Athlete Seeks Opinions on Healing Time for 2nd Corrective Procedure

I had an initial submuscular breast augmentation...

I had an initial submuscular breast augmentation in May. Although I did everything I was supposed to do, the right breast formed a capsule within a month. At the beginning of October, once all the tissues healed/stopped growing, I had corrective surgery, during which the implant was also replaced. I had a drainage tube for approximately 1 1/2 weeks.

Because the entire pocket was encapsulated, including the bottom--which never moved down below the incision site, my surgeon had to strip away all the tissue. To be on the safe side, he enlarged the bottom incision by a few millimeters, which is now the problem. Right after healing, I felt like the bottom, especially the outer edge, was thin and "weak" and looked lower than the left--it is by about 1/2 inch and counting. There has been no re-encapsulation.

After a couple of weeks, he agreed that immediately getting into an underwire for literally 24 hours a day may help scar tissue to work for us. It has not, and he will have to go back in and "tack up" the bottom with a few strategically placed stitches.

Although I have had some issues, I don't feel that my surgeon is to blame--it's just my body. My actual surgeries and recoveries were not that bad--especially the second one.

I had the procedure because my breasts were uneven and without tissue--they were pretty much skin only. I couldn't fill an A cup. I'm fairly young--in my mid 30s, and felt like it was a reasonable thing to do. I had considered it for a few years and finally just did it after a friend had hers done.

Pros: Increased self confidence, especially when nude. Quick healing time.

Cons: Repeated issues associated with the procedure. Although my surgeon covered his costs for the corrective surgery, I still had to foot the bill for the anesthesiology (not inlcuded in below cost.) That said, I still don't regret it, and would recommend it.

My real question is this: I am a competitive...

My real question is this: I am a competitive couples dancer, and use my arms and associated muscles constantly. I did take it easy following the corrective surgery, but am looking for opinions on how long (or what signs to look for indicating "permanent" healing) of a break I should take once he goes back in to stitch up the bottom during an in-office/local anesthetic procedure. I don't want anything I do to cause the implant to push back down past the stitches, resulting in the same problem.

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He always takes his time to answer all my questions, and has gone out of his way to consult with me when necessary--even his nurse called me while she was on vacation. He charged no initial consultation fee, and has not charged for any follow up or corrections. He specializes in this procedure, and has successfully performed thousands of augmentations.

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Fingers crossed! Just remember the pre-op instructions, like no aspirin, etc etc etc. Post-op care will be important as well. No doing backflips off the kitchen table, etc. ;-)
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Looks like I'm scheduled for 1/7. He is indeed going to use three deep sutures, and will be removing a section of skin to get rid of the 1.5 cm difference b/t bottom crease and nipple. The new scar--which will be placed in the crease--will get stitches of course. I will be given a local for this procedure--yikes(!), but I'm pretty tough. He's predicting 7-10 days of no dancing. I have it in my head two weeks would be smart. I am not being charged for anything since I do not have to be anesthestised. Hopefully this'll do it!
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You might want to do a Google search on "New Plastic Surgery Device Keeps Breast Implants in Place". Basically a newer application of an established surgical material.
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I got the impression my surgeon wants to raise the bottom of the pocket back up by stitching it closed by however much is needed to even it up with the left. I was worried about the strength of stitches vs. sutures. Did you say it would heal quickly though? I don't know what "recure" means. Thanks.
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Your question about the healing time, My advise is to follow your Plastic Surgeon advise and instructions. Having said that, your right breast has bottomed out, your large incision is few centimeters above the inframammary line. very thin tissue. Your corrective surgery needed is much involved than doing it under local and a stitch. It will recure very quickly. The incision line will need to be at the incision line. Need good suture and tissue support.
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