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I'm 41, mother of a 3 year old and 8 month old. I...

I'm 41, mother of a 3 year old and 8 month old. I had them both via c-section and have a pretty significant case of Diastasis Recti, possible umbilical hernia and loose skin. I've lost 60 pounds since I had the last baby but I can't get rid of the bulge. Scheduled a consult with Dr. Aldea and can't wait!

Since I started this story, I've booked two...

Since I started this story, I've booked two consults. I scheduled two of them back to back last Tuesday. I went to see Dr. Johnson and I love his staff and he has been really good with answering all my questions. The other doctor was over an hour late for my appointment (he was in a consult that ran long) so I cancelled my appointment and left. My husband had to get back to work, the staff and doctors did not apologize for making us wait and I just decided it wasn't worth it. He was still in his consult when I left so who knows how long I would have been waiting...

Originally I wanted a consult for a diastasis repair, possible hernia repair and full tummy tuck but I figured since I was there, I might as well see about getting the whole kit and kaboodle done. I had a little bit of sticker shock when I looked at the total price but ultimately decided to have it all done at once. I don't want to have two recovery periods and if I just fix the tummy, I may regret not getting the top done afterwards. To me, the bottom is a MUST fix. I got the results of my ultrasound and I do have an umbilical hernia, which Dr. Johnson said he would fix at the same time. I've decided to have a breast lift with "C" implants. I hope it's enough??? I don't want too big but I don't want to be small either. Does that make sense? Decisions. Decisions. Also, my doctor only leaves the drain tubes in for two days. YAY! I've really been fretting about those things.

I really hope the pain is manageable. I turned around after about day 8 on my last c-section. I had 23 pounds of excess fluid that I needed medication to get rid of, so I think that delayed my healing some. The pain was ok after about day 5 and I'm so hoping this will be similar.

I don't quite know what to tell my 3 year old son. He knows that mommy has boo boos (because of the diastasis) but I wonder if he'll be horrified when he sees me at home and needing help to move.

Definite plus for me is that I've lost so much weight since my c-section in November 2011 that I don't need lipo on my hips. I'm terrified of lipo since I saw it performed on the show Nip and Tuck. It just looked so aggressive to me. I hope that no lipo means less bruising and less pain.

I'm going back Monday to size for my breasts so I can make a final decision on what cup size I want. I can't wait for my husband to feel the difference between saline implants and silicone. After feeling the difference myself, I told him there is no way I will choose saline over the silicone. There is a $1k difference in price but it's totally worth it to me to get something I'll be happy with in the long run.

My husband and I went Tuesday to try on sizers for...

My husband and I went Tuesday to try on sizers for my augmentation. We settled on 400cc for the right and 425ccs for the left. Oooh. I'm getting excited.

Surgery is in about 36 hours. Ugh. I'm getting...

Surgery is in about 36 hours. Ugh. I'm getting nervous. This is normal, right?

Day 1 Post Op - So, I am doing much better than I...

Day 1 Post Op - So, I am doing much better than I expected. I'm getting in and out of bed and going to the bathroom all by myself. I'm stiff and a little uncomfortable but I'm not in a lot of pain. Getting in and out of bed is the most painful part so far. I cannot stand the drains. They are such a pain in the butt. Luckily they are coming out tomorrow.

Day 2 Post Op - I went to my 2 day follow up...

Day 2 Post Op - I went to my 2 day follow up yesterday. The doctor decided to leave the drains in over the weekend because they are still draining a lot of blood. The right drain is starting to lighten up a little in volume and color so hopefully the left will catch up. I had a 4" diastasis gap. He said it was the worst one he's worked on this year. Yay me! LOL

I was too scared to look at the incisions in my belly and breasts to I had my husband take pictures of them so I could look at them when I was ready. Wow, my body has gone through such a huge transformation. I was taken aback by the size of my new boobs and the unevenness of them. The doctor said that they would settle and become for even. He sized me in the OR for 400 cc on the right and 450 cc on the left. He said that was the size I need for my frame. I've never had big boobs so this will be interesting.

My TT incision is huge. It's not really that sore. Actually, I'm not really that sore. I feel pretty darn good for someone that just went through what I did. He also wanted to make sure that I noticed that he kept my old belly button. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. I used to have a cute belly button until I started having kids. Then it became an outie and was herniated. I'll just watch it for now but if it's still an outie, I may not be too happy about that. :-)

8 Days Post Op - I feel great. I get a little...

8 Days Post Op - I feel great. I get a little tired but luckily my mother in law is still here to help with the baby. I got my drains out 5 days post op and it sucked. I'm not going to lie. It didn't last long but it was really hard to control the urge to puke while he was pulling. I wouldn't really call it pain, more of a strange feeling that something doesn't belong inside your body is forcibly being pulled out. Gross. I know for certain that I never want to do that again.

I had a shower 6 days post op because my PS wanted me to wait a day after my drains came out so that the holes could seal a little.The shower felt amazing but I felt vulnerable without my CG on. I kept it off for a few hours because I needed to wash it and let it air dry. The thing still shrunk and now it's uncomfortable as hell. I can't wait to get to change over to the Spanx next week.

