Finally...I did it! 2/7/14- Memphis, TN

After having one child 12 years ago, I was...

After having one child 12 years ago, I was overjoyed. Yet I was left with the dreaded pudge and loose skin...Yuck! It seems that I got the worst of the stretch marks. I was about 130 lbs and was 180 in my 9th month. Fast forward 12 years later I am 155 lbs. I hope to loose at least 10 before my surgery date.
You'll look great! Mine was the best thing I've ever done for myself!


I can't stop thinking about how my new body is going to look. My boyfriend seems to be getting tired of hearing about it. Question? I want to get lipo of my flanks but I was told that I can only get the lower area flank lipo. I want the curves in my waist like Janet Jackson/Beyonce. I'm thinking about getting a BBL sometime next year. I have to do one at a time, The way my bank account is set

Welcome to the tummy tuckers!

If your having a total TT with muscle repair, the mr will give you that hour glass once the swelling is gone.

Warning view at your own risk

Hey flattering 30 - I just love your title " Finally doing me" that's how I feel too! I look forward to hearing about your journey-
I love Dr. Aldea's work. You should have an awesome result. Are you having just a tummy tuck done or are you having lipo done at the same time too? I had the Fleur de Lis Tummy Tuck first and then I had the rest of the lower body lift (butt lift and lateral thigh lift) and a revision to my tummy tuck to remove my dog ears and straighten out my scar line. My results were awesome!
Thanks! ! Would you recommend him? Did you love your results?

Next week, oh my!

So I dropped my meds off to be filled. I will hopefully get all of my necessities this weekend a recliner most definitely. I am hoping that I will be one that will be able to wear a two piece this summer. We are planning our beach vacation and I have been bikini shopping. I have also dropped a few lbs but not quite at my goal weight. I can't weight to get rid of this wrinkly pudge. I am currently a 7/8 I wonder if I will get back to a 5/6 after the swelling goes down?
It might take you about 4-5 months to recover completely with the swelling and such but you should easily be back to a 5/6 or even a 4. Definitely get a walker and that recliner. Also, a potty riser was a God send for the bathroom too!
Make sure you have a walker, it's a real life saver for your back. I have a list posted on my review of some of the things I purchased. The bed mats are also a must have if you are recovering at home, it is so much easier to go bottomless with these.

More before pics

Only 9 days to go

More pics

Tummy lying down
Did you have your surgery today hun? how are you feeling?
I am sure that Dr. Aldea will tell you to keep your scar line protected from the sun. You can burn the sensitive tissue even through your clothes if you are wearing something lightweight. You may need to wear that bikini at an inside pool this summer.
I will definitely get bed mats and a walker. Thanks

Days 1 and 2

So i am finally on the flat side. My doctor was absolutely wonderful. When I woke up I felt better than I thought I would. Dr. Aldea said that I wouldn't feel any pain really because I would be numb. He was right . My biggest problem on yesterday was nausea and hot flashes. Every time I would try to stand I would start sweating profusely and feel like I was going to throw up and pass out. It would pass after 5 minutes or so. When I got home i took a suppository for nausea. Today is the second day and I am doing fine. I can get up and walk around, baby steps though because I'm very hunched over. I am not in any pain. I just feel very tight. He removed a good amount of fat and skin from me. I was surprised at how much he took off. I am very happy!????

Day 3

I have more energy today. I was able to take a shower, Thank God! I also had a BM today so I feel much better. I am so anxious to see my results. I am still very hunched over and I really can't get a good feel for how low my scar is going to be. I don't have a compression garment on and my doctor does not want me to wear one until a month after surgery to prevent blood clots. My tummy feels numb to touch and puffy. How long did it take for you guys to see your shape form for those of you who do not wear a compression garment?
Congratulations on your surgery. It took me about 4 months to really see the full outcome of my surgery but most of the initial swelling went down quite a bit by the 8th week. I am 21 months out from my initial tummy tuck and almost 10 months out from my butt/thigh lift. I love my results!
Thanks Tess, I can't wait for the swelling to go down. I'm going to be patient.
I loved Dr. Aldea's work. I am very happy on how mine turned out. When I had the second surgery, I told Dr. Aldea that my waist was bigger than after the tummy tuck but it was the swelling. After about 4.5 months my waist actually got smaller. My measurements now are 36DD (no breast lift just a great bra), 31 waist, 41 hips. I got the hourglass shape that I always wanted.

