6 weeks post op and ready for the swelling to go!!!

I am a 25 yr old mom of two boys 7 and 3. After...

I am a 25 yr old mom of two boys 7 and 3. After putting on 50lbs with my first, then donating a kidney to my father, then getting pregnant again my stomach looks absolutely horride!! I breast feed my second son so there went my boobs! I have wanted to do this for many years and finally got the courage and money to do it. My surgery is scheduled for March 25.

I have been reading everyone's reviews and I must say I am still really nervous but I am so glad I found this site. I will keep everyone up to date and post pictures soon.

I'm so excited for you and he and his staff are great. They make you feel so comfortable. Good Luck !!
Hey there!! I'm so excited for you! It normal to be worried/scared/excited..many,many mixed emotions. But let me tell you how exciting it is when I look down and dont see my old wrinkly grandma looking pot belly anymore!!! I cant wait to hear all about your journey! I wish I knew about this website before I had my surgery..found it 2 weeks after. It is great.
Thanks for the reassurance, I certainly need it now!!! I am 1 week away, I paid the surgeon yesterday. I am starting to wonder if I really want to do this. I am worried about getting necrosis since I am a smoker and I have a previous scar on my tummy. Anyways I guess all I can do now is hope for the best!!

4 days until surgery!! I am getting very excited/...

4 days until surgery!! I am getting very excited/ nervous, I talked to my doctor today and took him some new pictures of what I wanted to make sure my expectations were realistic and that we were on the same page as far as outcome. I have decided to go with 425cc gel implants placed under the muscle. I can't wait to see the outcome!!

So my big day is tomorrow and I can't wait!! I...

So my big day is tomorrow and I can't wait!! I have been eating fresh pinapple to help with the bruisong and swelling (thats what the nurse tells her face lift pateints to do).
I will post my pictures as soon as I feel up to it. I couldn;t bring myself to post my before pictures without the after... trust me girls they aren't a good sight!!! Anyways I am super excited for tomorrow, wish me luck, and keep me in your prayer!!!
Hi Hon, good luck today! I answered your question on my page for when you return and feel better. I'll be sending positive healing thoughts your way!
Good luck today !
Good luck tomorrow! Tomorrow marks the first day of your new life. Praying for you and can't wait to hear how your doing and see your results!

So yesterday was my surgery and I am happy to...

So yesterday was my surgery and I am happy to report that my new boobs are WONDERFUL and my belly looks GREAT even with the swelling! I can't wait to be back to myself and able to move a little a better. I have been forcing myself to get up and move around as much as possible. I think I am doing pretty good considering I managed to get myself in and out of the recliner all on my own!!! Thanks to everyone who was thinking about me yesterday. I will try to take some pics tomorrow and get the posted.
We're on the same page, mine was on 3/22/11 and starting to feel better day by day! Now I'm excited for the two week mark since that seems to be the big milestone =)
Glad everything went well. Can't wait to see pictures!

So I am feeling worse today so the pictures will...

So I am feeling worse today so the pictures will not get posted today! I feel like maybe I did too much yesterday or the medicine from the hospital is wearing off. Either way my lipo area and my incisions are hurting pretty bad today. My boob are still really hard and swollen, I hope they drop soon I can't wait to see the final outcome. IF I wasn't in this much pain I would swear I was dreaming because I have wanted this for so long!
Hey lady ! I hope you feel better. The first 4 days I only got up every 2-4 hours to walk down the hall and got back in the bed. Rest and enjoy it :)

You're two days post-op! How are you feeling, girl?


So I am hoping to get some pic. today when my mom...

So I am hoping to get some pic. today when my mom comes to help me. I saw my stomach and stitches yesterday for the first time. MY mom was helping me clean and change my bandages and I almost passed out... not sure was going on but we are going to try again this morning and hopefully it will go smoother. I can't wait to get this drain out so I can take a bath!!!

So I didn't do any better today with the...

So I didn't do any better today with the cleaning and dressing of my incisions. For some reason when the girdle comes off I get a really weird feeling like my muscles are going to fall out of my stomach!!! I assume the pain med is what makes me feel sick, since I have never done god with pain meds anyways.
I feel really tight today in my breasts and stomach, I hope this passes soon b/c I can't due much feeling this way. Anyone else 3 days post op feeling this way??
My bad they were removed after one week. Had to check my calendar
Drains and stitches were in for 2 weeks I have an appt Wednesday as well.... what time are you going ?
I felt the same way. Even 7 weeks out I still feel funny when my girdle is off too long. And give up the bath dream because they will crush them on ur visit. The drains where the worst part for me because they are so uncomfortable.

Ok so I made it through yesterday, and even...

