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I'm the mother of 5 children 4 girls all grown & 1...

I'm the mother of 5 children 4 girls all grown & 1 son 15. I decided to do something for myself after giving my all to my family & anyone else who needed me. I didn't tell a lot of people because I'm a pretty private & controlling person... FYI "I learned how controlling I am in the past 2 months." I really didn't want to here people say you don't need to do that. My husband agreed & that was all I needed to move ahead. I choose my doctor for three reasons: 1. He was listed on the plastic surgeons list of surgeons my children's pediatrician ( this was my pediatrician as a child so I totaled trusted them) 2. His experience as a surgeon he's been doing plastic surgeon for 30+ years 3. He perform plastic surgeon on a younger cousin years ago and a daughters friends a month ago prior to my surgery. My PS tells you all the good & minimizes the bad. He told me he could make me look 18 again & I felt comfortable with him and decided 4 weeks after my initial consultation to go ahead with a TT & muscle repair 2 weeks later.
I did tons or research on what to expect & the things I would need. I made my list & checked it twice & got everything on my list down to the grabber to help me reach things that I couldn't reach.
The day of surgery.... My surgery started about 2 hours late, my PS said he had a surgery that took longer than expected. Any hoot all went well! I went home around 7:30pm that same day.
I had a rough week first week. I was in pain, I was incoherent, I couldn't remember anything, I didn't want to see anyone & really didn't have an appetite. I followed all my PS instruction but I could not get myself together. I walked around, set on my sofa drank plenty of protein shakes, took supplements & got plenty of rest.
Week 1 PO my PS said everything looked good & I was doing well. I called him 2 days later because my scar started opening& I was loosing lots of blood. I went in again the same week & he said everything was fine & it was normal. The next day my family rushed me to the hospital because blood was just pouring out my left side. I was afraid to tell my family because I thought I had done something wrong & my PS said it was normal to loose some blood it was drainage & not all blood. My PS does not use drains. My hematocrit was a 20 & my BP was 90/68...... I was checking out!!! My PS did not believe my blood results & had the hospital to repeat the test because it was 38 the week of surgery. The nurses said the test were correct but they had to redo the test, I also had a CAT scan, which I found out later was not good but that information didn't come from my PS which I saw the morning after I was admitted. My primary care physician was on my records & the attending ER called her for a consult because my PS was in denial about my bleeding. My regular doctor told me I had 2 pools of blood that had collected in my front abdomen & one on my left side were the blood was coming out from. She said she had never seen that before. When I asked my PS about he said that was normal & again everything was fine. I stayed in the hospital for 6 days to get my blood count up & my vitals in check. Long story short I thought I was dying & in so much pain they had me on morphine & Dilaudid ( can we say crazy meds that made me crazy). I had panic attacks & I thought I was loosing my mind. I told them I didn't want any more pain meds. I had a long talk with my PS & we agreed that he would do what I thought was best for me. I asked for another CAT scan & demanded wound care. He agreed to both. I really like my PS I just think that he should have been a little more forth coming about what was going on & I still believe that he should do more in the office to insure your vitals & blood count is normal. A wound care nurse came to see me once in the hospital. My PS had put Silveron on my wound to help it heal & the wound care nurse threw it away ( he was pissed & I guess he asked her not to come back).
I started wound care the Monday after I was released from the hospital. I was going 4 times a week for cleaning with pulse lavage, dressing change & cleaning of my Silveron. I was seeing my PS once a week for silverlon change & checking my progess.
I ended up back in the hospital with a staph infection, my PS proscribed antibiotics & sent me home. My husband insisted that i stop by my PCD (primary care doctor) who made me go to the hospital as a direct admit because she checked my vitals & my BP was low & I had a low grade fever. Which I told my wound care therapist about the week before & she called my PS while I was there because I had a low grade fever & the chills then as well & she wanted to do a wound culture but could not without his ok. He did call back & approve the culture but that pushed the results to the following week instead of the end of that week because I had already left wound care that day. My hospital stay was 2 & 1/2 days long enough to do another CAT scan & draw some of the fluids out of one of those pockets of blood to see if it was infected with staph & make sure I didn't need drains at 7 weeks & get 6 rounds of IV antibiotics. It was old blood that was infected with staph but no drains needed.
I'm still healing my left side open but never as wide as my right. It's healed & the right is slowly healing. I go to wound care 2 times this week & to see my PS once a week, which is my new schedule.
I have 2 hospital bills over a thousand each, 10% of whatever wound care is, I spent around 260.00 preparing for surgery, another 200 on meds & vitamins since surgery & 10% of my primary care doctors bill. I see her every other week. I have had at least one doctors appointment sometimes 2 in one day every week since my 1st hospital stay. I couldn't drive until last Friday so I have been totally dependent in others....No cooking cleaning, exercising or anything until I'm healed. This has been mentally & physically challenging to say the least!!!!!! But I'm so grateful to be a Live!!!! I'm blessed beyond measure & I know God has more for me to do!!!!! It was difficult to tell my story but maybe it will help someone else. I've learn to listen to my body because you know your body better than any doctor.
I'm also thankful to my family for their support & to Realself for all the help that it offers.