Day 4

Feeling better everyday. I notice Day 1 when I came out of surgery I could instantly see positive results. Since then I have been crazy swollen. My incision line is straight but the scar is kind of lumpy. It looks like it could be from stretch marks. I still have some stretch marks near my incision but they can be covered by my panties. The doctor removed a great portion of them. Did your incision line seem lumpy at first? How long did it take to flatten out?
My scar line was lumpy but after six weeks I start massaging in Vitamin E oil and Bio Oil and now my scar is nice and smooth no lumps and very faint white line. It took about 3-4 months for it to get complete flat and smooth.
Thanks so much Tess, that is really encouraging.

Post Op today

So I had my post op appointment today. It went very well. I am feeling pretty good today. I almost feel like I can go back to work...well not quite. I got some things accomplished today though. I fell into a little depression phase for a second but I realize that I am rushing myself to get back to normal. It has really only been 4 days after surgery. Everyone else is living life and I am just stuck here doing nothing. My hair is a mess and I really haven't been able to where any nice clothes. So tomorrow I plan to go to the hair salon and maybe get my nails done. Looking better on the outside makes you feel better on the inside. I am hoping to go shopping soon for a new wardrobe. Oh and I am 4 lbs smaller since surgery. I weighed in at 146 this morning and this evening and I am still swollen. Things are looking up!

Day 6 after tummy tuck

So for the things I like right now...
-If I am on all fours and look down at my tummy, I don't see that glob of hanging skin. It always made me feel deformed.
-I have dropped another 6lbs since surgery, bringing me to 145. I am still swollen.
-My waist is much smaller than before. I wish I would have measured my before, but it is obvious. That is probably my favorite thing right now.
-I think I may move from a 7/8 to a 5/6 pants size. After I get these drains out, I will know for sure.

Things I don't like right now but I am hoping will get better....
-The pleating at my incision line
-Stretch marks at my incision line. I don't know why but they seem much bolder than before. I hope this is just a phase.
-My tummy is not as flat as I want it to be, but I know that I am still swollen. So hopefully it will even out. Also I am not wearing a compression garment as of yet, which my doctor will allow me to start wearing at a 4 weeks post op, as well as starting scar treatments. I am hoping that will help.

Oh I forgot

I must say that I like my very low incision line. That was very important to me and he did that!

More pics

You are looking soo great! Congrats! I was thinking the same thing..I wish I measured my waist before ! I was soo excited I didn't even think of it! Im almost 3 weeks post! Happy healing :)
You are still very, very swollen. The pleating will go when the swelling is gone, mine did. As for the stretch marks the scar cream made help them some but they are more noticeable because you are now flat and not wrinkly in the stomach area, they are not blending in anymore. I am so glad that you like the incision line location. I can wear string bikini underwear and it lines right up with my scar so it is not visible. Dr. Aldea did great!

Ready to feel sexy again (Day 11)

Maybe I'm rushing things, but how long did it take for you to feel flat or normal even? This is my second day back to work and it wasn't hard for me at all. My recovery has been better than expected. With the swelling I just don't feel like I look so great, better, but not great. I feel unattractive. My husband and I are sleeping in seperate rooms and I think I have disgusted him with this whole surgery recovery thing. I am down to 144lbs, I'm back to wearing my heels, and a lot of my pants are too big. Ughh, I went to the hair salon, nail salon, the things I normally do to make feel good, but I just feel depressed and ugly, Belly is numb and puffy. From the front I look flat. From the side view I don't look flat to me. I will post pics later.
Hunni it takes time - looking at your before and after pics I can see the change - what your feeling is normal but we can't rush our bodies it went through a major change - some ppl have instant flatness and some it takes moths to get there - but know you are already on you way :) happy healing
This is very normal, I been there and done that. It takes several months even six to really see the full results of your TT. You are rushing the project, It will come in time, you are still healing.


I am 3 months out and I have healed very well. Week 3 was a big turnaround for me. Prior to that though, I felt and looked like SpongeBob Squarepants! I hated the way I looked from the side. And then eventually it all evened out and the swelling went POOF! You are still SO early in your healing process. Don't think you look 'fat' because you look FAR from it! You look awesome. I also wanted to let you know that my husband, while SUPER supportive, was grossed out by the whole surgery. He still cringes when he sees my incision. WhatEVER! lol
Lol. I just wanted to make sure that I was not alone in the way I felt. I have no patience. Can't wait to see what the near future holds.
I was SO impatient that I posted a question about it to the Realself doctors like 2 weeks after my surgery. I was freaking out because I couldn't fit into my pants. LOL!