Ok so I made it through yesterday, and even managed to get my 3 year old in my lap for a while to watch a movie. I am feeling a little better today, now my back is KILLING me!!! I didn't sleep very well last night because me incisions were burning and itching like hell. I guess I will be off of my pain meds after today since I will be OUT!! I am not one to take pain meds but its the only way I am getting any sleep. Anyways my goal for today is to not get sick and faint feeling when we clean me up today. My mom is at the doctor with my oldest son this morning, we think he is getting strep... boy things just can't get any better around here!! Oh well chin up, I did this to myself and things will get better soon.
LOL !!! Well I'm 6'2 and not hard to miss !!!
My lipo sites are actually where I can see a difference. Pictures help me alot. My mind shows me one thing, but once I photograph and look at it I see it completly differently. My appt is at 9:20 so I guess I'll see you tomorrow
yay... I hope we can meet then!! I will the one with unwashed blond hair in a white hat... big swollen bobs and a drain hanging out... LOL Anyways I hope I run into you! can't wait to share our stories in person!

I had my first post op visit today and they said...

I had my first post op visit today and they said everything looked good! I was hoping to get some of my stitches and drain out but that did not happen. I go back Friday to get the stitches taken out of my breast and possibly my drain. I felt really accomplished today when I got cleaned up and dressed by myself. I know it seems silly to be proud of this but hey we have to celebrate the small things right now!! I did pretty good today when we ate lunch after the doctor and now I am going to get my hair washed!! YAY no more nappy head:) I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for all the encouragement!!
Congratulations in the new body!
I laughed when i read your post about finally getting your hair washed. It was driving me crazy! I finally got my hair nails and feet done! Whew!!!!
How did your firt post op go today? Did you get any drains out?
They drained fluid and I go back Monday

Ok ladies bare with me on the pic I am putting up....

Ok ladies bare with me on the pic I am putting up. I still have stitches in my belly button, TT incision, and boobs not to mention I am REALLY swollen. I was hoping to get my drain out tomorrow but thus far today I have drained 50cc already so I don't for see getting it out Friday. I really don't have any complaints other than my monthly visitor coming soon, I have been cramping all day! Anyways I hope everyone is doing well.
Well I got my toes done the day before surgery and knew I didn't want nails during the healing for risk of infection. The hair I was not prepared for, I washed it the day of surgery of course but lets be honest 5days later... EEWWW!!! I am feeling so much better now as I am sure you are!!! I think I may have over done it yesterday b/c I am really swollen and sore. I guess I will take it easy today and recoup.
Post op went good they said everything look good but they didn't take my drain or any stitched out. They told me to come back Friday and they would remove the stitches under my breast and possibly my drain. I am not getting to excited b/c I am still drain 100cc per day and from what I hear they won't take it out until I am down to 25cc/ day.

I got my stitches taken out of my breasts and some...

I got my stitches taken out of my breasts and some of my TT incision but I kept the drain. I am wondering if anyone else with Silicone gel implants was told to squeeze/ massage them into place? This seemed I little weird to me, I was told to squeeze the implant down and breast up, and she told me to stop wearing a bra. If you have seen my pic it is obvious they aren't standing up like I hoped they would so how is this going to help??? I guess I will give it a try even though it hurts likes hell when she squeezed it that hard!! Any suggestions on the implants or to help with swelling PLEASE let me know.
Looking good
Thank you Mommyof4
You are looking Awesome!
Thanks! The change over the past 2 months is exciting

So I had another post op appointment yesterday...

So I had another post op appointment yesterday with my PS and asked him about my boobs since that seems to be what I am unhappy with right now. Before surgery we had discussed using a 25cc difference to correct slight asymmetry but my surgeon decided in surgery that he didn't like the smaller implant so he went with 475 in both. I am hoping that once they drop I will like them better. He mentioned wearing a band
to make them drop, I go back on Wednesday to get the rest of my stitches out. Oh how could I forget I got my drain out yesterday YAY!!! I was actually able to take a shower this morning and it was wonderful!! I did however need a nap after the shower and blow drying my hair. I feel like I may be bigger now than before surgery, I am hoping this is due to swelling and it goes away soon because I am tired of living in sweats.
Hey Msmomof2
I was wondering why you wished you went with saline instead of silicone? I wish the same thing bcuz i think i would have liked the more round shape. And i wish my boobs were bigger.

I had to go back top the doctor today to have...

I had to go back top the doctor today to have fluid drained off my belly. I started getting sore last night and just thought maybe I had done too much but then when I took off my binder this morning I knew for sure I had fluid built up. Anyways it feels much better now, not quit so tight. There is not much pain these days, my right breast has finally dropped. Although I am still not very happy with my breast. I will update my pictures in the morning when I am not so swollen. My scar doesn't seem to be healing quit as fast or flat as I hoped it would; maybe it will get better with time. Anyways off to buy cleats for baseball we have two games tomorrow to kick off the season!!
your PS did a fantastic job, can't wait to see an updated picture!
That is exactly why I kind of wish I had gone saline. Also because then maybe my surgeon would have corrected the slight asymmetry as we discussed before surgery but he did not do it because he did not like the smaller implant when he tried it in my left breast which is naturally bigger. I went with Gel because I was under the assumption that gel was suppose to be better for lifting... not in my case.
I told Hubby I'm getting my Boobs done over for my 40th bday...thats in five years. I'm really not pleased with them. After.the swelling went down they seem to only be a B cup.
Certain tops I put on it doesn't even look like I got Boobs. I wanted to be at least a full C. Next time I'm making it known I DON'T WANT ANYTHING less than a D cup. LOL Well they will do for right now.

