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Thank you Dr.Eby. Best PS ever-Memphis, TN

I am 32 years old and have two wonderful...

I am 32 years old and have two wonderful children(9 and 2) and a great husband. During my two pregnancies I gained over 90 pounds both times. I have always being athletic and had a great body but after this last pregnancy I just cant seem to get back down to the size I am comfortable. My stomach has a lot of muscle seperation and I constantly get ask when am I due. My last child was by C-section but I never had any surgeries that required general anesthesia. Thats what scares me the worst. I am so afraid I will not wake up or something will go wrong and I will not see my kids grow up. I keep asking my self should I take the risk? Am I being selfish? Have thought of hundred other things my family and I could do with the money. My surgery is scheduled for July 13, 2012 but I keep wanting to back out and cancel. Then I look at everyone results on this page and know in my heart that this surgery is what I really, really , really, REALLY want to do to . I have taken the time and effort to find one of the best plastic surgeons in Memphis and my surgery will take place in a hospital setting. Is this nervous feeling normal?

I am so ready for my day to come. I had to...

I am so ready for my day to come. I had to schedule my surgery 3 months in advance because of my work schedule. I do not recommend any one to do the same. To much time to keep re-thinking. My emotions is a rollercoaster ride. My face is full of acne bumps like I am 16 years old. I know its because of stress. Have started preparing my husband and kids for there roll post-op. I really want to lose 10 lbs this next months. Any tips? I have been exercising like crazy and my weight is not moving So frustrated. .I want to go in looking my best for great results. I think it may be stress playing a factor also.

So tomorrow is my pre-op visit? One step closer....

So tomorrow is my pre-op visit? One step closer. Will post some before pics after the visit?

Had my post op visit. It went so great. My husband...

Had my post op visit. It went so great. My husband had a chance to go with me. He absolutely loved Dr. Eby(PS) and so do I. She was great. Laughed and talked with me and my husband. She put us at eased. She has so much confident. The way she explained my procedure I think I am gonna have terrific results. She doesn't think I need lipo due to fact that I have a lot of muscle seperation and once that come together it should give me the results(waistline) I desire. Cant wait til July 13. I am schedule for 8:00 am. SO EXCITED.
Currently on the countdown to July 13.

Just went to Walmart to pick up my prescription. I...

Just went to Walmart to pick up my prescription. I was expecting to pay aleastt 300-400 dollars but the insurance covered 100%. This is the best news all day. One more step closer to being on the FLAT SIDE. 17 more days to go. I am working out extra hard so I may have the best results possible but I dont think I am gonna meet my goal. Oh well!!!!

Counting down. Less than 2 weeks to go. This will...

Counting down. Less than 2 weeks to go. This will go fast. My husband and I decided to go on vacation the week before so I will be out of town all next week. Not nervous. Just ready for a flat stomach. I have been taking swim classes on Saturday and today my husband recorder my progress. When I saw the video and how I looked in my swim schools I got depress but then remembered all of this will change in 2 weeks. My doc doesnt use CG and thats the only thing I still cant understand. When I had my C-section, my binder was my safety net for 6-8 weeks. Oh well. Just ready to get it over and be on the flatside.

5 more days, Totally excited but getting nervous...

5 more days, Totally excited but getting nervous again.

48 more hours until surgery. My emotions is on a...

48 more hours until surgery. My emotions is on a rollercoaster. I am so scared but the hope of what my stomach will look like keep me from backing out. Today is my little girl 3rd birthday, so I will keep busy with her celebration and then I have to work all night. Please pray for me.

I am on the flatside. Not in much pain at all....

I am on the flatside. Not in much pain at all. Just very tight and alot of stinging and burning.

Post day 3: What a difference a day makes. I have...

