The Final Step to a 2 Year Transformation! - Melbourne, Australia

2 years ago I weighed 110kg (at 5ft11"), so...

2 years ago I weighed 110kg (at 5ft11"), so overweight! I decided to change my life and kicked off a 'transformation' which included getting a personal trainer, going on a low calorie diet and at a later stage getting Liposuction for Gynecomastia (man boobs). Now at 80kg and 13% body fat, I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been and loving life - but after losing 30kg I have excess skin the my stomach/lower abdomen and have decided to get a tummy tuck!

This has been a difficult decision, especially as the plastic surgery is geared towards women. It has been difficult to get advice and find other men to have had the surgery, there experiences and results - so I am hoping to buck the trend! My main goal is to feel comfortable at the beach with my shirt off, comfortable sitting down (as in I don't have a bunch of excess skin over my belt!) and having a flat stomach.

I am anxious about the procedure, mainly about the scar location and it being symmetrical and even. My PS has shown me his work, and he does do a low scare - but I have seen so many photos on the internet where the scars are very high and very lop sided... but I guess that is a little bit of the risk! I am planning on making an appointment with my surgeon again prior to the procedure to discuss (again!) the scar location etc. Hopefully this will set my mind at ease...

I have purchased a Scar FX Silicone Belt (6" x 48") which I intend to use P/O to assist in the scar healing and end result. I have also purchased Scar Esthetique, Advanced Scar Therapy Cream, which seems to come highly recommended. I am thinking about Silicone Strips as well, but will discuss with the PS. Ultimately I want to take all the extra measures to get the best results for the scar. Has anyone else use the above? How have you found them? Any other things you would recommend?

Well, I will post more soon!

I am off too see Dr. Bloom today for a follow up...

I am off too see Dr. Bloom today for a follow up appointment - I have SO many questions.. these are the ones I have written down over the last few days;
- reclarify scar position (i.e. how low can we go!)
- discuss scar symmertry
- discuss scar length
- discuss belly button look
- discuss silicon belt for P/O
- discuss the use of silicon strips for P/O
- discuss when to use the scar cream P/O
- discuss the risk of 'dog ears'
- discuss if I should have some muscle tightening done to my lower abdomen
- discuss the compression garmet
- confirm the expected stay in hospital
- confirm the expected amount of time I will have the drains in for
- discuss if I should have some additional lipo to my flanks

Wow - on reflection, I may need more than 20 minutes!
Have you seen "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" movie filmed by a fellow Aussie, Joe Cross? Think you'd find it inspiring!
You look fantastic! Great job with the weightloss!!!! :)

Well I just got home from my appointment with Dr....

Well I just got home from my appointment with Dr. Bloom. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Dr. Bloom addressed all of my above questions and really took the time to make me feel very comfortable (in fact, I think he spent about 40 minutes with me and I was not charged for the consultation!).

Below are the answers to all my questions:
- reclarify scar position (i.e. how low can we go!)
>Dr. Bloom drew the position of my scar and discussed how we would make it below my underwear line. On the day of my surgery I am to wear my 'dream undies' to make sure we get it as low as I would like.
- discuss scar symmetry
>Dr. Bloom explained how he marks the scar and positions it to maximise symmetry and in my case there should be no reason it is not even.
- discuss scar length
>Won't be as long as a 'full TT'.
- discuss belly button look
>Small with a hood.
- discuss silicon belt for P/O
>Dr. Bloom loved the silicon belt (I purchased it on ebay for about AUD$50 from the US), so much so he had his colleague come in to look at it! He suggested I start using it after my 1st or 2nd post op consultation.
- discuss the use of silicon strips for P/O
>Both or either, it won't hurt the healing process.
- discuss when to use the scar cream P/O
>Dr. Bloom suggested after 1st or 2nd post op consultation.
- discuss the risk of 'dog ears'
>Dr. Bloom explained in detail how the incision would be made to ensure I don't end up with 'dog ears'.
- discuss if I should have some muscle tightening done to my lower abdomen
>Not necessary.
- discuss the compression garmet
>Dr. Bloom explained that as I am having no lipo with the TT that a entire compression garment would not be necessary. I will be in a compression bandage after the procedure and my silicon belt will also serve as a compression device.
- confirm the expected stay in hospital
>Dr. Bloom said it would be a 2 night minimum.
- confirm the expected amount of time I will have the drains in for
>It is expected I would have my drains removed the day I am discharged from hospital.
- discuss if I should have some additional lipo to my flanks
>Not necessary, would give my body a too feminine look.