Falling Hmm!

This recovery process is fascinating. A few days ago I didn't know if it was worth it. But today I feel like I am falling in love with my body again. I remember a time when I could spot something and just know it would look great on me. I can't wait to go shopping! I'm going to wait until for weeks. I feel great. Drains were removed Day 12. I am wearing my compression garment now and It was so uncomfortable last night I ripped it off and threw it across the room. Then I finally got some rest. Someone tell me, what is the purpose behind the garment? Will it affect your results in any way? Incision is looking pretty good. My stretch marks are not as bad as I thought they were going to be. I think the swelling made them look scary at first. My belly button looks like the original that I had before child birth. I can't wait to start working out!! Pics coming soon

It gets better Day 15

Out trying on clothes. I am trying to see what looks good on my new body. Now that I have the hunk of meat out of the way, it seems like the booty disappeared. Where did it go? Anyway, I used to hide myself in dark colors to hide my big belly. I wore a lot of black. Just about everything I tried on looked good on me. I have a new confidence about myself.

Feeling like it wasn't worth it IDK

Well I am now 23 days post. I am still dealing with this bulge in my stomach. Tummy still is not flat. I was told that some was swelling and some was fat. I am discouraged right now. I was able to wear a fitted dress before with span and look nice and flat. But now even with spanx you can see what looks like a spare tire that I did not have before. My upper tummy looks better, but overall I am upset. I was told that I can get lipo afterwards at my expense for my new spare tire. Right now I feel very self conscious around the few people that know that I had surgery because my tummy is still not flat. I am a very active and fit person. I eat very healthy so I did expect better results than I got. The only thing that baffles me is that I was flat at first.
First off, I want to say that I think you look great! What a HUGE difference from your before pictures! I also want to say go check out the post I did on my Review called 'Why You're not Flat as a Board'. It explains why we can't get 100% flat-flat. You look VERY good though!!!
Hello , you look great... I am new on here and looking for friends.
There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between your before and after pictures… look great. I hope you can take a step back and realize how vast the difference is and how amazing you look now.

I woke up like this! 1month

Omg! I am flat this morning. I am exactly 1 month post op. This process is something else. I originally posted that it was not worth it 1 week ago because I hated the bulge between my incision and belly button. I wasn't sure if this was swelling or not. I didn't think that the bulge would ever go completely flat. We'll it did. So it was indeed swelling. I wore spanx on my lower belly underneath my compression garment. As of today I am happy with my results (fingers crossed). Hopefully only any more changes would improve the way I feel right now. I woke up dancing to Happy in my underwear.

On another note, for the past week I have been very nauseated. I feel like i have to vomit but it won't come up. I burp every few minutes or so. I feel like a pregnant lady. At first I thought it was a stomach virus, but I don't see a stomach virus lasting this long. I feel very fatigue regardless of how much sleep it get. I asked surgeon about it and was told that it was not from tummy tuck. Has anyone else felt this way?

Meanwhile I will start working out as soon as I can get a handle on this nausea and sleepiness. I will force my self to do a little today.

My surgery was worth it. I will not be:

1. Hiding my self on dark clothing anymore,
2. Pulling my pants over my belly for security.
3. Wearing spanx with everything
4. Wearing big t-shirts to the gym so that my belly can flap comfortably underneath.
5. Sitting out on photos because when they come back I always look fat!

I will be:

1. Enjoying my new shape this summer.
2. Wearing a bikini to somebody's pool
3. Wearing shirts that fit
4. Watching my eating habits more closely. You are what you eat. I felt like the Blob!
5. Continue working out. I want definition.

Thank you ladies for your support. I will update in a month if there are any significant changes.
You look great girl...I know you u are looking forward to planning your bbl....ha, ha the way your account is set up..ha, ha!!

5 months later Scheduled for Bbl

December 12th. I feel much better about my results. This was one of the best decisions I have made. I still have some imperfections but overall I am happy compared to my before.
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

I love my new plastic surgeon. I can't wait to get new but. Dr. Aldea and his wife work as a team. I like that he is very straightforward and honest. He will give you realistic expectations. Its funny I see a lot of people on here that have wish pics that will give you false hope. I respect that Dr. A is very thorough, highly respected, and the best in my opinion, in my neck of the woods. He spent plenty of time with me and thoroughly answered any questions that I had.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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