Phenomenal Results on Upper/lower Abs, Flanks and Bra Line

I had my procedure done April 30th and at two...

I had my procedure done April 30th and at two weeks out I must say I look phenomenal!!! I had my upper and lower abs, flanks (love handles) and bra line done. I am 5'3 & weigh 126. I exercise and eat pretty good but after having 2 kids (ages 10 and 2) I could not get rid of that stubborn belly fat. I was very excited going into this. I visited this site daily, reading some reviews several times! This site is also where I found my doctor.

Dr. K and his staff were wonderful, always so friendly and pleasant. Dr. K was very knowledgeable of Smart Lipo and he was very honest. I did not want to have any unrealistic expectations! A few weeks before my procedure I really started watching what I ate, I reduced my sodium intake and started taking Arnica tablets. I even gave up my daily glass of wine! If I was going to do this, I wanted to do it right! The day of my procedure, I was very nervous but once we got started everything was fine. My husband was allowed to stay in the room with me, he was suppose to be my support system but he ended up recording most of the procedure :)

Dr. K worked 4 1/2 hours, removing between 1200 to 1400cc of fat and saline from my body!!! The whole time we chatted and cracked a few jokes, I felt very comfortable and at ease. We took a small break mid way through, I was allowed to eat a small snack and take a bathroom break if needed. I don't recall much pain but there were times when I said it felt like he was poking through my skin. It was weird to see the fat just being sucked out!!

After wards I was wrapped in gauzes & ace bandages and sent home. The first night I slept mostly only waking up to take my meds and change my gauzes. By the second day, I had stopped draining; I moved around slowly, ate light and only had pain whenever I was getting in and out the bed. I think I was more afraid than anything....I kept thinking I was going to mess it I know that some people go back to work a few days after, I chose to take the entire week off just to give myself some time and I am happy I did!

Prior to Smart Lipo I weighed 126 and measured 29 1/2 inches around my waist and 32 1/2 inches around my abdomen. Today I weigh 122 and measure between 28 to 27 inches around waist and between 28 to 29 inches around my abdomen. I am really excited about my new body. My husband said it turned out better than he expected!!! My stomach is flat and my love handles are gone! If you are thinking about having this done, I would definitely say do your research and find a great doctor that you feel comfortable with. I am so happy I did it, it was worth every dime! I can not wait to go shopping, YAYYY ME!!!

The after pictures, the one where you are sitting down, how long after the procedure was that? I had mine done about 3 days ago and when I sit I still see a small roll. Will it go away with time as it heals? I know I am very swollen now.
Those pictures were taking right before my 2 week check up. I'm sorry the pictures are so blurry. If you want to see others inbox me your email address.
Hi, I am scheduled to have this proceedure next friday, May 28th..I am excited and nervous. I have gotten breast implants before, had a baby nauturally and I've had a c-section. I am assuming the pain is not as bad as any of those (which I did not think was bad at all). Anyhow, I would like to see your before and after pics. We are similar in size. I am having upper/lower abs, flanks and inner/outer thighs. How do I inbox you? Just give you my email address?

Update pictures, I hope these are clearer:)

Update pictures, I hope these are clearer:)

July 14th, Updated pictures and a Special thanks...

July 14th, Updated pictures and a Special thanks to infamousz.jewelz for arranging my pics! Thanks Chic!

let me start by saying you look great second let me say that i'm so jealous.....i had sl done orginally april 9th, i'm 5'1 and 33 1/2 around the belly area 3 months after i only went down 3 inch so i got a touch up that i'm still not totally happy with but its only been 3 weeks after so i think i'm still swell... but i dont look like you at all, i will admit that i didnt change my eating habits to much i still pretty much it what i want just try to eat small portions, cut back on sweets and stop soda all together. but my doctor didnt tell me even when i ask him if its somethings i shouldnt eat, he did say cut down on fried food to only once a week but thats it, and i see you said your dr said to cut back on sodium, i dont know i hope its get better i go back for my 3 week fellow up tomorrow, so i dont know!!!


Update pics

Update pics

This is like my 4th time looking at your results over the last few months and I'm SOOO impressed!!!! As soon as I get enough funds I'm headed to see Dr. Kemp so he can perform a miracle on me as well! You look really good!

Wow! The new pics look fantastic. Congrats!

Have you been doing anything besides SmartLipo (dieting, etc)?

Thanks and No, I have not really been dieting just watching what I eat and keeping a steady workout routine.

A year later....Still worth it!! I love how I...

A year later....Still worth it!! I love how I look in my clothes now!
Hi Koonie - I am thrilled to hear from someone that has gone through the procedure a while ago. I am only two weeks post op at this point and I can't wait to get to where you are. Shoot...Just the thought of reaching a month is exciting at this point!!

I'm sure you remember the days where you felt slightly lumpy initially. Do you remember when the lumps started to soften/go away? I've read about them on other peoples pages...but no one is as far along as you are.

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Wow, ikr! I hope he is doing well! Thank you for following up. It's good hearing from someone who has had there procedure done for over two years ago.
Whatever happen to doctor Kemp? He no longer works at that facility Dr. Campfeild is the doctor who performs smart lipo at Laser Aesthetic now
Dr. Timothy Kemp

Professional yet friendly, Knowledgeable doctor and staff

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