3 Weeks After the Liposuction, Should I Be Seeing Any Improvement? - Melbourne, Australia

I have been reading the blog religiously and I...

I have been reading the blog religiously and I understand that final result doesn't kick in till 4 to 6 months. But as most Doctors suggested that you should able to see 80% of the result by 3 to 4 weeks, and I'm really not seeing much at all.

My Doctor took out 750ml on my inner thighs, anterior thighs, saddlebags and knees. Could someone please tell me if I had wasted 7000AUD for nothing? Or I should have to wait a little longer till I see any improvement?


Yes, I think I had ultrasound done too, like 2 or 3 times last week.
I go to the doctor's office 3 times a week to have different post-op treatments, such as massages, vacuum therapy, pressure therapy, etc. and I spend an average of 3 hours per session.
I'll ask the doctor' assistant to send the pictures by e-mail, because only my parents know about the surgery (none of my sisters do, otherwise they will want to have it done too haha)
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I was under local anesthesia so I could feel everything but was not in pain, it hurt a bit when he injected the anesthesia but it went numb within 5 sec, I also took some muscle relaxin so although being awake, I was drifting a little.
I went back for 2 sessions of ultrasound within the first week, it was suppose to help with the swelling, wonder if you had that done?
I told the nurse to send me the before photos, I don't think they would send it without being asked to. Give them a call and get the photos so you could start taking photos yourself to see the improvement. You would feel better and see better if you have the photos to compare :)
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Yes, I had a lot of stitches, in fact, the doctor removed the stitches on monday, but like I said, despite the fact that I had stitches, only the first day the fluid came out and only from my abdomen, but I did pee a lot the first week, due in part to the antibiotics and medicine he gave me, and also because I drink a lot of water.
I don't have any photos yet. The doctor took pictures of me before and during the surgery (I know that because he showed me the pictures when I was in my room), maybe he will send me the pictures soon and then I'll show you :)
What kind of anesthesia did your doctor use in your surgery? I was under sedation and the epidural so I was awake during most of the procedure and practically felt nothing.
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It's been 4 weeks and I've been told by quite a...

It's been 4 weeks and I've been told by quite a few Doctors on Realself.com that my Doc was extremely conservative.
He took 750ml out, I'm 170cm tall and 70kg, 375ml on each leg is like taking out a bottle pump water out, it is simply not enough and I've wasted $7000AUD for nothing.
I could see slight changes on my anterior thighs but there's absolutely nothing on my inner thighs and inner knees, my thighs are different sizes,too. You would think that Doctor would try to even them out.
I'm really unhappy with the surgery and have no idea what I could do, us(patients) being unhappy about results has nothing to do with Doctors being unhappy with results, if there's no dent or irregularities, they would not offer to fix anything. I'm going to take more photos at the clinic at 8th week and I'll voice my concerns and frustration but I just know they would use the typical 'wait till 6 months later' speech.


We saw Chris Coombs in Brighton, hopeless at LIPO stay well away. We have since spent well over $20000 in revision work to my daughters thighs. Do your homework, make sure whoever you use is happy to show you recent photos of before and after picture and doesn't hurry you. There are plenty of excellent surgeons out there we were unlucky and it has cost us emotionally as well as financially because you have little redress with these doctors who just dismiss their shoddy work and are happy to blame the patient. It has taken 2 years and 2 surgeries to get her legs right. GOOD LUCK
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I'm so sorry to hear that! What an awful experience, I hope she is healed and well now!
Hey can people please mention the names of the ps they saw? I'm in Melbourne and am now scared of seeing one that have unpleasant results and now all I know is that they are out there somewhere!! Please let me know who you saw in Melbourne
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