swelling pretty good by the afternoon but shall pass and I'm almost walking straight up. Just waiting on my energy to come back. I'm seem to b always tired.

Hello!!  I am glad you got outside and enjoyed the sunshine.  It makes such a big difference in your mood.  

I was pretty tired for the first 6 weeks.  And then it just went away over night.  The body is slow to recover from this process.  You will get there and be back to yourself soon.  

Chin up and hang in there!


Well its almost 3 po and I finally decided to put...

well its almost 3 po and I finally decided to put up some before and afters. Took awhile but it did it. Wow, what a difference in the two and I love it.

Go to see my ps tomorrow for a check up. Not much has changed. Just a spot or two I would like to ask him about.

Starting to walk up straight, only get a little back pain if I stand for long periods, but getting better. First day back to work, wasn't that bad. After work went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. Now I am worn out.

Gonna get some rest, will let you know how my ps appt. went.

Happy Healings everyone!!

Sorry that was suppose to say 3 weeks po.

Sorry that was suppose to say 3 weeks po.
Thank you!!!
You look wonderful!!!

3weeks po Went to PS appt. on Wednesday, Dr...

3weeks po

Went to PS appt. on Wednesday, Dr said everything was healing great. I had a spot he said he will fix in his office when everything heals. He will just numb the spot and smooth it out. So that made me feel better. I only have to wear my cg till middle of next week, then just part time. He said I can use spanx or whatever I prefer. I can also start working out slowly, treadmill and arms, but absolutely no abs. :(

I did do the treadmill today, a little over a mile and I was tired and my back started getting sore so I stopped, didn't want to over do it. Gonna start the weights next week.

I did finally go shopping for the first time. I was nervous thinking I would still b in the same size I was b4 the surgery. So I grab that size (10-12) and decided to grab a few 8's and they fit. Yeah!!! I was so excited and they fit good. So I hope after all my swelling is gone I might b a little smaller. But I am happy with the 8's. :-)

I have been feeling pretty good, little tired here and there but that's to b expected. Swelling in the afternoon and after I eat to much salt. Got to keep from to much of that. But it's hard. Lol.

Hope everyone is healing nicely.
Congrats on smaller size. I think you look amazing. You carry your weight well. I think you look a lot smaller than that. You also have very firm legs. Hopefully your swelling goes away soon
You look amazing! Congrats on the smaller jeans! I am smaller too and I still have a lot of swelling. Hopefully when it goes down we will be even smaller. Take care and happy healing.

You look beautiful!   Keep up the good work and soon you will be back to normal life.  

My doctor had told me to skip any ab work for 6 months to allow proper healing.  So glad I waited!


Today I'm 7 weeks po. Yeah!!! Had my po appt...

Today I'm 7 weeks po. Yeah!!! Had my po appt yesterday. Dr say I'm doing good and i can start my full workouts. Running, weights, and abs finally Have a couple of spots he's gonna shape up later, but other than that Im loving the new look.

Still swollen dr said i should see my results around mid June. (cant wait) Feeling good,

Did my first workout today. Felt good, but starting over stinks. Lol sore and unable to do as much as I did before surgery. Guess I'll just have to take it slow and work back up to it.

Gonna try and post 7 weeks pictures tonight.

Happy healings to everyone!!!
Congrats! You look great! :)
Thank you Highland!!! Right now I'm going through some swelling, I hope to look that good again when it finally goes down!!!! Lol
I'm with you, my swelling has also been pretty bad :/ It will get better though! :D
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