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Restylane in Tear Troughs -Melbourne, FL

I have been wanting to do something to help the...

I have been wanting to do something to help the appearance of my hollow tear troughs for a few years now. I feel they make me look tired all the time. After much research, I finally went to a consultation at a local Dermatologist office and was seen by the doctor's medical Aesthetician who recommended Restylane filler under the eyes as well as Skinmedica eye cream, and Lytera to help with some pigmentation. After the consult, I made an appointment to see the Doctor for the tear trough filler, and they squeezed me in on December 3rd. I was given an Arnica gel sample and told about protocol to follow to reduce bruising. I ordered Bromelain and started taking it on Thursday. I stopped drinking my tea that has ginseng, stopped taking ibuprofen, and really hoping to have minimal bruising as I will be going to an event 10 days after my filler appointment.

I am hopeful for good results, but getting a bit nervous after reading some of the bad reviews on here. There was no before/after pictures for me to view, which is something that would have helped to see. I was told she does perform this procedure often, and I was given a copy of New Beauty magazine that she is featured in. She's also an expert injector.

One more week to go, will try to keep this updated.

3 more days...

3 more days until my appointment! My husband told me he was worried the filler would change the way I look (I think he's worried of the overdone look)... So, I looked back at photos nearly 10 years ago when we first met, and showed him I did not have them nearly as pronounced as now. I always have had a bit of shadow under my eyes, in high school I was already being asked if I was tired all the time. Good makeup and concealer did the trick back then, but now makeup only masks the dark circles not the shadows from the deep tear trough. I am hoping for a full correction, but not that bloated overfill look, I want to look natural. I am also noticing an ever so slight shift south of the skin on my face, I am only 33 so it is just starting, but in shadowy light on FaceTime it feels like I am looking at an older version of myself. Maybe it is because I have been pregnant 3 times in the last 6 years, and my weight has been fluctuating quite a bit. I am not sure how much the filler under my eyes will lift this back up, or if I should ask my doctors opinion of I need a bit if filler in other areas as well. When I smile I also get a lot of fine lines under my eyes, I am hoping adding the volume back will diminish them. The eye cream recommended for me is SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair, I didn't purchase it yet, but it has growth factor cells in it that is supposed to help repair the skin over time and help with the fine lines ... I will be purchasing it when I go in for the Restylane.


I had the restylane put in yesterday. The doctor said she would be conservative with the restylane as not to overfill, and can touch up if needed at a follow up appt in 2 weeks. I ended up getting a little botox as well, since I have wrinkling under my eyes when I smile and a small frown line, she said filler alone wouldn't correct. It's my first time so she only used a little (17 units total). I was numbed with ice for 10-15 minutes and then she injected using a cannula. Plain level wasn't too bad on eye one, I felt it more on the second eye because the ice numbing was wearing off but it was still bearable. I have one small bruise that is noticeable, the area under my right eye is very sore and more swollen than the left.. it's swollen out far enough to be in my lower peripheral vision on that side. The left eye area is tender, but not as swollen and the correction looks good right now on that eye. I have no clue yet how much it will go down, I really hope the uneven results right now is just from more swelling on the bruised eye and will go down like the other eye. It has me a little worried, I don't want to be noticeably uneven. I have been icing it, more on the very swollen eye but doing the left eye as well. Also started arnica gel when I got home, and continued taking Bromelain. I have been taking Tylenol for the discomfort, and a Benadryl last night in case the swelling in my right was from allergy but it had no effect.

More photos

4 days after...

It's been 4 days now, and most of the swelling is gone. Yesterday my right eye was still feeling weird, like something was in my eye, it started the day of the injections. I started eye drops yesterday and it is helping. Also I have been noticing a slight numbness all over my face, at first I assumed it was from the swelling or bruising but I am not sure as the only visible bruise is so small. I hope it's temporary and doesn't get any worse! I stopped putting the arnica on my bruise today, just in case the numbness is from that.

So far, I think my under eyes look better than before ... I look less tired and more like my age (33). When they were more swollen it almost completely filled in my tear troughs but now they are showing a bit again (still an improvement from before tho!). I wonder if the restylane will absorb water and fill more in the days to come?

