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I am 32 and weighing 170 at 5`7. I live in Memphis...

I am 32 and weighing 170 at 5`7. I live in Memphis and after searching locally for a surgeon I finally came across Nubody Concepts the staff was great and they set me up for butt augmentation they said when I came in for surgery my doc would inform me of what he thought I would need done so when I came in I had to take 3 pills which made me very dizzy soon they took me in and started working on me I was awake the whole time and iI felt alot of the pain when needless where inserted, Anyway to make long story short, I asked how many cc`s had they inserted in my buttocks the nurse said 175 on one side and 250 on the other well today I am still swollen but I literally have no butt I am mad because my point was to get butt and it didnt happen..I Do Not Recomnend. dr Emmersons or his Dr`s. It is very un professional not to explain to there patients or care for what there paying for..
Who Is THE Attorney So I can get involved I had 3 precedures
Damn!!! Sorry girl lookup Dr fisher Miami
Had same thing happen to me! Had touch up that I paid for and still no results! Had consults with more than2 other doctors so I knew it was achievable. Took weight and measurements before, during, after, before and after touch up. Also maintained weight. Had last follow up with regular cosmetic surgeon who had pics of me before the nubody concepts experience. All he could say was WoW I'm really sorry that you had thus bad of an experience. There is a lady on here planning a law suit for false advertising which is what they are doing. I have had 4 procedures done before coming to them so for them to say same results with less down time! It's a rip off and they need to be held accountable for taking peoples hard earned money. I'm doing a special with News Channel 5 just waiting on my 6 month final results to compare. We would love to have your input. Just statement about your experience, before after pics if possible. I have 5 women already who have been worked on by Nubody Concepts!
Dr. Emmerson

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