36 Year Old, 2 Kids by C-section and Waited 9 Years to Do This!

So...after many years and much deliberation, I've...

So...after many years and much deliberation, I've finally decided to do this. I've agonized over my belly for years, trying everything under the sun to get it in shape, only to feel completely defeated by the fact that every other body part will tone except my belly! I've worked with a personal trainer since January of this year and she mentioned that I might want to talk to a PS about a tummy tuck since she noticed huge changes everywhere else except my tummy.

I met with a PS a couple of weeks ago who was very kind and talked me through everything. At no point did I feel rushed by her or pressured into more surgery that I was not interested in. She said I was a good candidate for the surgery and could give me the results I'm looking for, but would likely never gain from working out...there's just too much extra skin that won't go away.

What's crazy is that once I decided to do it and meet with a PS, I immediately had all these feelings of guilt about the possibility of spending this amount of money on a cosmetic procedure that was really only going to benefit me. If this were something for one of my children or my husband, I wouldn't hesitate to do it, but when it's for me...I doubt myself. I'm glad that I have a great husband that supports me and said that it's time I do something for myself and that it's no different than adults who wait until they're 40 to get braces (no offense to any adult out there with braces).

So...after two weeks of thinking about it, weighing the financial costs, reading through MULTIPLE reviews and talking personally with someone who's had a TT recently, I've decided that on November 12th, I'm heading over to the FLAT SIDE!

I'll update with pictures later. Thanks for any support or guidance along the way!

Telling people....

Since I've got quite a while before my surgery date, I decided to confide in some of my closest friends. Most of them were really supportive considering they've heard my complaints about my belly for years. One of them wasn't supportive at all and told me that I nothing is wrong with me and that my belly is fine and that it's because I've had two kids. I get what she is saying, I think I was just surprised at her reaction. I think I'll wait before I mention it to anyone else. Has anyone else experienced this type of reaction and how did you handle it?
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Thanks for your comment on my page! I may go meet with Dr. Quigley too. I think she actually did my mom's breast reduction. And I totally understand your feelings of guilt. I keep going back and forth too. My husband is supportive but also told me that my stomach doesn't bother him. But good grief - my hanging skin looks terrible!! I was thinking about scheduling mine around the end of September. Just so much to consider. Did you meet with any other doctors?
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I didn't meet with any other doctors although I heard Dr. Goshorn was great too. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Quigley and she wasn't trying to push other surgeries on me or suggesting things I wasn't interested in. She was straight forward abd honest with me.
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Dr. Quigley is an amazing doctor. She is very nice. She gave me a perfect belly button.
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I'm looking forward to a great belly button! I was born with a hernia and a doctor created one for me when I was 3 and I've always hated it. She mentioned she'd be able to fix during the surgery. Any things you wished were different for your surgery/recovery?
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Well due to my past surgeries (I had a rare tumor in my abdominal wall) both doctors were saying that creating a belly button would be difficult. They were like "how attached are you to your belly button?" At first though I was like, I don't care just get rid of the skin. But now I'm thinking - won't that be totally weird to have no belly button at all?!? Even if I don't have plans to run around in a 2 piece bathing suit... I'm just soooo confused now. But, I'm going to schedule a consult with Dr. Quigley - guess I will consult the whole practice before this is over haha!! I do think they are the best in Memphis for sure.
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You will be SO glad you made this decision! Your thoughts are totally normal. I don't think you will find anyone on this site who didn't think about the cost, guilt for spending on themselves etc. So many of us have exhausted every possible avenue for ridding ourselves of the "tummy" and the truth is that surgery does turn out to be the answer. It is good that you've been working out as a strong body will really help In your recovery. This site is AWESOME, lots of great advice and TERRIFIC support!! Congratulations on your decision!!
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Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to putting this belly behind me!
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