Post day 3: What a difference a day makes. I have read that so many time before on this page throughout various blogs but now I truly understand. I feel so much better today. The anesthesia have finally wore off and the daze I have been in have lifted. I cant stand feeling drugged. I have not taken any pain meds since 6am yesterday morning. I am able to lift myself off the couch without assistance and walk almost upright. I have no pain, just tightness and burning which is now decreasing. I didnt have any lipo performed and if i need it I will get it done at a later date.I only came out of surgery with one drain which is not as bad as I imagined. I have no compression garment which is another positive. The biggest surprise is that I have no dressing. My wounds is protected with dermabond. I love how my belly buttons look. SO far I am really happy with recovery even if its only been 3 days.

Post op day 4 Syill pretty much pain free and no...

Post op day 4 Syill pretty much pain free and no need for pain medication but I think boredom has kicked in. I am going stare crazy in this room. Want to get out and walk, run, shop, or just something. I guess this is one of the suckest part of this surgery. The second part is walking hunched over. I dont want a bad scar but my back is killing me. Do everyone know how haunched over I need to be? Also I am only draining about 35cc every 8 hours. Do I suppose to be draining more. I am only 4 days post op and I don't want the drainage to build up to a seroma.

Post op day 5: Had my first post-op visit with my...

Post op day 5: Had my first post-op visit with my PS. Kinda of a downer. Everything was fine with the healing and incision.Thank God. Found out that all the skin she took off only weighed a little 500 grams(little over 1lb) .She said all I really had was loose skin that did not weigh that much. I know this is not a weigh loss surgery but I was hoping for atleast 3-5lbs. hehe. Also I have pleats in my closure in my incision because my top of my stomach was more stretched out than the bottom. It will take about 2 months to flatten out. When she said that my mouth dropped. Not the instant results I wanted. I had my mind ready for the swelling, but 2 months just for pleats to flatten out was not on my itinerary. I guess no bikini for me:-(. if anyone else have have pleats(folds) I would love to her your thoughts or experience.
Well, with all of that said, I am still thankful for a great recovery thus for and for having a great P:S. Hope all of my recovery buddies continue to do well and have the results that they desired.

Forgot to mention that apparently yesterday was...

Forgot to mention that apparently yesterday was the last day of my decrease appetite. My appetite came back like a dinosaur today. The good thing is that I can only eat less than a cup full at a time before I feel like my stomach is gonna burst. Praying I dont gain any weight before I can make it back to my workout schedule.

Post op day 7: Really not to much to up-date....

Post op day 7: Really not to much to up-date. Still cant stand up straight. I tried all day but this stomach just wont give. I only have the one drain and it putting out about 10cc/8hours. Called my PS office and made an appointment to have it out on Monday. I could not do it today because I am still on my blood thinner shots and have to be off for 24 hours before they will pull the drain. Is anyone else on blood thinner shots. If so, How may days?
Still unsure about the surgery and how my abdomen look. I am pretty sure I am in for a revision, but I do trust my PS and if she say give it 8 weeks before I judge thats exactly what I am gonna do. Hell thats all I can do and she knows best. Still love my belly button. Hope its just as cute 8 weeks from now. I want to take a 3hour trip(driving) next week. Do yall think that is too soon.
Happy healing. its seem like the July 13th crew has been very blessed with a great recovery.

Post op Day 10: Got my drain out . Hallelujah. No...

Post op Day 10: Got my drain out . Hallelujah. No pain at all when it came out.Afterward I was able to walk around a couple of stores but still hunched over slightly and moving slowly. Man I am so ready to start running, but every morning I see a little improvement. Doctor recommends spanx. I haven't wore a compression garment thus far so I have no idea what to get. Any recommendations? I also have alot of swelling in my lower abdomen. Does anyone else have this?

Post op day 12: So far the recovery process is...

