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Only one week out and will not bore you with the...

Only one week out and will not bore you with the details but I'm embarrassed that I did not do more research. I have to say that one side of my face and neck looks wonderful but from day one I saw a significant difference between the two sides of my face. I am a medical professional and well aware of anatomical asymmetry but too tight is too tight and my left side was pulled much too tight and all my surgeon would say is that he doesn't know what to tell me. I am so sorry I had this done. Will repost in a week with pictures. I'd also like to know if there is anyone who is satisfied after a number of years.

Photos post-op day 10

Forgot this one.

If I can save one person.....

I used this doctor after hearing from an acquaintance that she had seen beautiful work done by him. I was apprehensive since he is an ENT and not a plastic surgeon but I suspended my usually good judgment and now regret it. My face looks even worse than it did two days ago and I cannot imagine how I can return to work looking this way. Especially since I work in a hospital. During the surgery I was asked if I wanted the procedure stopped because I was, in fact, tapping my foot to the music playing in the "O.R." (and I use this term very loosely) and was told my tapping was distracting. I stopped tapping and wondered even then if this would be a "blame the patient" scenario if the results were not good. The results so far are horrendous, the scars forming behind my left ear look as though done by someone totally inept and untrained but the heartbreak is how bad the discomfort and disfigurement has thus far been. I don't go in for hyperbole but if I can prevent one person from wasting their time and money, if I can prevent one person from the total disappointment and trauma this experience has been for me, at least it had some purpose. No one buys into this with anything but the highest expectations and confidence, not in the "Lifestyle Lift" scam artists, but in the person who swore to "first do no harm".
I will add more pics in a day or so but for now, the left side of my face remains disfigured, I have a double chin on one side and my brain needs a rest from all of this.

More important

I have had new issues the past two nights that far surpass anything esthetic. What else could I do at 6 am while I wait to contact LSL? So here I am. Trying not to panic.
I contacted the LSL office yesterday as I had been awakened at 3 a.m. with incredible discomfort in my upper neck that made me feel as though I was choking and unable to swallow. I was impressed with how quickly the message was sent and Dr. Madnani got back to me. He is aware that I am posting here but I choose to believe the two things are not related. He gave me some suggestions (ditch the compression garment and ice before bedtime) which I followed to the letter last night. Had a busy day yesterday, iced my neck and went to sleep. Was awakened at 1, same issue but worse...spent three hours trying to alleviate the pain. Everything felt pulled so tightly I thought I'd suffocate. After walking around and applying warm compresses this time I was able to sleep for a couple of hours until it occurred again at 6. I called the LSL number, thinking I could leave a message, but all I got was Debbie Boone singing in my ear. So here I am. Waiting until the office opens and praying. If anyone is still reading this, has anyone experienced this? I am 14 days post op. Thanks.


I am readying myself for my return to work tomorrow but I wanted to thank everyone for their support. I did contact LL yesterday morning and Dr. Madnani did call me back within a very reasonable time with a suggestion for medication and reassurance that this had occurred with another patient who, ultimately, had a good result. He suggested we touch base again Friday. I took Ibuprofen before bedtime and again at 4 a.m. and had a reasonably good nights sleep. This morning I received a call from the office manager who suggested I come in to see Dr. Madnani. I first declined but then reconsidered since I wanted him to check the tightness I was experiencing before returning to a busy work schedule.
I thought this was a very positive step toward possibly resolving the issues pertaining to my perception (and I've had this face for a number of years now) that the left side of my face has a very "done" look. (Once ascertaining that this incredibly tight feeling I've been experiencing when asleep is a normal process during the healing phase.) Dr. Madani walked in, stared at me and said "what can I do for you?" I explained that I'd been invited but it really went down hill from there. From across the room he told me things were fine. He finally did a tactile examination of my neck and, after prompting, agreed the tightness would loosen and the hard lump under my chin was a muscle. I did not, at this time, bring up the fact that the fat grafting under my eyes was already gone. Can you imagine? I am now told that results would not be evident in two months but in 6.
For right now, I will put this aside. I made a bad decision based on expediency.
If you want good customer/patient relations, this is not the place. If you want defensiveness, you'd be satisfied. What I've said to my friends who were contemplating walking down this same road is ABSOLUTELY NOT!
In the grand scheme of things....I will go to work tomorrow and this will all be put into perspective. Thank you for providing this forum. I will keep you updated.

4 weeks as promised

So... I am four weeks out and I've added a lot of pictures because they are worth more than a thousand words, I'm a lousy photographer and no one else is home right now. I am still experiencing a lot of discomfort......feeling as though I have a rubber band around my neck. The sensation is one of pulling on my ears and burning across my upper throat. The irony is that I now have a double chin that I never had before and seems to have been surgically created. Aside from the esthetic failure, the more I reflect on my overall experience before, during and after this procedure, the more I am certain that this has been an almost wholly negative enterprise. I don't know what possessed me. I would not go to a hair salon that could only perform one haircut...why would I go to a surgeon who could only use one technique regardless of my age, facial contour or esthetic need?? Yes you can choose one from column A or one from column B add ons like choosing options for a car..... but there is no artistry here. Poor, poor choice.
And I will not yet address the more important issues about my overall experience.
I was told that healing takes some time so I would like to post again at 2 months. Until then, good luck to everyone. I would love to read postings and see photos from patients who are more than one year out. I am still grateful for this forum.