So, as you can see from the above, the consultation was very thorough as I was never made to feel like my questions were silly or I was wasting his time.

I am now 110% sure off my choice with my P/S and now just so excited about having the procedure!

Congratulations on your weight loss. You look great!
Thanks Ria!
Thanks jacklin72! And no PlantStrongMom, though I was watching a preview of it on apple TV the other days so think I might get it!

22 days to go! I am getting so excited, I really...

22 days to go! I am getting so excited, I really just can't wait! Wish it was tomorrow...
I am PO 6 weeks +-, I think just from your pictures you are going to be very happy with your outcome. Don't fret about the scar unless you are planning to live in a nudist colony. Focus on the part people will see Flat Abs!
Thanks for the comment ABSCAPE - just read your review, love the 'abscape' terminology! Much more appealing! Your results are looking awesome so far - look forward to following your recovery.
I hear ya!! I have 21 days to go! I am getting a bit more nervous now.

Very quick updated>>>18 sleeps! :) I paid for...

Very quick updated>>>18 sleeps! :)

I paid for my procedure today (not so fun!) and tomorrow I am paying for my anaesthetist! (I am clearly in the wrong profession! These guys really do earn the big bucks!).
Good luck! The waiting is the worst part of it all!
tell me about it...
Absolutely! 14 days and counting every minute! haha

So it is 11 sleeps till my procedure! I am so...

So it is 11 sleeps till my procedure! I am so excited.

I have had a couple of people as if you need to shave/wax the area prior to surgery. I did ask the question on here, and was advised to. But when I asked my surgeon, he said not to - though he did add that if it was necessary a nurse would do it... so I will think about it and may have the area waxed...

I am pretty prepared for the surgery now, though our house is undergoing major renovations - so I can't say I am particularly excited about returning home after the procedure.. I am hoping the vast majority of the major works will be done next week and early the following - which would be good.
The waxing sounds painful, even more than a TT. I also was told it was not necesary.

So it is one week tomorrow until my procedure. I...

So it is one week tomorrow until my procedure. I am now ITCHING for the day to come!
Haven't been on in a while but wanted to check on you. I'm very excited for you, You're almost there! It's been 3 months since my surgery and can't believe how much confidence it has given me. Keep us posted....!
Thanks MommyModTT - So glad you have continued to have a great recovery! It is SO exciting.. I can't believe I am now 4 night sleeps! See you on the flat side! Will be sure to post some pictures soon after. :)
Thanks Rad!

Well it is official 2 (!!!) sleeps until my TT. I...

Well it is official 2 (!!!) sleeps until my TT. I am beyond excited!

Today I got a call from the hospital where I am having the procedure to go over everything for the day, plus confirm my procedure time.

My admission time is at 2pm, and my procedure time will be around 4pm. First thing in the morning (9:30am) I have my pre-procedure consultation with Dr Bloom in which he will do all the marking up and take photos. It is going to be a nerve wrecking couple of hours between my meeting with him and the hospital admission, but thankfully I will have my partner with me to keep me distracted!

I have been told that as I am not having the actual procedure until late in the afternoon that I can have a 'light breakfast' - as long as I commence fasting as of 10am that day! Long time in between meals! hehe, but I expect my stomach will be in nots anyway, so unlikely to want to eat much.

I am expected (all going to plan) to be discharged from hospital on Sunday morning. The big downside to this is our house floors are being resurfaced, so I won't be able to go home! But rather will be staying at my brothers place until Tuesday! Not the ideal situation, but simply how the timing turned out with my procedure and pre-planned home renovations. I have already worded up my brother to make a comfortable, quiet space for me! hehehe

Tomorrow is my procedure! OMG - I am just a little...