Post op day 12: So far the recovery process is going pretty good. No pain since post op day 2 or 3. My PS and staff keep saying the more I walk the better I will feel. So the last 3 days I have been doing laps in the mall. No, I didnt buy one single piece of clothing except my Spanx. I guess reality havent set in but it does feel good to wear a fitted T-shirts again. I am still walking pretty slow and have not straighten out 100% but it get better day by day. I look forward to waking up the next morning just to see what improvement the next day will bring.
Swelling! That's a topic within it's self. After 5 pm is the worst but what concerns me the most is the swelling above my incision. At times I don't know if it's swelling or my PS pulled my fat roll down lower.I mean I am so flat until u get right above the incision and then it look like u could jump off a cliff. Its been that way since I awaken from surgery. Think I will try putting ice on it to see if that help it go down.
Last thing is that I am so happy to found my PS. I recommend anyone in the area to go to her. I am out of town at my sister's house. That's always a good time. Happy Healing everyone.
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Only thing I can say about Dr. Eby is she is simply the best. Her personality is so calming that I knew from day one I found the right PS, Her bed side manner is so compassionate and caring that you never feel rushed and you instantly feel like you are in great hands. Her staff is very bubbly which I like. To top it all off, before surgery the nursing staff told me how wonderful and meticulous she is and how a great PS and how they have patients come from all over to to have surgery with her. They raved about her which made me feel more relaxed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi nikki just checking on you girl. Did you find out is ok to do that 3 hour trip. We usually go to Florida from new York on August. We drive though. I don't know if I'm going to be able this year unless I fly.
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hi Nena Not yet I get my drain out tomorrow so I will ask then. The only thing is that my PS is out of the country until first week of August. Thank God I haven't had any problems but wish she was here so i could talk to her. I have so many questions
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My doctor also placed me on blood thinner shots for 2 wks plus a refill. She said that she would make me use the refill if I wasn't up and walking around after 2 wks po which was yesterday. I dreaded taking those shots everyday, they were very painful. My ps pulled my drain after only one week and I continued with my shots. However, I had to pack the drain hole everyday just in case fluid need to drain it would still have a way to drain. After 2 wks I am still walking hunched over, its a killer on my back. I only take pain meds at night when its time for bed that's when it seems like my back hurts the worse. During the day I'm fine with no meds.
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Thanks AJ1982 for responding. Did she tell you to stop the blood thinner 24 hours before she pulled the drain? If so when did you start them back? I am still hunched over also. My stomach just want give. My PS said that I could return to work in 2 weeks but being hunched over like this the there is no way.
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Hahaha I'm going to get my wall too to straighten up a little more.
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Nikki I had it too with the hunching over I'm walking straight and at normal speed since yesterday. My body is asking me to walk straight and it comes natural. Yesterday I was straight during the day but towards the end of the day I was hunching but naturally I didn't force it. Today was the opposite I was hunching in the morning and now I'm walking straight. The nurse said to walk hunch for a week... Tomorrow is a week so close enough. ;)
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It seems like my body is not trying to straighten up. Met a girl in my PS office today 10 days post tummy tuck and she said she got on a wall and straighten herself up. I will give it to Friday or Saturday but if its not any better I am going to my wall. lol
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Thanks Nena. I will research it. I just never thought about this before and didn't realize it could happen and for it to take 2 months just to look flat was a little emotional for me. I have another question. Are u still haunched over and moving slowly. That's driving me crazy too. I know its not been a week yet but gosh. Patient not my best virtue. Lmao
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Nikki nice to hear you are having a great recovery. If it helps, if you search pleats after a tummy tuck on this site you can find some opinions regarding pleats. I looked it up because I wasn't sure what you meant. According to the answers it doesnt seem to be an issue. They will settle with time. Word here is we need to be patient. We want results right away . Today I was trying pants with drains and everything . That may tell you how "patient " some of us are :)
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good morning i was reading ur follow uo. im also 4days po im feeling better than i thought. i got one drain removed yesterday i go back to see my ps thursday...yes being hunched over is the down fall to hits its klling my back mr to im so bored i want to clean clean clean shop shop shop lol...my primary doctor said to stay as hunched over for as long as i could as this will determain the size of my scare and im hoping for a thin one....i wish i could up load pix but im a bit out of comision...lol happy healing