Day 4 pictures

1 week post

It's been a week now and I still have a tender/ bruised feeling under my eyes, more so on the right side. The visible bruise is mostly gone now. I have been really sick with norovirus for the past 2 days, so I haven't been able to hold down anything until this evening a little soup. Will resume Bromelain tomorrow if my stomach allows, and started back with Arnica gel on the bruised areas this evening. You can see my tear troughs more again now, a bit uneven still but one eye is more bruised then the other. Also haven't noticed much results from the botox at all. Still having some numbness in my face too.

Touch up

I had my 2 week visit on Tuesday, and talked with the doctor about the noticeable difference from one side to the other ( my husband actually has been pointing it out, and he's usually oblivious). She said the one side that is puffier was like that before filler. I do see a difference from the two sides in the before picture, but it seems like it drew more fluids right under the right eye. She used the leftover filler to try to build up the area below the puffiness to help disguise it. On my left side she used a little of the leftover to fill in the center where my upper cheek meets the eye socket. She used a tiny needle and it didn't even need ice this time, and no bruising!

Overall I am happy with the improvement from before to now. When I was still swollen at about day 3 or 4 post I liked how filled in and smooth the transition from my cheeks to eye area was, so I am hoping when it's time to get this touched up again when it starts to wear off I will achieve even better results. I wish I would have asked for another syringe to yield a complete correction, but the doctor did not mention more was needed at this time. I know many ppl have differences from one eye to the other, but I would like them to look as close to the same as possible.

I am glad I gave Restylane a shot, I know it is early on still but so far it has improved the tired look. I think the botox also is working, in a very subtle way I look a little softer but still have my full range of facial expressions. In the future, I may consider fat repositioning and grafting ... But only if I can find a surgeon I feel very comfortable with who has a great artistic eye, as the permanent nature of that procedure scares me. In the meantime, Restylane seems like a good solution for me. I will try to update again further out, I am hoping to get the 18mth-2year results but at my consult I was told it would only last 9 months. Only time will tell!

3 weeks post ... Disappointed :(

So I may have jumped the gun on my positive review. It's been a little over 3 weeks since my initial injections, and a week post touch up appointment. The results I thought was improvement is shaping out to have been from swelling and bruising. This was my Christmas present to myself, and my only Christmas present at that, but by Christmas my eyes were not looking so great anymore. The first thing my mother noticed was my right eye looking swollen, and she thought I was sick or hadn't slept. What a bummer, those were the kinds of comments I was hoping to be done with after this procedure. :( :( :( when I smile in my family Christmas photos it looks like bags under my eyes. I just went through the realself gallery again and saw so many great results like I was hoping for, I am not sure how to get them for myself as all the doctors for them are not near me (I'm in central florida). I don't know what to do ... Get it dissolved and risk possible long term effects to some of my natural HA, wait it out until it all absorbs and stay unhappy with my eyes, or go back and try to let her fix them. Right now I am sad, I was hoping to look refreshed, and after seeing my out if town family as well as reviewing before/after pictures from others I am pretty sure it is not just me being a perfectionist. :/

7 months ago pic


Updated pix

Updated pix w/o makeup... :(

5 month update

Since my last post I did daily sinus massage for a couple months to try to drain any excess fluid under my eyes, and extra deep massage where I felt the filler was not in the right place in hopes of moving it to a better spot or dissolving it. I had plenty of days where I considered going to get it dissolved, but was too worried it might make things worst. I think all the massage helped some, along with time. My inner right under eye still bulges out more than the left, and sometimes I see a weird raised line where there is filler where it shouldn't be (can't see it in pictures with my phone camera).

I have been using the Skin Medica Eye cream, at first once per day but now I just use it in the morning before I do my makeup. It's the best eye cream I have used, when I use it my under eye makeup goes on much better and I notice less fine lines. I will be repurchasing when I run out.