Tomorrow is my procedure! OMG - I am just a little bit excited (I lie, VERY excited). I am about to start packing my bag for the stay in hospital.
- Comfy clothes
- Slippers
- Toiletries
- Meds
- A book
- Laptop

Probably forgetting heaps of things at this stage!

I have just been for my "pre-op" appointment with...

I have just been for my "pre-op" appointment with Dr Bloom. It went really well and we did all the markings. It looks really low, so I am pleased. I have posted some (very poorly taken) pics of the markings for you.

As you can see, I may have a slight vertical scar from my old belly button - but the doctor wont know until he makes the incision and can see how tight he can pull down the skin! I don't mind either way, as the incision is going to be so low that it won't be visible.

It is 11:18am now, and I am due at the hospital at 2pm for check in.
good luck tomorrow

So it is day 1, POST OP. It is 6:30AM, and I am...

So it is day 1, POST OP. It is 6:30AM, and I am lying is hospital bed, watching 'rage' (an Australian Music Video show - similar to MTV). I have had a little peak at my tummy, and boy does it look good! Have not been able to have a real good look as I am sore as, and it is real awkward to try and move/look,

In terms of pain, it is pretty bearable when I am lying/sitting in bed - the sides (hips) hurt the most. I did try to get out of the bed this morning (with the nurses aid) to use the toilet, but gave up when I had to try and stand up - WOWZERS - that HURT. So I weed in a bottle instead - hehe. Other than the Morphine they gave me in recovery I have not had any painkillers until this morning, and that was only 2 paracetamol.

My sleep last night was pretty crap - in and out of brief sleep, and of course every 30 minutes the nurses are coming in checking your vitals. Must admit once I have something to eat (around 11PM) I was able to sleep for an extended period (I think until 3AM).

I have two drains, both on my right side - which make my right side particularly uncomfortable - but one of them runs through my left side (I can feel the bugger). They expect them to be in until I leave hospital (tomorrow) though there could be a need to have them for home. So far I have 50mls of fluid in each - which isn't much - but the nurse said once I start moving around more I will probably shift more.

The doctor will be coming to see me sometime today to check on everything and I hope at that stage to get a better look at it all. Will keep you all posted with some pics once I can get some.

So I just had a bath (wash down in bed by a nurse)...

So I just had a bath (wash down in bed by a nurse) and now out of bed sitting in a chair. I gave in to some more Morphine, as the pain was a little too unbearable. It is so nice to be out of the bed, and was SO good to brush my teeth.

Dr. Bloom came to see me about 20 minutes ago, and gave me positive news on all fronts. The procedure went very well, all as planned, and he was able to do the incision above my belly button - so I have no additional vertical scar, which is wonderful news. He said there was a fair bit of scar tissue in my belly! Which would have been from a previous procedure (scar undermining/sub-cision), but all of it was removed with the excess skin.

I had some breakfast this morning, though find too much food makes me uncomfortable pretty quickly. The nurses at the hospital have been absolutely wonderful - I would recommend Cabrini Private Hospital to anyone in Melbourne, Australia.

P.s. have already said it was TOTALLY WORTH IT, because I am very pleased with the immediate results!
Thanks MaleTT!
Hang in there dude, it gets better every day.

It is just before 9PM on Day 1 PO. I spent the...

It is just before 9PM on Day 1 PO. I spent the vast majority of the day in bed, though did get up for a walk around the hospital ward for a bit. I am not going to the bathroom, rather than the bed pan - which is a nice feeling! (haha, small wins).

The incision hurts a lot, mostly a stinging/burning sort of feeling which never really subsides with the painkillers. That said, it is not all that unbearable.

I will try and take a photo tonight or tomorrow - though as I can't really stand up all that well it is a bit hard - hehehe.

Posted 2 photos of Day 1 post op - not the best...

