4.5 months post op update

5'6" 130 lb. mommy of three who is more than ready...

5'6" 130 lb. mommy of three who is more than ready to be rid of extra skin and stretch marks!! I will have a full TT with MR on Dec. 20th. I exercise 5 days a week but no exercise can fix loose skin so I am finally getting this done. I have 3 great kids and of course they were worth the damage but it is time to fix what can be fixed. Can't wait!!!

Pre Op appt. tomorrow! Getting so close!!

I'm going tomorrow to pay for the surgery and get the pre op stuff taken care of. I am wondering about the compression garment that I need to get. So much to do, so little time. I want to be fully prepared but I'm also working right up until the surgery so I'm afraid I'm going to forget something. The nurse said I don't have to meet with the Dr. Again unless I want to. Otherwise I will see him on surgery day. Will I be coherent when he does the markings? I have a few more things I want to ask him. I've added a few more before pics. I plan on eating very clean the next two weeks so that maybe I can lose a couple pounds before the surgery.

Getting freaked out.

So, I decided to add a bladder lift to take care of my incontinence issue which makes it impossible for me to run, jump, jump rope, cough, sneeze etc.. without completely wetting on myself. I'm now having second thoughts about it because of some things I've read on the internet (yikes!). I need it but scared! I'm not worried about the TT ironically.

I made it!

Woke up after the two-hour procedure in extreme pain. Two Percocet did nothing. The pain was the mr. Felt like one loooong contraction The gave me something in the IV. After that was taken care of I cathed myself. There were no post op directions given so we had to call the doctor. I can't shower. I don't get a binder until the drains come out which I thought was odd. I don't feel tightness in my skin so I'm worried he didn't pull me tight. But maybe it's just numb. I don't think I'm gonna be happy. Hopefully I'm wrong/

One more thing

Forgot to add that I was lying FLAT on the table when I woke up. WTH?

Not happy. At all ????

I didn't need full muscle repair but I did need my skin detached so that when he pulled it down I wouldn't have any stretch marks left above the bb. I was told they would be at pubic bone. Um. They are not. They are still above. I think he only detached my skin to the point where he need to do mr. The nurse said the v would be pulled down i a couple months but that's not gonna get rid of the stretch marks. Which was the whole freakin reason I did this. I was already flat. Super pissed.

Spoke too soon

Ok. Before and after. I feel better now. Haha. Roller coaster.

Morning pics day 2

Feeling very good this morning. Standing straighter def helps. Staying on top of pain meds is helping. No bm yet put I had one right before surgery yesterday. Been taking stool softener so hopefully today. Think I'll try a dulcolax by tonight if nothing happens today. Overall, much easier than I anticipated but I know there will be ups and downs. Slept great in my recliner with three pillows under my knees. No binder yet till drains come out so I'll let y'all see my swelling. I don't think it's too bad. I'm up about 2.5 pounds but hopefully that's just fluid.

Hurts like a mofo

I was doing so good until I got a stabbing burning pain about two inches to the right of my bb. It feels better when I apply pressure but I wasn't given a compression garment. Doc said I could use an ace bandage. I think it's where the drain is so maybe hitting a nerve? It's the worst pain I've ever felt. Goes all the way to my back.

Doing much better

Showered, fixed hair and makeup. Had a bm with the help of two suppositories. Still taking pain meds. Nurse agreed that the pain I felt the other night was probably a drain hitting a nerve. The drains are coming out soon hopefully. Only had total of 40 cc in last 24 hours. Almost standing straight so back is feeling much better. Still not happy with scar but doc said he only needed a quarter of an inch of skin to pull it down later. So hopefully he will be able to do that. Have no idea what to think of my belly button. It's ok I guess.

Day 4

Been really tired today but swelling is much better. I thought I was going to explode last night. I'm doing quite well with the pain. I've got a back massager that works wonders. I'll include a pic. It's on sale at Kohls for 29.99 and it has heat as well. Still taking pain meds and still using suppositories but that's ok. Hopefully, I'll go on my own soon but I'm not waiting more than a day. Getting drains out on Friday!! Yay!!!

Drains out! Lowest undies on.

What a relief to get the drains out. Didn't hurt a bit. Just felt awesome because I could feel them in there and they were very uncomfortable. My drain holes are leaking and will have to close on their own. I finally got a binder on and am just getting the hang of how to wear it. I am def swelling more now that the drains are out. I think I'm going to try Arnica. Doc said I could start mederma once the glue falls off in about a week. I asked him about silicone strips and he said yes, more expensive but he's seen good results. I put my lowest undies on and they almost covered the entire scar so I'm hopeful that I will find a cute bikini this summer that will do the trick. Overall, doing well as can be expected. Have to go back to work next Thursday which sounds impossible at this point but a lot can change in a week so I'm hopeful I can do it.

Belly button

My glue has peeled off my belly button. I think my scar is very faint already. Can't wait to start scar treatment! Doing quite well at 11 days post op.

Almost 3 weeks

Started back to work and swelling is at it's worst. Even swollen in the morning. I went ahead and went to the gym to get a little activity going. I'm waiting till the all clear before I go hard. I feel ready but I don't want to do too much too soon so I am going very slowly. Pain is minimal just feel a tugging pressing sensation which is annoying. I just bought the silicone strips from cvs so I'll update from time to time to see how it's improving.


