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27 Year Old Mum to 3 Boys Bad Tummy Muscle Seperation and Left with the Lovely Over-hang After 3 C-sections - Melbourne, AU

Well it still feels like im dreaming...i cant...

Well it still feels like im dreaming...i cant believe i actually went through with the surgery. After 2 years of researching reading a thousand reviews..when i read a bad one i would close my computer and tell myself no i dont need it i will just keep wearing baggy clothes to hide my tummy bulge. Then came the days when i have to go out of the house and nope nothing in my cupboard to wear to hide it so then came the questions...'oh r u pregnant again?' or 'when is your next baby due?'
So then back home to do more research...
Finally just after new-years i found the surgeon for me and made that scary first phone call to make appointment for a consultation. I was still shacking an-hour after the phone call i couldn't believe i done it.

So the surgery day finally came around, I thought i would of spent the morning in the bathroom but i didn't feel nervous at all. All the doctors and nurses were just so comforting i was actually just feeling excited.
I was in surgery for 3 hours, i had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and some lipo on my love handles, all up just over 1kg of fat removed. I woke up in no pain just a very sore dry throat. I had a button for morphine which they actually made me press even though i wasn't feeling any pain.
The next morning i had my cathedar takin out and of course in 20 minutes i needed the bathroom. The part i was dreading getting out of bed for the first time and trying to walk but to my surprise it was actually easier then after my c-sections with my kids.

I am now just over 2 weeks post op...My experience with this surgery has been very cruzy..i was on pain killers (endone) for the first 5 days after that just panadol and i have had minimal pain. I was home from hospital on day 2 and i slept straight in my bed, alot of reviews people needing to sleep in a chair/recliner but i found just lots of pillows in my own bed alot more comfortable then a chair. And a better nights sleep.
Im so glad i have done this for myself i would do it again, it really isnt as bad as you may read or hear stories. If you take it very easy and take your medication on time you really will have a good experience. Yes you might be uncomfortable at times, have a sore back and get sick of wearing the cg but you just have to think what your doing it for. Get online and look at some tight fitting dresses or a nice set of bikinis :-) thats what gets me through the times when im feeling a bit down or when you feel useless just sitting down and cant help around the house.

I hope i cant help people thinking about getting this surgery done to give them the confidence that they can do it. Theres nothing worse then having no self confidence....iv been there and hopefully after this surgery i will never go back down that path of not wanting to leave the house again.
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Hi! I am two weeks post op and I too feared the surgery. I had 2 c sections and my belly looked worse than yours. I had major stretch marks and more fat hanging down. I talked about getting the TT for years and finally decided to do it. I made the mistakes reading horror stories the day before surgery so when I went in the morning of I was scared and nervous. I am not really sure how I feel about my decision. I look a lot better but I hate that I am still hunched over. My back is super sore most of the time. I will have have to look at bikinis and right dresses when I am down. I'm afraid when I go back to work in August it's going to be miserable, so I am hoping my soreness goes away by then. Thanks for the story. It's nice to know that someone else shared the same feelings as I did. Hopefully you'll have a speedy recovery
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Thankyou so much :) I hope you also have a fast recovery. Its definitely a more draining recovery then c-sections but hopefully just asrewarding :) Would love to see your after pics when you feel comfortable enough to put them up
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I'm debating on putting some pics up this weekend... We will see ☺️...very nervous bc I haven't really looked in the mirror yet
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