Posted 2 photos of Day 1 post op - not the best pics as I am still very hunched over and swollen as all hell. But as you can see the incision is just above my public line, so nice and low! I can't wait to see my new belly button.

Day 2 PO - had a reasonable nights sleep last...

Day 2 PO - had a reasonable nights sleep last night. Woke at 3am, 6am and then 9am - so 3 hour blocks seem to be the way! I stopped taking the Endo Morphine today ad moved to just the Paracetamol, trying to get the bowls moving again. Though I think I will add the anti-inflammatory to the mix as I am not sure the Paracetamol will be enough.

When I woke up at 3am my legs were SO sore, I think from being in a stiff position all night. So I got up and had a walk around which helped a little.

I am praying I can have a shower today - My hair stinks! hahaha - honestly though, I feel less than human. I am normally a twice a day shower person so this is killing me.

I find out today if I am going home today or tomorrow - I am also hoping that the drains come out today. I really do want to go home today, though I am a little worried about managing most things on my own. My partner has today and Monday off, but after that I am really on my own. My sister-in-law is staying with us, but I don't want to burden her with it all.

Will keep you all posted on today's outcomes - and yes, feel a little bit better every day.

I just had my drains taken out! OMG - that was the...

I just had my drains taken out! OMG - that was the WORST feeling ever!!!!! So glad they are out though, as it means I can go home today. Based on what I have read it is a lot sooner than most people on here - but my Dr. said the technique he uses means there is minimal fluid build up. I also saw my belly button briefly today, when they changed the dressing and put on some antiseptic cream. It is such a bizarre sensation to touch my stomach, just feels numb, not so sore. The incision is really the only thing which hurts a lot, and that is more of a burning/stinging feeling. The belly button looks pretty good - though it is all swollen and just full of blood/scabs - so not exactly able to tell you what it is really like.

I will be going home from the hospital today which is nice. The Dr has prescribed Paracetamol, Voltaren (anti-inflammatory), Antibiotics and Endo Morphine (IF I want to take it - though since my bowels feel like they are backed up for days, I will not be having the Endo unless it is absolutely necessary. I am to rest up now until next Wednesday when I go and see Dr. Bloom for my post-op review.

I had a shower earlier which was SO nice, though not exactly what I would call a proper shower. But it was nice to feel a bit cleaner and kinda wash my hair (it still feels a bit dirty!).

I can not praise the Nurses enough at the hospital - they have been so kind and understanding.

Day 3 PO - well it is about 8:30am on day 3. Last...

Day 3 PO - well it is about 8:30am on day 3. Last night I had a pretty good sleep, sleeping sound from 9:30pm to 3:15am. When I woke up the pain I had was really in my back, bum and legs - to be honest, whilst the tummy is tight and uncomfortable, it is my back/bum/legs which are hurting from being hunched over and awkward. Once I went back to bed I struggled to get comfortable again, though eventually drifted off again until around 6:30am when I just had to get up.

>>>OK - LITTLE EARS WARNING - I am about to over share - I had two bowel movements yesterday. I was like a bloody Cheshire cat I could not stop grinning.

Day 3 PO - Just had a shower. Wow, that took about...

Day 3 PO - Just had a shower. Wow, that took about an hour all in all, so slow at everything. That said we are staying at my brothers due to home renovations, so I am not in my 'normal routine'.

Just posted a pic from this morning. You can see I am hunched over, and 'swell hell' has began. I look like a little blotted barrel. hehe. You can see my belly button (well, the clotted blood which will be my belly button).

I think the PS has done a great job based on these very early results. The a-symmetry looks good.
That was funny, but I know what you mean ha ha ha
haha, yeah - total overshare, but such a positive moment in the recovery process!

Day 4 PO - Well last night was probably one of my...

Day 4 PO - Well last night was probably one of my more enjoyable nights sleep. I have worked out a way to sleep with my back flat on the bed, but my legs raised slightly in such a way that it is almost (and I stress almost) comfortable.

