3 Weeks After the Liposuction, Should I Be Seeing Any Improvement? - Melbourne, Australia

I have been reading the blog religiously and I...

I have been reading the blog religiously and I understand that final result doesn't kick in till 4 to 6 months. But as most Doctors suggested that you should able to see 80% of the result by 3 to 4 weeks, and I'm really not seeing much at all.

My Doctor took out 750ml on my inner thighs, anterior thighs, saddlebags and knees. Could someone please tell me if I had wasted 7000AUD for nothing? Or I should have to wait a little longer till I see any improvement?

It's been 4 weeks and I've been told by quite a...

It's been 4 weeks and I've been told by quite a few Doctors on Realself.com that my Doc was extremely conservative.
He took 750ml out, I'm 170cm tall and 70kg, 375ml on each leg is like taking out a bottle pump water out, it is simply not enough and I've wasted $7000AUD for nothing.
I could see slight changes on my anterior thighs but there's absolutely nothing on my inner thighs and inner knees, my thighs are different sizes,too. You would think that Doctor would try to even them out.
I'm really unhappy with the surgery and have no idea what I could do, us(patients) being unhappy about results has nothing to do with Doctors being unhappy with results, if there's no dent or irregularities, they would not offer to fix anything. I'm going to take more photos at the clinic at 8th week and I'll voice my concerns and frustration but I just know they would use the typical 'wait till 6 months later' speech.
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We saw Chris Coombs in Brighton, hopeless at LIPO stay well away. We have since spent well over $20000 in revision work to my daughters thighs. Do your homework, make sure whoever you use is happy to show you recent photos of before and after picture and doesn't hurry you. There are plenty of excellent surgeons out there we were unlucky and it has cost us emotionally as well as financially because you have little redress with these doctors who just dismiss their shoddy work and are happy to blame the patient. It has taken 2 years and 2 surgeries to get her legs right. GOOD LUCK
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I'm so sorry to hear that! What an awful experience, I hope she is healed and well now!
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Hey can people please mention the names of the ps they saw? I'm in Melbourne and am now scared of seeing one that have unpleasant results and now all I know is that they are out there somewhere!! Please let me know who you saw in Melbourne
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Hi Aido, am so sorry to hear about your experience. From your photos I think there's definitely some improvement, but I agree, for $7000 you'd expect a lot more. I'm in Melbourne too and am wanting lipo on my thighs, stomach and love handles so god knows how much I'll be forking out :s Can you tell me who you went to so I know to avoid them? Thanks in advance and fingers crossed your results keep improving :)
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I'm exactly like Aido, it's been 7 weeks and no results so far. I know the doctor removed fat from my thighs only because of the brewses, but I also think we has way too conservative, since he only extracted 2.3 liters of fat and practically liposuctioned from my abdomen to my knees.
I went to another doctor before chosing thise one, and I swear I wanted to have the surgery done with the first doctor, but my mom didn't like him, she said he was too comercial, but when I saw the before and after pictures of his lipo patients I was in awe, that's the results I wanted, and now, because I listened to my mom I won't have.
I'm not saying my surgeon is a bad doctor, he's exceptional, just yesterday I had an otoplasty done with him to, but when it comes to liposuction, he's just too scared of the outcomes of the surgery.
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Hey there can you please tell me what ps you saw and what one you wished you saw?