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GL Nikki!! Can't wait for pics and updates :)
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Good luck Nikki your turn now !! :)
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Good luck!!
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Thanks hld1980
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So I finally just got a chance to read your whole profile and its so crazy we are both scheduled for this Friday at 8am!!! How weird is that?! I cannot wait to hear how you do and your experience. I am so with you on all the things you said. I went through all of those ups and downs, am I being selfish, what if something happens but I made the decision to do it and sticking to it as scared and nervous as I am. Im also very excited to never see this big huge rolling over my pants muffin top ever again! lol
Cant wait to catch up more since we are both on the same count down now!!
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Stomach, sides, back and everything else. I was reading your review. My insurance also paid for the meds. Isn't that neat. Girl today I haven't been nervous at all . The only thing I exercised yesterday a little too much yesterday and now my butt cheeks and my ankles hurt :( another thing my period started a little today. I hope it comes tomorrow in full. I don't want to be dealing wit that on Thursday. I went to Walmart today and bought those granny pajamas that zipper on front I thought they may be handy. They remind me of my grandmother she was always wearing those lol
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Hi lady, we are going this week. Three more days for me. I'm going on Thursday. We are finally there ;)
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hey nena6 i can't believe its almost here. hope our stomachs come out as we hope for.
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I'll have my hubby take some more tomorrow. My 3 week appt is tomorrow. I don't feel like there have been big differences since the last pics I took, so that's why I've been a little slow. :)
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I had my initial consult the middle of may and scheduled for June 18th, their first available date. I didn't want to stress about it longer than necessary. Good luck mishie!
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Thanks HLD....I am starting to settle down and getting things ready for my trip/surgery.
I guess I forgot to mention that my surgery is not here in town, I have to go 3 hrs away.
NOT looking forward to the trip home (staying at my cousins for the first week) going to be interesting to say the least.
anyway My hubby and I decided to take a weekend trip. Hoping it will help prepare me for the 26th. still waiting for my PRE-OP Appt. seems like they should be calling anytime now.
Cant wait to see some pix HLD. no rush tho, take it easy.
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im with you ladies that have had to wait for this surgery.......with way too much time inbetween 1st appt april 18th,and schedule date for surgery july 26th. ( we did have a first date of June 24th or 25th) but had to change it because of my hubs work schedule.
I have said for a long time, i wish there wasnt so much time in between so I didnt have time to think and all these 2nd thougths come rushing through and as each day goes by I get more and more nervous and scared and saying to hell with it, Im not doing it.
UGH..so many mixed emotions right now.
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Im counting toooo. I cant believe is less than two weeks. I should start getting ready for this. Still I have to check what I have home and go shopping for what I need :)
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I'll try to post pics by the end of the week. It was so not a big deal. While I was in the prep area, the anesthesiologist came and talked to me and made me feel even better about it. About 5 minutes before they wheeled me to the operating room, she put a sedative in my iv line. I was awake while they rolled me back. Once in the operating room, they lowered the bed and took my pillow. They asked me to move up about 6 inches and that's it. I don't remember anything else, until they woke me up in recovery. There, I was really thirsty and felt drunk. Apparently, I asked for iced black coffee and a diet coke to drink. Lol!! It took a good couple of hours to come out of my fog. I've taken extra strength Tylenol to manage pain, until my most recent dose of Percocet. I'm hoping the Percocet will help me sleep, because I haven't yet and other than being under, I've been up since 430am. Anyway, moving around, the pain feels like I've had the hardest workout ever. It's not at all unbearable, but it is hard getting in and out of bed. In bed, I'm pretty much painless.

Peeing took a while to figure out. I ve been using a funnel to try to keep the pee off my cg. I can't shower and change until Saturday!

I have the worst dry mouth ever. Apparently, it's a side effect of sedation. I actually have to take a sip to swallow food. Annoying, but I'm hoping it will be better tomorrow.
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The dry mouth will be better tomorrow. Thats just the effects of the anesthesia. Sounds like you are doing great. Did you get that numbness medicine in your incision? I am going to get one of those peeing funnels. Get some rest. Cant wait to see your post op pics.
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