Smartlipo/Aqualipo- Getting Rid of my Kangaroo Pouch Belly!! Memphis, TN

I have decided to get Aqualipo done at Nubody...

I have decided to get Aqualipo done at Nubody concepts . My surgery date is July 8, 2014. After having my baby I have what I call a kangaroo pouch!! I'm nervous and excited at the same time!! I will be getting upper and lower abdomen done.
On the day of my consult I did not meet the doctor. I talked with a nurse about the procedure . After speaking with her I decided to get it done. I paid half that day and was told the half would be due 2 weeks before surgery.
I have a question if you get lipo on the kangaroo pouch does that get rid of it or do you have to get a tummy tuck I have a tiny pouch I would like to get rid of for good I thought I had to get a tummy tuck
It's a good step towards getting my pouch to go away. I'm going to waist train and exercise to get it as small as possible. I don't think it will ever get completely flat without getting a tummy tuck. I don't have the downtime for a tummy tuck right now. I have a baby to take care of and work .
Oh that's great ! I have a little pouch I have been exercising for years I had two c-sections so it's hard to fully get rid of it I just had a lift and implants by a fabulous dr in ct. I think I am gonna have my love handles and stomach lipo done eventually u exercise a lot I am 5"4 123 but you know us women we always love to look good .

Before pics

Here's my before pics.
The nurse called yesterday to go over medications to take on Monday. I have to take 2 doses of antibiotic Monday . One dose Tuesday morning . She stated someone has to drive me on the day of the surgery and pick me up.
best of luck your big day is coming!
Thank you.

Today is the day!!

They gave me 4 prescriptions to pick up . Antibiotic,diazepam,hydrocodone and promethezine. I started the antibiotic yesterday. I was told to eat a light breakfast this morning and take another antibiotic . I'm excited and nervous. I'll post pics after my surgery . I'm praying there is very light pain. I'll let you guys know everything!! My appt is this morning !!! On my way!!!

It's done!!!

Got there at 8am this morning . They took preop pictures and prepared me for surgery . The procedure was a piece of cake!! It felt like pinching or stinging at times. No big deal. It took about 1hr 30 minutes. They were very nice. The nurses help put my garment on because I was slightly lightheaded. I can't wait to see my results as the months go on!!!!
I'm not home right now so I will post pics of myself in the garment and off when I change my dressings.

11 hours Post op

I've been dozing off since surgery . No pain to report . Can't stay awake. About to eat something for the first time today . I also just changed my gauze because of the drainage.
Congrats :)
Thank you

Day 2

Woke up this morning hurting really bad . I can't bend over or sit without pain. It feels like how I was after my c-section.
U will quickly feel better in no time. I can see the difference but also the swelling but the swelling will fade. Good luck.
Thank you. I feel so much better today :) I can definitely see a difference already . I can feel how swollen I am also especially above my pubic area
I seen almost immediate results and a few days later the swelling made it look like no difference so be prepared if that happens to u. I am at six months and some days I still look in the mirror and have different reactions on what I see.

Feeling better

I felt so much better yesterday!! Dr.Conner called yesterday to check on me but I missed his call! He left a voicemail . That was very nice of him. It only hurts to rub it my stomach because it's swollen. Im looking forward to seeing results after swelling goes away . I have started wearing my waist trainer. I decided to do this because of great results of other women on here wearing their corset after their procedure. I will post pic wearing the trainer today. I forgot to take the picture before I took it off ! My follow up appt is Tuesday .
Happy healing!!!
Thank you
Is it waist trainer a corset or a elastic waist cincher?

Waist Cincher -latex

Yes, u can see the change already. Congrats.
Thank you :)
Your waistline looks amazing!

Sore but loving results so far!!

I'm still sore in my lower abdomen so when I sit it's a little uncomfortable . I wore only my waist trainer lastnight. My beginning weight before surgery was 188 and my waist 37.5 . I haven't took new weight or measurement yet. I will do it weekly.
I can see improvement with each posting. U still have swelling but that will start to disappear. At ur next Dr appt be sure and ask about corset or waist trading after two months. FTA2014 had a similar body and need additional compression in the lower abdomen area and found the the corset was able to provide that. The bonus was her terrific waist. Good luck on ur healing journey.
I am sure u do not want to do waist trading, it should say waist training.
Thank you!! Yes I saw her results . I am on orchards closet now ordering my corsets !!!!!! Thank you again!!!!

1 week weight and waist measurements

1 week results!!! These were taken right out of the bed this morning . I have been eating lighter meals but still what I want.
Weight today -183 lbs
Waist - 35 inches
I'm excited! When that scales reaches the 170's Oh My!!!! I will be so happy !!
Congrats! how are you feeling now? how much weight did you loose overall?
Congrats!! Happy Healing :)
Wow he did really great lipo on u.
Dr. David Conner

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