Lipo of Neck and Eyes with Droopy Skin As a Result - Melbourne, FL

Had eyelid surgery and small neck lift at advice...

had eyelid surgery and small neck lift at advice of surgeon. he only lipo'd expecting that the skin under my eyes and neck would snap back without removing skin, it did not. now my neck and face look worse as the skin has no fat to support it and it sags.

surgeon recommended i start using a firming cream under vivite line after my 6 month f/u as well as, start palomoar laser tx's. surgeon did offer these free of cost yet no results after 1 1/2 years. surgeon keeps saying 'give it time. I don't expect to pay 9k for surgery to wait 1 1/2 years for NO results. would not recommend him or the surgery unless skin is removed


Hi beanercee -- I'm sorry to hear about the loose skin you got as a result of lipo. Are you planning on trying anything like Thermage to tighten it up?

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I am not a plastic surgeon but I learnt from the postings of the certified surgeons that liposuction is not enough in old people (how old are you by the way) as the skin loses its elasticity and would not tighten again. Therefore liposuction should be combined with neck lifting (or skin tightening). By the way, 9K for liposuction alone is way too expensive. Chin liposuction is a minor procedure and costs between 1500-3000 at the average. May be you have to do revision at another good surgeon who can do lifting (skin removal in the neck and under your eyes).
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