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To Fat Legs: Thanks for the comment, and I hate to say that in reality, it really doesnt look so good, just like Samantha said, it is firmer and less cellulite and there are minor changes, but my doctor was way too conservative so I could've had more taken out but he choose not to. The fat wont grow back easily to the areas treated, but if you put on a lot of weight then eventually the fat would grow back, too. But there are some research saying that if you put on a small amount of weight, the fat would be developed in other areas first, ie: stomach. My suggestion is to really shop around before you get the lipo. something I didnt do and regret badly.
To Calcal:
I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, that poor girl is going through the same thing and I just know how painful it is to have a dream that was shattered. I, too am quite slim on the upper body and was told I'm a perfect candidate for it, but stupid as I was, I went to the first doctor and decided not to shop around, big mistake.
Like your daughter, I did not and never would expect to see skinny legs, my legs are really solid build and I knew I wasnt gonna see the beautiful legs I've always wanted, but my doctor was way too conservative, I could see and feel a lot of fat still left in my thighs but he was too worried about taking out much and damage my thighs. I went back for my 8 weeks photos just last week and I really made a point of not seeing much result, he was nice enough to admit there's still a fat pad left on my right inner thigh,obviously he did not remove properly, he is happy to do a touch up surgery for me in a month or 2 month when most of my skins are retracted and see more result, but to be honest with you, not only I have to pay for the theatre( touch up surgery should only cost you the theatre fees and nothing else), I have to get back into the garment, and he still made it clear that he couldnt take out much more at all. Most doctors on the realself said that it takes up to 6months to see final result, which I believe, skins does take time to retract, but I think I've been healing well and theres not much improvement I would see in the coming months.
My doctor did do a good job,medically, but this has been something I'd dreaming of since I was 10, I spent 7000AUD I couldnt really afford to have this lipo, only wanted to stop hating my legs so much, but truth to be told, I feel like I never even had a lipo.
I'm gonna wait for a month or 2 to see if anything changes, if not, I will go back for the touch up.
Please send my regards to your girl, I'm truly sorry to heard her bad news, I feel for her. And thank you so much for being so supportive, maybe you could take some photos of your girl and I'll know better(if shes up for it, but why would she??)
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Thanks for the posts. I cant believe this is like history repeating itself listening to you Aido from Australia. My daughter had liposuction done on her anterior and medial thighs late September this year. It has been an awful disappointment.She is now 7 weeks post op. The surgeon did a really good job of the anterior thighs but didnt take anything off the medial or inner thigh despite marking all the areas out prior to surgery. We didnt expect to see her with skinny legs she just wanted to wear shorts and to be able to go down to the beach without her legs rubbing together and be less embarrassed about the size of her thighs. The rest of her is quiet slim so she was a good candidate. We paid out over $8000 dollars. Its not now so much the money, but the fact that she has had a general and surgery. She explained what the issues were and the surgeon seemed to understand, I mean her legs were obviously rubbing together and had large pads of fat to the anterior aspect unyet he didnt touch the medial thigh at all??. I cant understand it and as you said Aido what comeback have you got, They say you had unrealistic expectations. Which is untrue. It is so emotionally draining as she had hoped just for a alittle improvement, she says she doesnt want to go for review with someone due to the pain and the garment and will just put up with it but I fel so sad for her and you also aido. I am hoping you will see improvement over the coming months and will be happy with the results, but I was told by the nurse at the clinic that by 8 weks you should see positive results if you are going too,
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You look good. I am thinking about lipo but want to know does fat come back.

