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Last week during my first dermatologist visit with...

Last week during my first dermatologist visit with a new doctor she recommended PDT for my precancerous spots on my face . She stated she preferred the PDT procedure to prevent white spots if she was to freeze the areas or scars from cutting . This process has been very successful in addressing these facial issues/cells. I had had a Basel cell removed last Oct (under my nose , in the smile crease ) my father died of squamous cell carcinoma..I am 70 yrs old and very interested in keeping on top of this ..I scheduled my appt to have the Levulan PDT procedure done after Thanksgiving ..over this past weekend I googled and read everything I could on this subject ..this sight is so helpful and to be honest scared me to death however I didn't feel I had another option .. I grew up in the 50/60's and baby oil and iodine and lots of sun without sunscreen was a daily routine :) ..after reading this sight and others I decided to call yesterday to see if I could go on and have the procedure this week ..wanted to get it over with before the Christmas holidays... I was re-scheduled and had the procedure this morning at 11am ..I was finished at 12:30 and on my way home wearing a large rim hat(courtesy of Levulan ) lots of sunscreen and sunglasses ..i was prepared for the worst and very nervous due to other reports i have read... Prior to arriving I went to Whole Foods and bought 99% Aloe for my home use ..in case the burning was too much..also bought Purpose Soap and Benadryl (just in case!!!) Like many have said, the process was the same ..however i did ask if i could coat my lips with a sunscreen lip balm ...the nurse said " yes, apply right before the blue light process... she washed my face with a griddy type cleanser and then applied the Levulan stick ...I sat for an hour ...then exactly after an hour I was taken into another room for the Blue Light .. .she wiped my face with a wet pad (water) ...I put on my lip balm and sat in front of the Blue Light ..was given a small hand held fan and used it immediately ..I felt the tingle around my mouth area, nose and cheeks however it was all bearable ...I was so relieved !! The 16 + minutes went by fast ..Afterwards I was coated with sunscreen ...given care instructions and a large brim hat and sent on my way ..due back in 4weeks for check up..
I did not feel any discomfort on my way home ..skin feels tight ..I made up the one part vinegar to 4 part water solution and placed in refrigerator early this morning ..soaked a wet cloth in the mixture and put the wet cloth on my face .. Felt great !!! then put the cool aloe from the refrigerator on my face .. as the day and evening go on my face is getting "redder" however not uncomfortable ..also ..since I have in my past had fever blisters (years ago) the nurse called in a prescription of ValacyclovirHCL1...only 2 pills ..one to be taken today and one tomorrow ..the nurse advised this should prevent the "virus " from becoming activated by the light ...Not seeing any swelling of the lips or eyes ..as yet .. Face is very red .. Cool to the touch tho .. this is only day one ...so thankful it's all been bearable :) I was given a little bag of samples of washes, moisturizers, facial lotion and an care instruction sheet .. I have kept my blinds shut and plan to hibernate for the next 48 hrs ... Will update again tomorrow ..

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Day 2

I slept well last night. Used two pillows to elevate my head (as suggested by another member of ths site) My cheeks and nose area are very red and warm to the touch ...this morning I washed my face with Purpose soap , then placed a wash cloth with the cool vinegar solution on my face and then the cool Aloe on my face ...later I used my own moisturizer.. my skin feels so smooth and tight however besides being very red I am not seeing any scaling or signs of peeling ..I plan to follow doctors instructions and stay inside away from sunlight the full 48 hrs ..Using a magnifying mirror I do see that under this redness there appears to be a few white spots..almost like small blisters deep under the skin on my cheek area , however nothing has surfaced as yet ...will update tomorrow . Again, thank you to those members who have posted...your many personal experiences helped me so much to move forward to do this treatment ..even tho I was so apprehensive, I knew I had to make this choice...I look forward to seeing the end results .

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Day 3

3rd Day: All the redness is gone from my face ..my 48 hrs are up ...I put on sunscreen and makeup and ran errands this afternoon ..having no pealing, scaling etc ... anxious to see what happens tomorrow ..don't understand why no further reaction after the redness the first 24-36 hrs ..if nothing happens over the weekend I plan to schedule an appt Monday to have the doctor review.. The areas I was originally concerned about (cheeks and nse area) are not clear..but no longer red ??? Will follow up..


Welcome to RealSelf.  I am very happy to hear you were able to do research on this procedure here on the site.

It sounds like everything went very well and your recovery so far has been easy.  Definitely keep us up to date on the follow up and final results.  Would love to hear back from you.

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Day 5

After my 48hrs (Thursday at noon) I have been just fine ... The areas on my face that I was concerned with are themselves red however covered with make up no real issue..today ( Saturday) I notice dry skin patches in those areas and some small peeling ....there's no pain/discomfort at all ..my next scheduled appt is before Christmas, Dec 20 ..my nervousness with this procedure has greatly been reduced since my first PDT has been so "uneventful".. I am open for a second treatment if warranted .. will update again if any changes ..


I'm suppose to have this done tomorrow. Can't say I'm to thrilled about it. I'm worried to death about the redness and blisters on the skin! Reading your experience has helped relieve some of the anxiety but I'm still wound up about it.hopefully all will go well.
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I just so happened to go back for my follow up appt today. I never had any real blisters ..just mild redness and the light did bring out a few areas that were initially a concern however honestly after 48 hrs I was able to wear makeup and go about my daily activities..today I was advised I should have another blue light treatment ... They could have scheduled me today however we have plans to go out of town for New Years on Sunday for a few days and I was concerned I may be pushing it ..so it's scheduled for Jan 10th..I still have a pace on my cheek that's a concern ..the doctor feels on more treatment may prevent having to zap it and a possible scar .. Please try to remember to take a tube of lip gloss sunscreen for your lips right before the blue lights go on .. I had no issues with my lips as I have read others comment ..I also took a prescription pill to prevent fever blisters ( I have had fever blisters years ago and was advised sometimes the light activates the virus) I stayed out of all bright light (in house) for 48hrs and was so relieved that I truly ad no s sues ... My skin looks really good for 70 yrs old..:) good luck, hope you will update your experience ..also use the hand held fan ..works wonders !!!!
I was able to reschedule my appt from the 10th to today ..they left the medication on my face for 1 1/2 hrs in an effort to get s better reaction ..I had no problem under the blue light ..I am home now and have very little redness .staying out if sunlight ..no problem stating in due to frigid weather today :) will post if I see a reaction ...
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