I am still sleeping in 3 to 4 hour blocks. I have never woken up to pee so much in my life. Must admit I am drinking a lot of water and tea, plus I imagine the excess fluids in the body have to go somewhere.

When I got up this morning I realised I could stand a little bit straighter then yesterday and it was a little less tight. I also realised I went the entire night without any painkillers. Not even paracetamol! So that I think is good progress.

I have posted two new pictures of first thing when I got up this morning. This seems to be when I am the least swollen (though I believe still swollen!).
Sorry for all the typos, i hate typing on my iphone. By the way, the swelling seems to have come down considerably, the pics look great.
I just got the spandx shirt i order. It feels much better than the binder. I have a love hate relationship with the binder, i hate it but if i dont use it i get sore. In my last visist the dr said i didnt have to use it anymore
I was thinking about getting one of these spandx shirts - as I expect I will want the extra support once I go back to work, and my current binder is too bulky to wear (and too hot!).
Let me know how you go with it.

Day 4 PO - Well it is almost the end of the day,...

Day 4 PO - Well it is almost the end of the day, and feeling pretty good. Still tight and uncomfortable thought, but not really sore.

One thing which is SO annoying is that I can't fit in any more my clothes at the moment, most specifically jeans.. I am just in tracksuit pants (tracky dacks).

When did everyone else find they could fit into their clothes again?

Day 5 PO - Sleep is getting a bit better. Did not...

Day 5 PO - Sleep is getting a bit better. Did not wake until 4am this morning, so about 6 hours sleep in one hit which is a huge improvement. Starting to lay straighter in bed, though no where near ready to lose the leg raise/seated position.

2 new pictures for today as soon as I got up. Always look best first thing in the morning and progressively get more swollen throughout the day. Did everyone else experience this?

I sneezed this morning. Now THAT was PAINFUL!

Going to head over to our house today (we have been staying at my brothers as we are having home reno's done - talk about bad timing!) and do a little vacuuming. See how I go with that.
I used mostly sweat pants and short fro the most mart of the first two weeks. Pants now fit snugly around the binder and ok with the spandx. The rubbing against the scar of pants and underwear itches and sucks.
Hmm, Ok - cool - hopefully I will be able to fit back into my suits when I go back to work!!! hahaha I think I will get one of the spandx shirts, as my binder ads a inch or two which does not help. Thanks!

Day 5 PO - Well I think I might have overdone it...

Day 5 PO - Well I think I might have overdone it today. I was feeling so good I went and did a few things (some shopping, errands etc.) and then when to our house and did a whole bunch of vacuuming.

Don't get me wrong, I took it easy - and nothing hurt when I did it. But now, my tummy does feel a little 'off' - mostly a little sore and hot.

So I am back on the couch and going to take the rest of the night easy.

It is certainly hard. I have never spent 5 days so inactive, and I am certainly feeling a lot better.. but I guess I need to keep reminding myself it has only been 5 days, and a lot of the healing is happen on the INSIDE, where I can't see it.

How did everyone else go with this type of dilemma?
I also bought under armor compress shirts as an alternative for the spandx and the binder. I have used them all this week for work and to sleep and so far I find the under armor the most confortable. It is also the least expensive $25 versus $58 for the spandx. I know about the under armor because that is what my Dr recomended.
Awesome - thanks for the added info MaleTT - will check out the armor compress!
I also get those odd tired feeling spells, I still do after two weeks PO not as frequently though.

Post Op Day 7 - Just a quick update! All appears...

Post Op Day 7 - Just a quick update! All appears to be going really well, and the swelling seems to be going down a little each day (though first thing in the morning it always looks best!). So on reflection so far, the two most painful parts of this to date: 1. having the drains removed 2. sneezing!

Ordered a under armour compression top yesterday to wear under my clothes once I stop using the binder (in about 10 days) - thanks for the tip MaleTT!
under armor compression... not compress. sorry.

Day 11 PO - Well things are going very on the...

Day 11 PO - Well things are going very on the recovery front. I am back into my jeans (still a little snug) and feel like I am almost walking straight again. Tomorrow is my first post op visit with my surgeon, so will report in on the progress!