1st day back at work yesterday!! It was pretty...

1st day back at work yesterday!! It was pretty good until about 3:00 and then I got really tired and really sore. After this weekend I seem to be really swollen and have a pocket of fluid collected around my scar. I go back to the Dr. Wed. so I am hoping I can hold off on getting it drained. I had a friend ask this weekend "why do you look bigger now than before surgery?"... I am not going to lie ladies I know I am swollen (the fact that I can't fit in my clothes gives that away) but can we say RUDE!! I had been at the ball field all day I was burnt, swollen, and tired. If I hadn't been so tired I may have gotten more upset. Anyways hopefully the swelling will subside soon and I can get out of stretchy pants and scrubs. Will update pics once the fluid is drained. In case anyone is wondering how to tell if they have fluid build up after their drain is removed think of a water bed when you touch your stomach!!
that should be spanx...my bad
Keep your head up ! It's been 2 months and I still have days were I look and am like what was the purpose. I'll be so happy when the swelling is gone and I'm so afraid that the swelling is gone. lol Some days are better than others. I'm so sick of this damn spank !!!!
She was very rude ! Are you playing baseball? My seromas started when I started moving too much too soon. you may wanna aske Sandra if this is the reason for yours as well.

I am 3 weeks and 1 day post op today. I still a...

I am 3 weeks and 1 day post op today. I still a little sore when I do too much during the day or at work, other than that I am not having any pain. My breasts seems to be really sensitive, and my stomach seems to be even more swollen these days, I can't even wear jeans that were loose before!! I had to have 120cc of fluid drained again last Wednesday. My pictures show just how swollen I am.
When does the swelling get better anyways? It's so uncomfortable!
I'm 6 wks post op on two days and I still don't know when the swelling stops.LOL
I've read some ppl swell for 9 months. I am scared I'll have that issue, I tend to swell even if I don't take in a lot of sodium sometimes.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my check up and...

I went to the doctor yesterday for my check up and because I noticed that my scar has "split" open right over my hip bone. He says this is normal and will heal soon that I am just doing too much. I will put up a picture of it soon. Other than the new open wounds everything seems to be healing fine and I am happy with the results thus far just ready to able to fit into an actual pair of pants... good thing I wear scrubs everyday!! I know all of the parents on my sons baseball team think I only own sweat pants and t-shirts...
Oh well what is a girl to do when she spent this much money to be in pain and not fit into her clothes because of all the swelling...
I know what you mean!!! I am sooo ready to be able to play with the kids and not worry about them being too rough or telling my 3 year old "mommy can't pick you up, lets go sit down and you can get in my lap".
Hoping that most of the swelling will go down by 8-12 weeks.
You look great even swollen ! The swelling is definitely nerve wrecking. Is anybody over 3 months post op ? I need something to look forward too.....

I am posting my 4 week pictures, still really...

I am posting my 4 week pictures, still really swollen, boobs are doing a little better. I am also putting a picture of the "split" in my incision. Nothing to complain about other than being tired ans swollen from working weird hours this week. MY husband is loving my new boob but wants to know when the swelling will go down in my tummy. I told him if I knew I would be happy to tell him!! I think he is just tired of listening to me complain about not having any clothes to wear, he always answers just put on a pair of jeans... wish I could!!!
wow looking great!!!! pineapple!!! im so glaad u said that i havent heard that yet and i love pineapple!

I am almost 5 weeks post op feeling back to normal...

I am almost 5 weeks post op feeling back to normal as far as energy levels and no pain. The boobs are looking better everyday and so are all of my scars. I am just wondering when I can expect to put on a normal pair of pants again and quit with the stretchy pants. Either way I am really glad I had this surgery and can't wait to start working out again!

I haven't been on in a while and I must say...

I haven't been on in a while and I must say ladies not much has changed. Alothough I haven't had any realy pain for a while I still get sore and swollen by the end of the day. I am very happy with my breasts since they have settled in. I am wondering if I should ask my Dr. about the lipo on my flanks b/c I noticed today that they seem to be uneven. I will post pictures tomorrow morning when I am not swollen and let you be the judge but as for now that is the only thing I am not 100% happy with.

I need to speak with you immediately
I already know what its about... Efrid went out of business right. I had 6 appointments rescheduled for the corrective lipo to my flanks. I have now gone to Dr. Johnson, due to the circumstances he has given me a very good price on the lipo. A friend of mine just had a tummy tuck and lipo with Dr. Johnson and is VERY happy with him.
How are you ?
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Efird did an amazing job!! I am only one day post op and have no extreme pain, I LOVE LOVE my new boobs, and my stomach is already flat... even with swelling!! He took the time to discuss everything with me and made sure I was comfortable with the entire process.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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