Post op day 6 - 35 years old and have dealt with large breasts since 4th grade - Memphis, TN

I am 35 years old and have dealt with large...

I am 35 years old and have dealt with large breasts since 4th grade....I am now a whopping 36H. I weigh about 175 at 5'1" and am really trying to lose some weight also, just hard cause these jugs weigh me down. I am scheduled for reduction January 28! Is there anything recommended that I should purchase before hand? I am really learning a lot from this site...I just worry and over think everything I guess. Thanks!!

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I went for my pre admissions testing today and am...

I went for my pre admissions testing today and am set up and already to go for the 28th!! Just have to show up at the hospital now. I just can't wait to have this all behind me and over with. To have my health and not be so self conscious....what a dream :) Please, if anyone has any suggestions at all, anything they want to share that seemed to help, any questions...please leave them below.


We're due for surgery on the same day :) As far as I can tell it seems a good idea to tape the scars for 3 months after surgery. Not only will it reduce scarring but also keep the edges together. And my PS recommends it, so that's what I'll do. I was concerned about bras, and if you do a search on the site here there's a thread devoted to post surgery bras. I got hanes front closing bras, and I also bought aah bras for later on. Other than that it seems the main thing to do after is to rest as much as possible. Kimmers put up a list of things to get for surgery, I think it's just called Kimmers list.
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Hey welcome to the community!   I know exactly how you feel!!  I had the same problem prior to the BR. I needed to drop the pounds but it was almost impossible.  After my BR I dropped over 60 pounds and love it!  

Go for it girl and I know you can also do it.  

Here is a link to my journal on supplies ect

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Thank you so much! Everyone's adventures on here are so helpful. I am so ready for this surgery and am hoping it helps me with weight loss also! Again, Thanks a million!!

I have purchased a wedge pillow to help with...

I have purchased a wedge pillow to help with sleeping elevated in bed after surgery, anyone have any luck with those? I have not purchased a bra yet. My husband wants me to wait until after surgery to get one?? I would feel better to have one on hand but we'll see. I am going to post some before pictures this week. I am getting more excited by the day :)


Thank you so much for your ideas!! I am so excited...are you? What time is your surgery? I have to be there at 8 am and surgery is at 10 am:)) Are you ready? I just purchased a wedge pillow also to help lay on bed elevated. Read that was big help...we'll see.
I am really excited too :) And sometimes I get nervous, but I try to keep busy so I won't think too much about it. I have to be at the hospital at 9, not sure when the surgery will be, but I assume there will be some waiting. My friend had a breast augmentation some years ago, and she also had a 2 hour wait. I considered a wedge pillow, but I think I'll rather just build myself a nest with ordinary pillows. I got the hang of it when I broke my arm in August. At the moment I'm considering stitching up some breast pads in case of seepage from the wounds. I have read here that nursing pads are handy for that, but I'd rather have fabric pads than paper/plastic store bought. I hope it won't be too painful after. I know others have made it a habit to set their alarm every four hours to remember to take their pain meds, and I think I'll do the same. Imagine, in a week we'll have our new small boobies :D

Monday is surgery :)))))))))) !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday is surgery :)))))))))) !!!!!!!!!!!


Good Luck!!! YAH!!!
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Thank you!!!
Me too! So excited :D
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Back home relaxing :) Surgery went great today!...

Back home relaxing :) Surgery went great today! Haven't gotten to see my new girlies but they seem really small. Go see dr tomorrow and get drains out and bandages off. He said that would make me feel really good. Yay!! Time to heal and move forward smaller :))))))))


Hiya! Glad to hear you're pleased with your outcome as well! I have updated my review if you want to have a look. I did not get any drains, my PS never use them for BR.
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yay congratulations!! you did it..
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Day 3 post op. doing well just really sore where...

Day 3 post op. doing well just really sore where drains were. Go back to doctor tomorrow morning. I get really tired really easy, but that's to be expected. Posting pic from today.


Thank you!

Today is day 6 post op. I feel really good :) I do...

Today is day 6 post op. I feel really good :) I do experience the most discomfort on my sides where the drains were...anyone else experienced that and what helped you? I go back to my PS on Tuesday morning. Maybe he will take stitches out then? I'm kind of nervous about that. All I all, everything is going good. Hope everyone else is feeling great :))


Glad you are doing well!!!
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