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I am currently preparing for my breast reduction...

I am currently preparing for my breast reduction that is scheduled for March 31, 2014. I am 34 years old with 36 DDD breast and they are extremely HEAVY!! I have been dealing with heavy breast since I was seventeen years old. About six years ago I started having back, shoulder, neck pain, and migraines. A breast reduction was suggested, but was put on the back burner because of my sever case of Endometriosis. I was told at the age of 23, I was told that I would never be able to carry a baby, but God said different. My son was born in 2006. After he was born I began to take a lot of different treatments for my Endometriosis and in 2010, I found out that I was pregnant again, but was told that my baby wouldn't live due to the treatments I was receiving. My baby lost it's heart beat and passed away. In 2011, I had to have a total hysterectomy. So it's been rough. My breast have made any type of exercising very uncomfortable. I have scars on my shoulders (my shoulders have groves in them from my bra straps) and under my arms. I am very uncomfortable in my clothes as well. So, I finally made the decision to move forward with the reduction last year, and after a lot of red tape, my insurance finally approved it. I am so nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time. I have read a lot of your stories and you guys have opened my eyes to a lot of things that you are not informed about. And even though I try to ask as many questions as possible, I still don't know what to expect ( I know that sounds crazy). I'm wondering if I'm taking enough time off work, what's the real recovery time, is there a lot of pain afterwards, what do I need to buy prior to surgery.... Just a lot of questions. I think I will be very emotionally before and afterwards just because my little body has been through so much. Is that normal? I haven't taken any photos as of yet, but will be posting before pictures in a few weeks. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Feels good to be able to communicate with ladies that have gone through the surgery or are like me and preparing to.
Thanks for all of your posts. I really appreciate it. I was skeptical about joining the blog, but with you advise, suggestions, and encouragement, it has been worth it. I know my surgery isa llittle ways out, but I will keep you posted with all of my updates...Thanks again and be Blessed!!
The pain wasn't bad at all. Had mine 2/5/14. I did not need to purchase anything preop. The hospital provided 2 bras with velcro in the front. One I was wearing in recovery room and an extra one. My doctor hasn't instructed me to use any creams, alcohol, antibiotic creams, or ice. Just wash breasts in shower with soap and water and dry lightly. You will need 4x4 dressings to cover incisions (the peripad someone mentioned is a great idea but I am perimenopausal). I have had andominal surgeries and this pain is much less. I am definately glad I did it. Just dealing with some postop swelling that others have mentioned, my doc doesn't use drains. Best of luck to your upcoming surgery, it's nice to be on the other side!!
Congratulations and don't forget to come back and tell us how it goes.

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I finally decided to post my before pictures. Counting down the days...March 31st.....

Side View

Hi Missy34. I too am having reduction with Dr Quigley on March 28th. I am a 36DDD and tired of the sagging, heaviness, bra strap indentions. I am glad I found this forum..... Can not wait to show you guys my results...... 11 days and counting
Oh wow!!! Well I wish you well and can't wait to see your results and hear about your experience! Keep me posted.
Thanks so much. I will be posting before pics next week, I cant wait to show my after photos..... I will let you know step by step what happens... :-)
Dr. Karen Quigley

Dr. Quigley and her staff have been amazing thus far. They are patient and very open with me.

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