Praying for a speedy recovery.
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I know the inconvenience that can be although mine wasn't as bad but stay positive. Hope you a healthy speedy recovery..
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Wow, what a crazy ordeal! I can't believe your PS kept saying that it was normal that your wound was opening up! Glad you're able to go to wound care, they really take such good care of their patients. Hope you're fully closed up soon. :)
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Almost healed

This is week 11 & I'm almost healed!!! Thank God!!! It seems like a life time but I'm feeling stronger & better each day. I walked for 1.5 miles yesterday in the park before surgery I could do 5 miles. Can't wait to get back in the gym because I'm starting to pack on the pounds! I'm thankful to Realself for an outlet!!!! Thanks to each of you for being supportive!


Wow! Thank God you are doing just fine! Praise god for that! Your wound ended up closing nicely! I difinetly think you should continie to write about you journey so others in your similar situations will not feel alone. I will follow your story!
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Thanks again!!!
Your incision is looking so much better. You have been in my prayers.
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Almost 3 months

Hi y'all!!! It's been almost three months & I'm almost healed!!!! My belly button is still not healed and I have some pain from there & my right side. I'm done with wound care therapy as of last Friday...... I was emotional & cried because I felt like I was loosing my biggest cheerleader during this whole process. She helped me realize that God places people in your lives for a reason & a season & that sometimes those relationships blossom into long lasting relationships she asked me to keep in touch. I also saw my PS this week & I got my weekly talk saying that everything was looking good & to keep doing what I'm doing...... Any hoot, I'm feeling more emotional towards the end & I'm start to think I want to have my breast done. I can't say that to my friends & family because of how bad the TT has gone. I think I'm toooo afraid to actually do it. What do you all think....., those mugs slap my tummy when the bra comes off !!! Thank each of you for your support & prayers!!!! I'm still swollen in areas & can't wait to see my tummy with no bandages & wound free!!!!


And your heels are super cute!!!:-)
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I say go for the BA! I want to next year! I am glad your doing well and your profile pic is HOT!!!
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I am so happy to hear your on the mend now. I'm so sorry this all happened to you. The worst is behind you and thank God you are healing fine. I'm also from Memphis. I'm also very private with my TT I just had so if you eve need a friend you could trust let me know. I'd be happy to meet for a coffee or just talk. It's sometimes good to talk to someone who can relate about having this surgery in general.I pray you continue to heal and feel better everyday!
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3 months ago and counting

Hey y'all!!!!! You can tell I'm from the South!!!!! Lol...... I haven't had much change in the way my wound looks.... It's almost closed this one little opening is giving me the blues. The drainage looks like it may be infected. I really really really don't want to call or go see my PS because I can guarantee you his response will be the same "that's fine it's normal........ Your healing good just keep doing what your doing." I see him week after next maybe I'll just ask for a antibiotic & he can call me in a prescription.

Well here's how I've been feeling:
1. Tight & bloated. I feel uncomfortable like I will never ever walk straight again!!!!! My back is taking a beating !!!!
2. Angry because I want this over with now!
3. Helpless because I can't do all the things I want to like take a bath in my tub, lay on my tummy, shop without getting tired so quickly, exercise & most importantly play mommy & daddy with my husband & not going on vacation!!!!!!!! Ugh ugh ugh
4. Disappointed in myself for even having the surgery in the first place .

I know that I'm Blessed & I'm healing & headed in the right direction. I know I'm in a better place physically than I was a month ago & I know I should be Thankful!!!!! But really all I want to do is SCREAM WTF!!!!!!!!