PO Day 12 - I have my first post op review today....

PO Day 12 - I have my first post op review today. They removed the heavy tape, and cleaned the incision. It is looking really good - nice and thing incision. It has been re-taped, but with a light fabric tape which I will keep on for a further 2 weeks when I return for my 2nd post op review.

The swelling is improving every day - and the bruising is slowly starting to dissipate. Will post some new pics tomorrow.

PO Day 13 - Just a quicky, posted some pics from...

PO Day 13 - Just a quicky, posted some pics from this morning. As you can see, have the new tape on from my post op visit. Looking very flat first thing in the morning, hoping this is a sign of the end result :) Generally a little swollen by the end of the day but it does depend on how much activity I do.
looking good!

PO Day 18 - So today was my first day back at work...

PO Day 18 - So today was my first day back at work. Must admit the day went better than I expected, though I only got to 4pm and had to finish for the day. I found by 4 pm I was very swollen and sore, and all I really wanted to do was lie down! If felt like my pants were too tight - but they weren't - it was my skin! haha I am sure every day will get a little easy.
How is the swelling? I did the elliptical machine for 40 minutes yesterday without the compression shirt and swelled up like a balloon.

PO Day 23 - Well I had my second post op...

PO Day 23 - Well I had my second post op appointment with Dr Bloom. All things have progressed really well! They removed the second lot of tape from my incision and cleaned it, and now I have silicone tape across it. The incision looks amazing, it is so thin and symmetrical. I realise I have not posted a pic of the actual incision, so once my silicon tape falls away I will take a photo and do so. Posted some new pictures today.

Hi everyone, just in case you might be interested...

Hi everyone, just in case you might be interested - selling my silicone belt - never used it in the end as my PS gave me a heap of silicone tape. Perfect for post TT (male or female)!

It is on eBay, happy to post international for a little extra.
My tape started to come off, I emailed the pa and she said I could take it off... I e,ailed back to see if I needed to put some sort of ointment or loton on it, but have not gotten a response as it's the weekend.. I wouldn't think they'd want it unprotected and dry 10 po... But I'm not the doc.
In my case that is exactly what they wanted,nothing on it just let it be.

1 Month PO - So today is officially the 4 weeks...

1 Month PO - So today is officially the 4 weeks post op. I can't believe how quickly it has gone by. Everything is progressing pretty well. I am still wearing a binder (of sorts) through out the day to help manage swelling. Nearly all the bruising is gone and my belly button has healed (though still fairly pink/red which will take 12 or more months to settled).

My scar has pretty much been under silicone tape since I visited my PS. Posted 2 new pics!
Have you been able to exercise yet? Thank you for such a detailed blow by blow?
Hey George, I have been able to do brisk walking but the PS was quiet firm on not returning to anything more then that. I am counting down till November 1st when I head back to the gym :)
Hey MaleTt the swelling has got a lot better but I am not back at the gym yet. I find by the end of a work day I am a little swollen just above through incision. I am still wearing a compression bandage but more for comfort, not necessity.

7 Weeks PO - Just a quick update! Had my 6 (come...

7 Weeks PO - Just a quick update! Had my 6 (come 7) week post op review yesterday with my PS. Everything is going really well in the recovery and I have had no major complications.

I did have some minor suture inflammation on a part of my scar, but a little bit of some steroid cream sorted it out.

I went back to the gym this week (so at 6 weeks), and boy has my fitness decreased dramatically! I struggled with the work out, and found myself out of breath when ordinarily I wouldn't be.

That said I don't expect it to take long to bounce back, and I am just happy to be back exercising.

Over the course of the 6 weeks I didn't train I didn't gain any weight (in fact, since the surgery I am between 4 and 5kg less!). I was very strict with my diet during the 6 weeks of PO recovery, eating a low calorie meal plan.

I will post some new pics over the weekend - including the scar!

P.S Couldn't be happier :)

Just added pics at 7 weeks post op, including my scar.

Just added pics at 7 weeks post op, including my scar.