I had my 3 1/2 week check up today and got the ok to start running!! I couldn't wait to see if my bladder procedure worked. It did!! I was so happy to run tonight!! The tummy felt tight as I ran but no pain. I can do arm exercises but doc said no to squats. I did do some leg exercises with the band but made sure to start with little resistance. I am very pleased with my results so far. The doc was amazed at how great my scar looks. Started using cvs silicone strips last week and it is noticeably softer and flatter. Still have weird swelling but I've found that it doesn't matter if I wear the binder or not. Same amount of swelling regardless. My bikini pics here are with tons of swelling. Can't wait till summer though! My main focus now will be the buttocks because I am so pleased with my front. Haha

4.5 months post op

Sorry it's been so long! Been working my a@@ off at work and at the gym. Will not go back to my surgeon until the fall and he will do a revision at that time on my scar. He is going to fix the scar around my belly button and pull the middle part of my scar down a bit. I don't have a lot of skin to work with above the TT scar but I still have loose skin in my pubic region. He says he can do this in his office but I'm thinking about a breast augmentation for Christmas so I may wait and do the scar revision at that time. Seems like it would be easier that way but who knows! I still can't say the TT was worth the pain because I'm not at the finish line but I feel pretty confident that after the scar revision, I will be very happy. Anyway, still working out hard and lifting weights. Haven't lost any more weight but that's ok. I think I see some progress in the bootay so that's nice!
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U look GREAT , can I ask u who is your doctor please?
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Someone is looking AMAAAAZING!
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You look FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much for sharing results out this far. I'm only 5 wks PO but like seeing what's to come :)
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I started working out at 6 weeks. Just listen to your body. Start slow and you will be back to normal in no time
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Wow! You look awesome! Do you think the scar moved down like your doctor said it would? My doctor also won't give me a CG right away, and I'm glad to finally read someone else's review who didn't get one right away either. It seems like everyone goes home with one! Did you wear it a lot after he gave it to you?
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I wore it a little bit. I really think it's not necessary. JMO If it makes you feel better, wear it. Not wearing it isn't going to change the final outcome IMO. I think the scar has moved down and I really like the color and size of it but I am def going to get him to pull the middle down. And he acts like it will be really easy so hopefully it will be.
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Hey who was your doctor? I'm looking for a doctor to have my TT done.
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You look amazing. What did he do for your bladder. I am curious? I have issues with lax skin...and bladder. I didn't see info about it in your review
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I got a bladder sling done at the same time. Had to coordinate with two doctors but it only added about 30 min to my surgery time. I am so glad I did it. Very minimal pain associated with it.
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Great result. You have a beautiful curvy waist and look fabulous.
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Rockin the bathing suit!!!
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You look wonderful. I will continue to follow your journey.
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What a roller coaster ride u have had! But major improvement. U will look amazing when scar settles! I was the same, trained 5-6 days a week but couldn't budge that excess skin and stretchmarks and also my boobs deflated. Anyway so glad I had it done even though it left some stretch marks below my bb! They look nowhere near as bad as before cause they are all tight and I'm not worried if anyone sees them at the beach, as I have 4 gorgeous kids and they are just the battle scars of an exciting life! Happy healing.! Have u started back with your training?? I want to but don't think I could handle it- I might start with a walk today!
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I went last night and walked a little as well as stair master a little. I lifted a five pound weight to work my arms. Did about 4 sets of 20. My main issue is the bladder lift. I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for like 8 weeks. I talked to the doc today and he said he may let me run after my pre up appt. which is Monday. I just want to work up a sweat so bad! haha
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You look great luv! Happy healing :-)
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You look great .enjoy your results Keep us posted .you are few days ahead of me !!!
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You look fantastic! I think you'll be really happy. Feel better soon!
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You look great. I see a big difference already!
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There is such a huge difference between your before & after pix. Once the swelling goes down you are going to see a biiiiiig difference, I'm sure. Don't be discouraged. We're i. This together. I. Supposed to get my drains out on Friday too. I'm so excited about that. Please message me more info with tips & tricks regarding the catheter. Best wishes for s great nights rest and good news tomorrow.
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Your after pics look great. I can tell a definite difference between your before and after pics! I'm so happy for you and I think you're gonna be really happy as the weeks go by. I see a definite difference in your tummy. And that right there is what I get so mad about! Everyone else looks so good and I can totally see a HUGE improvement from your procedure, but I look the same--if not worse--in my pics! Aaaaargh!! I appreciate your encouragement on my page and want to offer you double the same! You look amazing and I think your scar will def lower as time passes! So I guess you and I have things we both like and don't like about our surgery--maybe we can combine?! Ha! Keep your chin up! You look terrific!!!
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Wow, look at your before & after! Amazing! I was supposed to also NOT have muscle repair, but woke up with sore muscles. He repaired the muscles while I was under because they were "too far apart and I wouldn't be able to fix them on my own". I was mad when I woke up, but now I am so glad. I'm jealous that you didn't need MR! Oh, and welcome to the flat side!
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Oh, he did do MR just not all the way up. I think it was about an inch above the bb and all below.
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Ok, I am so blind! I read your first post wrong! :)
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You do look flat already, after you get your binder you will be even flatter... Congrats....
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Can't wait to get the binder! I know some people hate it but I think it would've made me feel better.
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