My breasts are healing nicely but they still need to drop. I've gotten a heat rash in between them from sweating because I have to wear my CG and sports bra at night and I get night sweats sometimes. I know - 1st World Problems so I'm going to quit complaining.

Next appt. with my PS is Monday so unless anything crazy happens between now and then, I'll update after I see him.

14 Days Post Op - I had my appointment Monday and...

14 Days Post Op - I had my appointment Monday and the PS examined me. He said everything is looking good. I don't have to wear the CG at night and I can start wearing the Spanx during the day. I asked about the hardness of the scar tissue around my tummy tuck incision and he said to roll a plastic cup over it, back and forth to loosen it up some. The only real complaint I have is that this body feels strange to me. I'm hard in places that I used to be squishy. My husband is constantly telling me how "hot" I am and while ti's very flattering, frankly, I'm not used to it anymore. Going from no boobs to huge, firm boobs and from a big tummy w/a 4" diastasis gap to a firm tummy is playing tricks on my mind a little bit. I LOVE my body but my brain and emotions are not in the same place right now.

I guess that's all to update now. Except that I need to start using Maderma on my incisions soon. I go back on the 15th and I'll update after that. I'll try to get my husband to take new pics this week and post them.

And if you're reading this, don't misunderstand. I'm not regretting the tummy tuck or implants. The tummy tuck was medically necessary for me because of the hole in my tummy and the hernia. I made the right decision.

15 Days Post Op - WOO HOO. I tried on clothes that...

15 Days Post Op - WOO HOO. I tried on clothes that I haven't been able to wear for years and they fit. I've gone down two skirt sizes and one pant size. It must be that the skirts rest higher than the pants do but I don't care. I can fix the pants not fitting once I get back into the gym in a couple of weeks. My large shirts (even with the new, big boobs) are ridiculously too big now and I've gone down to a medium. I'm so happy right now.

I'm 5 weeks and one day post op today. I went to...

I'm 5 weeks and one day post op today. I went to the doctor last Monday and he said that everything is healing nicely and that I can stop wearing my CG. YAY, or at least that's what my head screamed. Now I'm in swell hell so I'm going to start wearing it again and up my water intake and see if that helps the swelling go down. I don't go back until the middle of November. I posted some pictures of me at 4 weeks yesterday.

Also, he's not comfortable going back to Crossfit yet unless I can go "light" which is virtually impossible. I'm so afraid of messing up my tummy tuck that my husband and I have decided that it's probably best to wait the whole 8 weeks post op before trying to go back. I'm worried about my implants and my tummy tuck and what could happen if I do too much too soon. I guess I can kiss my 85# PR on my bench press and deadlifts goodbye for awhile but it's for the best.

I'm still tired all the time. I got 10 hours of sleep last night and could go back to bed. How long does this part last? I'm used to functioning on 6 or 7 hours so this is all very new to me.
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Hello, can u please tell us how u feel now? And how is your scar looks like now? Thanx
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You are looking great!!!! 
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Oh, I forgot to add that my breasts look and feel great. They've dropped and they aren't hard anymore. I don't feel like they are foreign to me now and they finally feel like they are mine and always have been. YAY!
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u look great i to dont know why but my 6 day i just kept cryin no reson lol o well
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That's soooo exciting!! Time to go shopping :)
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Your looking good!!! Congratulations!!!!!! can't wait until my drains come out
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Glad that things are going so well for you. Everything looks good so far. Wishing you all the best.
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So happy to read that you are recovering so well. I hated the drains too and I'm verry happy the last one came out today even if it's was not a fun event. Congratulations on the weight loss. That is an awesome accomplishment. You look great and it will only get better as the weeks go by. Take easy so you don't swell up. Maybe you can wear some cotton shorts over your CG for the rash? I wear a long soft cotton T-shirt with no sleeves under my sports bra and CG so it is less irritating. Also, my husband soaked my CG in fabric softner for a while when he washed it for me. That helped too. Just some ideas. Best wishes!
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You are looking great!! You must be so relieved its over ! I just scheduled mine for January. I live in Memphis too! Going to Dr. Quibley. I can't wait but scared to death. Hope you keep healing fast! Your posts encouraged me again. You know. I .start second doubting this.
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Have you put any pic up yet??/
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as i cant see them.
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No. I'm being so bad. I have two little ones so I'm trying to find the time to do it at night after they've gone to bed. I'm working on it. Promise.
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Moggie - I put a couple of this evening
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I'm going to try to post them today. I just took the first pic w/out my belly binder.
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do u have pic yet glad your doin ok
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glad to hear that you are recovering well, what would you say have been the most useful things to have for your recovery? Would love to see pics of your transformation if you feel comfortable posting :)
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Pillows, lots and lots of pillows. Cough drops. A smart phone or laptop with a lap tray to occupy your time. I borrowed a recliner from a friend but I didn't use it that much. I really didn't buy anything to prepare for the surgery except for Arnica Montana. I used an old cane that we had in the attic but it was more of a pain in the butt and didn't help with my back pain at all.
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Yes that's normal I think. Gooooooood luck!
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You must be excited that you picked your size! Not long now until ur surgery:-)
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Good luck and let us know who it goes.  Congratulations on the weight loss!  

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Good luck with your consult!
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