Almost six months...

I am nearly at the six months mark and have been patient and more than willing to change my initial evaluation. Sad to say, I have a hole behind my right ear, the positive results (lessened jowling) are greatly diminished to nearly nothing and I can think of very little of a positive nature to report. I do not look deformed. I guess that is positive so I'll take it. But the expense, the lack of oversight, the arrogance of the surgeon and the failure to provide what was promised is a sorry combination that needs to be bumped up to the BBB. Since there is no anesthesia per se, there is no reporting to agencies that monitor ambulatory surgery suites. Hence, no IV sedation and the use of oral medications promoted ad nauseum as a consumer "benefit". Baloney. The cleanliness and adherence to certain standards are left to the discretion of these business people.
One of my many regrets is my failure to insist on the inspection of that "surgical suite". One look and I would have been out of there. I will wait for the one year mark to consider further help from a fully credentialed plastic surgeon. In the meantime, for those of you that are going forward, I wish you the best.. for those of you that are having second thoughts please profit from my mistake and really do your research. There are satisfied customers. I just do not happen to be one of them and, as a nurse, I am embarrassed.
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is too soon to make a final determination in qualifying my experience. Will update as my healing progresses but so far this is where I stand.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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i also had a LSL at the same office. would i do it again. nooooooooooooooooooo......i still have issues......but not as bad as yours......... mine was done 2/14
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Wow, So sorry that you have had to suffer such a horrible ordeal with this company. Many of us have and I cannot figure out why women are not getting 2nd opinions... Every person that I have seen and known to have this lift has one complaint or another. I wish I had more information and that realself had existed when I had decided to have my surgery done. I wish someone had warned me! I hope that you continue to improve and find peace with yourself. Best, Chrystal.
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Thank you, Chrystal. I wish I had known of this site but I'm trying to get the word out as much as I can. There are some happy patients but it just seems that the good is good but the bad is devastating...and the bad seems to far outweigh and outlast the good. Again, thank you for your good thoughts. All best to you.
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I'm with you OhmyG: wish I knew but I bought into the amazing Sales Pitch. And my problem was I thought they were compassionate and cared. Nope. Its been 2 1/2 years, my chin is constantly "aware" of the weird feeling. My ears are sewn to my face, right ear elongated and both are huge! lump by my chin, no defined jawline anymore. What I do have is a lump at my eye, and a huge lump by my chin, and a chin that is indented. I've learned to live with it and don't beat myself up anymore. It is what it is..and maybe I can grow old with inner peace, and ignore my outer distortions. Hah, not to mention my right eye - does not quite sit properly in it orbit. Awful. Live and learn. I too was hoping my posts would just stop one person from believing in these butchers. Shame on them.
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Sorry I did not get involved with these comments before. had my lift done by dr. roy and my face looks worse, my earlobes are sown in so I have no ear lobes anymore and, the jowl under my neck is worse and gets worse as I get older and gain weight, my cheeks are sunken in and the corners of my mouth have a lump of vertical fat, all these procedures are a rip off and people need to really do more research and see actual patients instead of seeing photos. money wasted
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Avril: Read my post above. I too have no earlobes, one ear is elongated, and both are attached to my face! Oh yes, no more do I have high cheek bones, just an elongated face. So sad. I just don't get: how do they get away with it?
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dear should have known better.i feel exactly the way you do, you said it perfectly, as i had said before my surgeon was dbl board certified and had excellant credentals and he was even voted with highly praised awards,and still he did a horrible job, but like you i was just happy i wasn't deformed.I was the last patient and i had to wait 5 hrs in the surgical room, because of mishaps with his other patients i found out later, this type of facial procedure isnot the way to go, absolutly even if the dr does a good job, it still doesn't last as long as a real facelift, they just pull the skin up they don't fix the underlying reasons for the hanging skin.please people think about it, only an hr for the procedure it takes longer then that to put your makeup on, a real facelift takes 6 hrs and is worth every penny.please don't do it and even more so if you are over 60 because you will have more loose skin and that is not what the LSL helps it just pulls it up, so the wrinkles are still there only then they sweep up.instead of hanging but they are still there and look awful.
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I thought mine was bad but yours looks worse...I do continue to get some kind of rash every year under my neck. I do believe it is still from the what ever that they gave me in the shots... I am so glad I was able to get my money back or I would be a lot more anger . I wasted a lot of time with this and still need to have surgery to fix what was done in 2009 or 10 don't recall the exact date.
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I had the face lift and laser on my face 5 months ago. The laser gave me 3rd degree burns that got infected on the right side. I am still driving over 2 hours every month for treatments. My neck feels like it has duck tape on it and has huge red scares. It hurts and feels like it is being cut with a sharp knife when touched. Can you tell me how I might be able to get my money back. I was told yesterday that after the year mark they might be able to cut the scars out. My email is ardconnie@yahoo