I love the smile and the shirt. In my Olivia Pope's voice "you HANDLE this TT". You look great.
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Thanks honey!!! Your my Shero!!!!! You are a inspiration to us!!!! Your rock!! Thanks for being a constant & keeping us informed & picking us up when we are down!!!!! Enjoy your weekend!
Thanks again!!! I've had them for a while & needed a comfortable pair to wear.... I have serious shoes issues, I don't know how I'm going to handle not being able to wear my heals daily:(

OMG.... It's almost closed

I'm super super super excited that my last opening is a wee little hole now almost a split!!!! Whoop whoop!!! I went a party this weekend I HAD A BLAST!!!!!

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I forgot the photo

Oops I forgot the pictures.... Too excited!!!!


You are very positive, but will you please so consult a lawyer. I wish you all the best.
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Cake on Saturday


You are looking so good! I can't imagine the fear you felt when your tummy opened up! But wow what a turn around! You look Beautiful!
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Thank you!!
It looks like your healing is coming along great.....I am very happy for you...I was really worried there for you for look like you ROCKED IT FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!
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All closed up with just a little belly button drainage

SCREAMING I'M ALL CLOSED UP!!!!!!!! I was also released to start doing cardio so I went to the gym & did low impact Zumba.

I'm not sure but it looks like my right scar is going to be UGLY!!!!! Not sure how scar revision works, I'll ask about it next month when I see PS. It feels good not to have to bandage myself up!!!! I'm all smiles about that:+)


Can't tell you how much I enjoyed lunch today with you!!! It was so great being able to talk to someone that knows. You look amazing!! Let's shop some too next time. We have to find some smaller size clothes! YAY!!! Can't wait to meet with you again! let's do it soon!!
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I sooo enjoyed meeting with you today!!!!!! Your as beautiful on the inside as you are out!!! Can't wait for our next girls day out!!!! Retail therapy is the best:+) goodnight & I look forward to seeing you again.
You are looking good and I'm glad you are doing a lot better
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Photos of my body!!!!

I look deformed without clothes on but with them on I think I totally rock!!!

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Body without clothes!!!

I look deformed without clothes on but in clothes I think I look pretty awesome.

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Body without clothes 2

More photos


Your doctor, in my opinion, should be in jail. You are a saint to put up with him. Please consider having someone else do a revision. Everyone can yell at me for being positive, I don't give a darn. You could have died if you followed his advice. This site is supposed to be about reality, and that includes occasionally some stuff that isn't positive. I too believe in God, but I believe he expects us to use our logic and know when someone has not done right by us.
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Thank you for your comment..... I am very thankful to you for your honesty but I'm not sure about a revision at this point. I'm still taking it one day at a time and doing my best to enjoy my life.... By the way you look awesome!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing your story...I'm so glad you are feeling better and can work out again. Good luck and hope to see more updates.
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20 weeks PO.....but my body's 6 weeks PO

I had a visit with my PS today..... I didn't know how sore my belly button was until he poked me twice... I screamed which I think startled us both & wouldn't allow him to touch it again I held my hand up to block his..... I was mean!!!!! Oh well. I've had a lot of emotional days partly just due to healing woes & others with the up coming holidays & missing my grandma! I don't have any pictures this posting just slow healing. I'll try to post some pics later this week. Oh I almost forgot I had a upper & lower GI Scope done last week & I'm waiting on my biopsy reports all the meds & antibiotics upset my digestive track & may have irritated some old ulcers. I'm feeling better but found out I have a small hernia in my tummy.... Huh hmm... I'm wondering where that came from?

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I also forgot

My PS said I was still very swollen but my scar should flatten out & heal fine. He also said that my belly button should heal fine it sticks out looks odd.... He said if my belly button & scar didn't heal to my satisfaction he could fix it in the office totally up to me....... I'm thinking oh NO!!!!!


Wow! What a rollercoaster ride! Thank God for your strenght. Everything about ur doc was just plain wrong. Smh. Yes , enjoy surviving this ordeal. I wouldn't go back to that man for a revision.
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So glad your doing well and that you've healed but I would sue that doctor!
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If I was you I would sue the doctor .
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Memphis Plastic Surgeon

He's a ok doctor, really nice but very passive.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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