9 Weeks Post Op - Just another quick update:...

9 Weeks Post Op - Just another quick update: tomorrow is my 9 weeks post op mark, I have been back at the gym 4 days a week for the last 3 weeks. Things are still fairly sore and sight, though I consider myself to feel about 90%. Posted 2 new pics.
Thanks for your posts and congrats on your weight loss - I know how hard it is, I'm 50kg down (form 120kg) in 3.5 years and am 6 days away form my surgery (29th Nov) I think I've been playing it down in my mind and have not, till now really looked for others who have been through it. Excluding what the doc says I haven't known what to expect when it comes to recovery, I expect pain but had not put any thought into the rest of it. I also thought that 2 weeks off work was being overly cautious, however im now thinking its not. I have a total of 10 days off but im now thinking that will need to be longer. I've had heart surgery this year and they said to take two weeks off. I was ready to go back two days later.
HI ba86, Congrats on your results too - that is awesome! I think if you can have 14 days off you would be better off, just gives you a little longer to really get back on your feet. With that said, if you had to go back to work after 10 days, and it is an office job, you should be fine - might just be a bit uncomfortable! Best of luck!

3 Months Post Op - So yesterday I passed 3 months...

3 Months Post Op - So yesterday I passed 3 months post op. I am so happy with the results, and every week they just get better. Still can't do EVERYTHING at the gym, generally the things which require a lot of stretching or pulling are still out of reach (like pull ups, clean & snatch etc). But I am easily doing sit ups, dips, bench press, rowing, running, kettle bell swings etc.

I still find a get a bit swollen above the incision, though nothing like it used to be.

The incision itself is healed, and definitely in the darkening stage, but I am confident it will heal very nicely.

My belly button is starting to look really good, now that the small scar is starting to fad.

In terms of feeling/sensation - things are starting to come back. I still have a level of numbness between my belly button and the incision, but I am really starting to get feeling which is good.

Two new pics posted - my abdominal muscles are starting to come through! :D
Thank you so much for your posts and experiences with this. Your results look amazing and inspiring. I am a 25yo male in Melbourne who has lost 65kg of weight and also have excess skin issues (mine are far worse than yours i think). I haven't been able to find a doctor that specializes in these kind of surgeries in Mebourne until now, i will have to consider Dr Bloom (No-one ever mentioned him to me). Once again thank you!
No worries at all cidurm! I am glad it has helped! I couldn't happier with Dr Bloom - he has been wonderful through this whole process... Best of luck!

9 months on!

Just a quick update. I am nearly 9 months post op, and feeling pretty much 100% normal. The scare is healing well, and the results are great. I expect the scare will really start to improve now we are getting closer to 12 months. One updated pic attached.

Seeing the surgeon next week for a check up!
Do you have pictures before the liposuction for gynecomastia. You look great! I hope to have the same results as you when I get my chest and TT some time next year.
Hi there, yes - I will post a pic now of really early days (prior to the lipo).

Early Days

Just a quick update - as requested, attached is a pic of my prior to losing more of my weight and lipo of the gynecomastia (man boobs).
Nice one! Personally, i think you didn't look like you needed TT, but hey you are happy and that's the main thing. Looks great
This is excellent. I've lost 98lbs in 2 years and I'm booked in for TT in 2 days in London UK. This is by far the best progress blog I've read. Very very helpful. Thank you
Awesome work mate! You look great
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

I was recommended to Dr. Bloom by my previous Cosmetic Surgeon (Liposuction). Dr. Bloom is well known for his work in re-constructive surgery and body sculpting. He is also the National Board Chairman in Plastic Surgery for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons - which gives me confidence in his practice, skills and capability. I met with 2 other surgeons and felt Dr. Bloom was the most professional and had a far more personal touch. Dr. Bloom put in the time to really explain everything in detail and I was always made to feel welcome in his suites and no question was a 'silly question'. The support staff at ARC Plastic Surgery have been excellent to deal with, they are knowledgeable of the procedures, understanding of the process and always willing to take the time to talk things through.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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