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I'm Gonna Do It - Memphis, TN

First, A little about myself. I'm 29 years...

First, A little about myself. I'm 29 years young. I have a wonderful husband who supports my decicion and that helps tremendously! I am a mommy to 5 wonderful beautiful kiddos:) My 3 boys are 9, 6, and 4. My 2 girls are 23 months and 6 months old:) I had my first at 19. My body bounced back the first and second time. The third was a little rough on my body, and well... my pregnancies with my girls really did me in.

I weighed 125 pounds before my first and am now at a whopping 180. So, I probably need to lose a little before going through it. All the weight is in my stomach, hips and inner and outer thighs. Eventually I want some new "girls" (boobs). Breastfeeding 5 kids can really suck the sexy out:) That will come later seeing as how I still nurse my 6 month old. I have muscle separation in the tum tum, I mean who wouldn't with 5 kids, right? We all share a house with my parents, that helps so much!

I had a free consultation (beware!) and he said I have 8 pounds of skin and fat on my tummy, EWE! Now to explain the (beware!) Just because a consultation is free, doesn't make is amazing! I went in waited for over an hour and FINALLY asked to reschdual. Seems the Dr left, GEEZ! I went back in two days later, and it was horrible! I didn't wait long, but the PS rushed me and blew through hi "lemme tell you all about it" speech. I was left with 3 questions but before I could ask them, he tried to walk out. I had to sit him down 3 times...3! One time for each question. He was obviously aggrivated. So, after my third and final question, he got his camera and took the belly pics, I felt like God was trying to push me out the door. His before and after pics I saw were less than impressive! He only had 8 pics. I left, thought about it and called another Dr, One I found on here local!

I called that office and explained the previous appt...and did you know the receptionist actually knew what Dr I was referring to without me saying his name! So, If you get a TT dont in Memphis, just msg me and I will let you on on who it was so you don't make that mistake.

I am a non judgemental Christian woman who complains rarely, but this place was a joke. So now I have another appt on the 26th of this month. It cost me 90 bucks for this consultation and the TT will be about 500 bucks more, but I think that is WELL WORTH IT! Remember, when it comes to your body...you are worth more than settling for less just because the price tag is a little lighter!

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im interested in knowing what Dr. it is Because i am in memphis searching as well.
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hey checking on you did you have the LBL yet ....i'm having 1 as well mostly likely this summer ... please update us .. thanks
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I am considering a TT. Can you tell me who your first doctor was so I dont make the same mistake with the wromg doctor.
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I used Dr. Peter Aldea. He is a great surgeon and has an excellent bedside manner and will put you at ease. I plan to complete the LBL in late spring 2013 with him.
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I am interesting in getting a LBL or tummy tuck in Memphis. Can you send me some information on where to go.
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Welcome to RealSelf!   Wow you are one busy lady with five children!   I had to laugh out loud about your comment "Suck the sexy out"!  Too funny but so true!  The things women go through..LOL

You are doing the right thing and continuing to search for a doctor.  This is the most important part of the process.  You need to find that doctor that you click with and feel totally comfortable.  You will get there:)

I am happy you shared your story with us and look forward to following your journey.


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