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The legs is now looks good than before, cellulite free and firmer. liposuction Philippines
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I think your legs look great!
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Yes, I think I had ultrasound done too, like 2 or 3 times last week.
I go to the doctor's office 3 times a week to have different post-op treatments, such as massages, vacuum therapy, pressure therapy, etc. and I spend an average of 3 hours per session.
I'll ask the doctor' assistant to send the pictures by e-mail, because only my parents know about the surgery (none of my sisters do, otherwise they will want to have it done too haha)
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I was under local anesthesia so I could feel everything but was not in pain, it hurt a bit when he injected the anesthesia but it went numb within 5 sec, I also took some muscle relaxin so although being awake, I was drifting a little.
I went back for 2 sessions of ultrasound within the first week, it was suppose to help with the swelling, wonder if you had that done?
I told the nurse to send me the before photos, I don't think they would send it without being asked to. Give them a call and get the photos so you could start taking photos yourself to see the improvement. You would feel better and see better if you have the photos to compare :)
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Yes, I had a lot of stitches, in fact, the doctor removed the stitches on monday, but like I said, despite the fact that I had stitches, only the first day the fluid came out and only from my abdomen, but I did pee a lot the first week, due in part to the antibiotics and medicine he gave me, and also because I drink a lot of water.
I don't have any photos yet. The doctor took pictures of me before and during the surgery (I know that because he showed me the pictures when I was in my room), maybe he will send me the pictures soon and then I'll show you :)
What kind of anesthesia did your doctor use in your surgery? I was under sedation and the epidural so I was awake during most of the procedure and practically felt nothing.
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Hey Wonderwall,
Did you have any stitches? My was left open and most Doctors recommends it as the fluid would come out real quick, mine was leaking like crazy the first 2 days then its all gone, I think it helped the swelling go down faster. You should be peeing a lot more,too, as your body is getting rid of the fluid for you.
I've received more answers from different Doctors and I'm pleased to see most of them are telling me that 3 weeks post-op isn't my 80% result, their comments are more positive than the first few Doctors.
Would you mind posting some photos? I would like to see what your Doctor has done for you. And it also helps you to see the difference.
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Yes, it's hard to stay positive when you are this eager to see results ;) personally, I feel my whole body like jello whenever I take my garment off.
Also, the doctor said that the fluid they use to burn the fat during the surgery should come out of my body eventually, but so far, not even a little bit of fluid has come out.
I guess the only thing we can do is wait, so stay positive and hang in there :)
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Hey wonderwall,
The way I felt a day after the surgery was like a water balloon,also bcoz both my boyfriend and bestie saw my legs and were saying how much bigger I was than before surgery, it lasted for almost 2 weeks and now it's gone down quite alot. But somehow my boyfriend has been telling me even today that he could tell it's still swollen and my legs feels weird when he touches them,I have to take his words for it, as you and I want the result so badly we may not see it clearly but he could.
Most Doctors here suggests that you won't see proper result till at least after 8 weeks, and I'm going back to the clinic to take after photos at 8 weeks post-op,so I'm gonna try and stay positive till then, eventhough 3 of the doctors answered my question quite negatively( in my opinion, coz these doctors had been answering others quite differently)..I'm sure you are still swollen,it may not seem like a major surgery but it is underneath your skin and you can't see how damaged it really is,if you even gently tap your legs you would feel the pain..
I could see minor changes to my legs today but like I said, it is nothing to what I thought it could be.
I'll keep posting photos and we should both stay positive till at least 8 weeks later.
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Thanks for your reply Aido :) I hope to see results soon. Like you said, right after I got out of the OR, I saw a pretty dramatic change on my waist and abdomen, but not so much on my thighs, which are my problem area :( especially because right after the surgery my doctor said he was proud of my new little waist (and what I wanted to reduce the most were my thighs).
Thanks God his fee included the massages and post-op treatments, so I can see results faster.
Another question to you Aido: how do you know you're still swollen?? I swear I feel the same since day 1, I feel as big as always, but my doctor and his assistant told me I am still swollen.
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Hey guys,thanks for the comment.
Most doctors answers my Q&A( I also asked the same question on Q&A) seemed a little strange to me, as I've been reading the similar questions and most of them said it's too early to see result at 3 weeks, some of them said 80% at 3 weeks could be seen..But only one doctor said that to me? Everyone else simply told me that this is almost as good as it gets.
My doctor did say I was never gonna get the skinny legs I want but I should definitely see result. On the night right my lipo I saw pretty dramatic changes when I changed the pads and just wondering if it were true that could be my final result and I'm just still swelling and loose skin aren't healed?
To wonderwall08, I think 2.3 litres out is good news,as mine was only 750ml and one doctor said it's barely anything for my weight, some doctors had said that lipo on thighs takes longer to heal and see result, and from what I understand,2 weeks are still very much at the peak of swelling period, I'm sure you'll see good improvement after 3 to 4 weeks,you've had a lot more taken out than me.
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I know it isn't dramatic but I do see a difference. Hang in there another month for the swelling to continue to subside.
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I have the same question. A couple of weeks ago from today I had liposuction done in my waist, abdomen, lower back, inner and outer thights and knees, but the doctor only extracted 2.3 litters of fat. So far, I only see a difference in my waist, from day one.
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