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I had full face Ultherapy performed on 7/31....

I had full face Ultherapy performed on 7/31. During the procedure, the Dr. commented on how red my face was starting to become and decided he would not complete the "2nd portion" of the procedure as he was concerned about "blistering". He rescheduled me to return for remainder of the treatment 6 days later. He and his nurse insisted that this "reaction" was not common and repeatedly blamed this on my recent exposure to the sun. ( I was not sunburnt but had been outside for up to an hour two days before the procedure...but again, I was not red at all.)

Well...as soon as I arrived home, I noticed welts appearing on both sides of my lower cheeks and a hard nodule by my right eye. The next morning, my face was incredibly swollen, welts, persisted and I noticed a loss of sensation to lower jaw area. This has continued into the 2nd morning so I called my plastic surgeon. According to the nurse, I am to place cold compresses and 1% hydrocortisone cream to affected areas. Again, she blamed the reaction to my sun exposure. Is this true or more likely due to incorrect depth of procedure?


Gosh, I can definitely see the reaction. I had full face ulthera today and I didn't have any reaction (I almost never get sun exposure though) apart from a light windburnt feeling.

I hope this goes down soon. Keep up the cool compresses.
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Update: Day 2 after procedure, evening. More swollen than this morning and it feels as if someone punched me in the face! Loss of sensation in lower left jaw is effecting my ability to eat and speak. Welts have now turned into horizontal burn marks. I'm starting to get worried. Will call Dr. office again in the morning.
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That is a really good question. I will submit it in our Q&A section so that the board certified doctors who volunteer on here can share their opinions with us. It usually takes 24-48 hours for the doctors to start posting. You can click here to check for answers.

I hope the swelling and welts start to go down soon. Please keep us updated on how you are doing.

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Day 3 after Ultherapy. Swelling on left side of...

Day 3 after Ultherapy. Swelling on left side of face is still very pronounced and there is a noticeable droop to the right side of my face...of more likely that the left side is higher than the right. The welts (ok...burns as you can see from the horizontal lines. Looks like an imprint of the wand) have gone down a bit but still noticeable even with makeup. I have little feeling in the lower left jaw area and still affecting my speech and eating. I feel as if I have had a mini-stroke.
I was contacted by a representative of Ultherapy and a member of their medical team will be contacting me shortly. This was appreciated!
I will update as soon as I hear anything.


Shannon is right. When the transducer doesn't connect properly with the skin, the energy is relayed less deeply and burns can result. Hope you feel and look better soon, Kelly.
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What was the pain experience while you were getting the treatment? Was it an immediate burn sensation? Did it make you jump at all? Did you feel the Dr was placing the head on your skin in a firm and deliberate manner?

Also did the Dr show plenty of before and after shots? How many people do you think the Dr has personally done ulthera on?
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I know it is hard to tell. I do have two small moles on my upper cheek area but the other raised area are the burns.
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Day 4: As suggested by the clinical staff at...

Day 4: As suggested by the clinical staff at Ultherapy, yesterday I started on a steroid pack to reduce the swelling and redness. The swelling and welts..burns...appear to be reduced and I have more sensation in my lower jaw area. I no longer feel like a stroke victim and can speak and eat normally. I still have some drooping in my face which I hope will resolve within the next week or two.

I spoke with my Dr. yesterday and he insists that the transducer was in contact at all times but if you read my response below where I mentioned that I was talking and laughing during the procedure, I can see how the transducer could have lifted from my face.

Thank you to all who have posted and I hope this doesn't scare anyone away from having the procedure. Mine is a very isolated case and the folks at Ultherapy have been great. I hope my issues will resolve quickly and I will continue to update.


Are you healed now, a few months later? Also, interested to know who was your doctor as I live in the same area.
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I'm so glad to read that you are feeling somewhat better Kelly Cocoa! I'll be interested to hear what changes you see from the steroid pack, so please keep us informed. :)

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Someone else on realself advised me to make sure if I felt any burning sensation to stop and ask to see in a mirror. I didn't have that experience so I went right through. But I think now it was good advice. I also heard that ulthera may have modified their machines to this unusual problem.

It's good that you're looking and feeling better, and your experience may have saved other people from this awful situation if it happens that the machine was faulty.

It just goes to show that nothing is 100% guaranteed.
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