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How in the heck did you get your money back? They wouldn't even acknowledge my phone calls and pictures! Good for you. It cost me $9300 and probably another $300 on medication.
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Well, wow! I am about to turn 60 and have a joyful youthful personality.Unfortunately even tho I have a nice face it not only shows my age but all the things I didn't do like my mother told me. Living at the beach not bothering with sunscreen, squinting, and laughing A LOT! Looking at LSL ads with my husband, I mentioned I too would like to look nicer. I've never had ANY cosmetic work done, I've been a take me as I am woman. I AM SO GLAD I FOUND THIS SITE WITH EVERYONES POSTS! No way will I spend the not extra money nor spin the wheel on what might happen do to wanting to improve my looks and lessen my wrinkles and lines. Altho I do not wish to have a face "with character" my personality out shines these risks, pain and experience! I really really want to THANK YOU ALL for taking time to post your experiences to help others making this decision!!!
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Very similar story - bad scars - very embasseded with the outcome of my surgery which was almost 3 years ago. I was told that scars would fade, but so far, they are literally the same are they were 8 weeks after surgery.
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i still have my lumps and scars that I did not have prior to the so called surgery.
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I'm sorry that this happened to you ... I too had the LSL done in 2012 and almost died from the bacterial infection I developed. WE NEED TO GET THE WORD OUT ... AS YOU SAY "IF I CAN SAVE ONLY ONE PERSON."
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YOU SAVED ME! I was scheduled. Now running back to Earth.
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check it out: West Palm Beach, Florida. Dr. Catafumo: two deaths. Yup.
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so sorry to the women who had the bad experiences, I had very bad experience too, I had mine fixed 3 yrs later by a very good dr. my LSL dr was a dbl certified plastic surgeon, I did a lot of research on him, thought I had the best dr in seattle area but was sadly mistaken, so all the research in the world doesn't mean you have a good dr, I don't know what else to say except please don't do it.lsl is a shortcut to the real deal, spend the extra and get it done correctly.
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Best advise I could not have said it any better !
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I had LSL with laser and neck lift and am very happy with the results. I understand that every profession has people that are good and some that leave alot to be desired. I found that the LSL was not much different in cost than a local PS that was highly recommended but decided to go with LSL after I had the consultation and felt comfortable with the LSL surgeon. I did not want a general and was very pleased that I could do the local instead. I felt no discomfort during the procedure. I was just in yesterday for a four month checkup. If you do not get satisfaction I would contact the corporate office. Please keep us posted.
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Had my LSL one year ago. Can't tell difference in before and after photos. Ears are still numb. Small bumps behind ear lobes hurt like heck. Friend went to same office (different doctor) and I see no difference in her looks and she even had a peel. Never met doctor until a day or two before the procedure and only for 10 min. he was too busy to sit and answer questions. He looked at me, wrote something down and left. No chair side manner and had a problem with BP.. whoops. My advice is to pay the extra money and go to one of the doctors that did the ladies you see on TV in the ad where Debbie sings wanting you to lift up your life. Also, don't be the last client of the day...everyone wants to go home.. My other advice to someone in my area is "run like heck and don't look back".
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I agree with you. I had mine 4 years ago and I still have a bad itch every year around my neck and chin. It last about 2 to 3 weeks and goes away till the next time. Run the other way...don't look back!
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I had my LSL last Aug. No bedside manner (or reclined chair manner). Should not have been last client of the day.. Dr. was in a hurry to go home.. problem occurred with BP.. had a bleeder... whoops...before and after photos look the same. I still have numbness on my ears , feels like the dentist gave me too much novicaine (sp?). I also have one or two bumps behind my ear lobes that hurt like heck when I touch them. My advice to all is that if you do decide to have this done, pay the extra cost to get to one of the doctors that did the women shown while Debbie Boone sings about lighting up your life. Their work is what you should be looking for if not , the results won't be what you expected... One of my tennis friends had it done at the same place, and even had a peel, different doctor , and I don't see any difference from before and after.. Met doctor once for about 10 min. No time to ask any questions, indifferent and left. Next time I saw him was a day or so later for the procedure. So buyer beware ! Butterfly on ice.
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where did you have it done. my dr actually told me he was glad i was the last one of the day because he wanted to leave.
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I so wish my after pix look like my before!
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Thanks for the info on how you are faring from 15 mos ago. I have had 2 major surgeries without those kind of problems. I am glad I saw this web site it has rally given me something to think about and at this point I will not go forward with Lsl.
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