Operation Date is July 1st, 2014! Memphis, TN

I have been doing a lot of research on surgeons...

I have been doing a lot of research on surgeons and have had about 3 consultations with 3 different surgeons. Every surgeon has their own unique way of explaining to me about the procedure and what I needed. All 3 agree that I need a breast lift + implants. It was hard deciding who to choose but I have decided on Dr. Patricia Eby. She is so nice and caring! Once you meet her it is so hard not to like her. Btw, she is prettier in person than in her pictures!

My OP date is set on July 1st, 2014. I am very happy and excited! One thing I am stressing out about right now is the size of the implants. If anyone has any opinion and suggestions please feel free to msg me! I will be getting a lift and high profile silicon gel implants. I am 5 feet tall and 109lbs. I am a runner so I do not want implants too big that will get in the way of my running in the long run. But I also do not want it too small either. Dr. Edy and her receptionist said that 315cc would look great on me. Ive been reading a lot of blogs and ladies my size said with 300cc makes them a D to an E cups and I just want to be a C cup. So I am sooo stress out about wether I should get 285cc or 315cc. Also my friend has 325cc and hers looks super big on her. She's 4 inches taller than me also.
I am a day after you! Sizing is still up in the air for me too! The office told me to bring in outfits to help me decide on my pre op appt
Good luck to you and me both!
Maybe Take some pictures and show them to your doctor of ones you love and ones you do not like?

I've made my decision on the size!

So I went in to the office wanting to change my mind. I wanted to get the 285cc implants instead of the 315cc implants. Lilly was very helpful by showing me what the difference between 30cc look like. The fact is; there's not much of a difference at all! So I've made my decision thanks to Lilly. If she had never showed me the difference between the 2 sizes I would still be stressing out. Now I am all set. Just waiting for the big day!
Hey girl, congrats on ur story and thank you for sharing. Have you thought about posting pix so we can see bf and after results? Also it may help someone with ur shape and size , see a reasonable outcome. Fresh pineapple core is full of vitamins , you chew it and spit it out, is amazing for the bruising. Also don't try and push or lift urself up with ur arms the first few days or it will be very painful. If you can take ibuprofen , after a day or you taking it with your pain meds helps with the swelling and the over all pain. Once you make it thru the first three days , the rest is normally downhill from there. If there's anything I can help you with , I'd love to help;•}
Thanks for your tips! I am going to upload bf photos right now :)

Before photos

Here's a before photo.
Thanx for the photo , now we will get the full picture of how amazing ur results will be. I think the size you are going with will be perfect on you. You will def have some upper pole with the high profile:•}

1 day post OP

Your noobs look great for bring only on day 1!!! I just had my surgery today and I haven't even seen them yet. I'm all wrapped up in bandage. Hopefully I'll get to see them tomorrow during my follow up appt. Congrats to u.
*Boobs (not noobs) lol typo
Welcome to the other side. lol. Now the healing begins. I wish you a good recovery so you can get to enjoying your new body.

Day 4 post OP

It's day 4 post OP and I am feeling great. I still haven't feel any pain and the pressure is all gone now. I was out driving around town all day today!

I LOVE my new girls! Can't wait to see my final result in a couple of months! Didn't expect to love them this much. I'm glad I listened to Lilly and Dr. Eby on the size. I am so happy I have never ever been able to walk outside of my house without a bra ever! Until today!
You are looking fantastic. Congratulations and enjoy them I know I love mine :)
Looking great! I love mine too:) congrats!

Glue came off and I am in the process of healing

The glue came off and I have been putting Neosporin twice a day for 3 days now. Looks like I am almost completely healed. There are still some stitches left but Im not too worry about it. It will fall off soon. Also, the girls are dropping quite a bit now. The right one is lower than the left one since I am right handed. I will be massaging the left one more often and hopefully they will even out. Here are 2 photos of my progress.

Btw, I can't wait to get back to the gym and go running. This long break is really hard for me since I absolutely LOVE to run. Running is how I de-stress. Ohh well, it's for the best.

Time to update!

They are looking so much more natural now than 2 weeks ago. I wonder if the swelling are done yet?
You look amazing babe!! Lovin the pink on you;•}
They look sooooo good

1 month and 7 days post op

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