Posting some updated pix (no makeup, yuck! )

5 month update pix w/o makeup

With makeup

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Any update ? How did this turn out for you ? Your last photo made me wonder if your filler was not placed correctly. I just had Restalyne injected to my tear troughs a week ago.
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Your results look great! I just took some makeup free pix will post an update. I wish i could find a better injector in my area to have mine corrected but I'm mostly at peace with them at this point.
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I think yours have improved a lot, I wouldn't mess with them if they were mine. You can't risk making them worse again, that would be awful.
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Thank you. Under store lighting, and directly under compact flourescent lights at home even, I get sad when I see my reflection , I think because it's puffy under the eyes it casts a shadow under my eyes and makes me look so much older and very tired. Whenever I see that makes me consider doing something more, even perhaps a lower bleph w/fat repositioning. It won't be anytime soon though, I have yet to find a Doctor with before/after photos of this procedure that I was impressed by.
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Meant to say I waited four years to have my juvederm dissolved and recently had it done again in the troughs with belotero:-) Love it!
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I think you are correct in the fact that the filler is not in the trough itself and either migrated north or the technique was off with the injector. Speaking from a bad experience with juvederm, if you absolutely hate it, I would just have it dissolved. I waited four years to have my juvederm (yes, it is under the eyes and sometimes never goes away). I found an expert injector to use belotero and juvederm in cheeks and love the result. In fact, I'm not as afraid of the vitrase since she just injected a tiny amount in my nasolabial fold and it looks a lot better (a tiny bit of juvederm had shifted). Good luck with whatever you decide and know there are ways to remove it if you absolutely hate it:-)
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Wow 4 years, did it dissolve on its own or did you have to get an enzyme injected to remove it? I tried asking my doctor if the puffiness could be the filler and she said no it was there before, but I never noticed puffiness before only my hollows. It's frustrating. Sorry you had a bad experience as well. I am glad you found a good doctor and love your result now. Thanks so much for your reply.
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Yes it was under there for four years before I decided to have it dissolved. Now I'm facing another round of vitrase for my left nasolabial fold since the juvederm I had juvederm placed about a month ago migrated a bit and is no longer in the fold but to the side of it, and the right side looks great. I'm not as nervous as the first time I decided to try it because the results looked much better than with the product making it look bad. This is why I use only temporary fillers because there is a fix for them!
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You look great! I can't wait to see your next update.
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thanks! =)
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Wow your results are great!!!

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Thanks Jill! I think the more the swelling goes down the more I start to see my old hollows peaking through... I go back in a week and hope the bruising will be gone by then to have a better idea of the results.
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Let us know what they say when you go back :)

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Great results! Did it hurt at all?
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Thanks! I was only numbed with ice packs, not numbing cream, so there was a little pain as the numbing wore off, but it was tolerable. When I got home my under eyes/upper cheeks were hurting a bit, I used arnica gel and Tylenol as needed and it wasn't too bad.
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I forgot to add, I used cold packs on my eyes off and on for the first 3 days, even at night, which helped with the pain from swelling.
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If I end up needing more for touch up it will be a little less, I believe it was $400 for additional vials. Right now she is storing the remainder of the vial for touch ups, hoping not to need another one.
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oops, that was for you Nancy! Not sure why it posted up top. Let me know if you get the procedure, I will follow your review. =)
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Thanks for sharing!  I'm really interested to see how your procedure goes since you are doing the arnica and bromelain.  I'd also love to know what you think of that eye cream.  Is it for anything special, like wrinkles or bags?

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Hi Jill! I am going to buy the eye cream when I go in on Tuesday for the filler. They recommended I do a SkinMedica peel event on Wednesday, I would have gotten a discount if I did... But I decided to just buy the eye cream and not get the peel or Lytera at this time. Once I start the eye cream I can keep you updated if you like! I am hoping the filler takes care of some of the fine lines, they are really only noticeable when I smile so I am thinking its from volume loss.
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I'd love to know what you think of the eye cream, we are always wanting to know what everyone thinks of everything here :)

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Hi, Jill. I bought the eye cream yesterday ($95 after tax, ouch!). The lady at the dermatologist office said I can start tonight but with the swelling and tenderness going on I am not sure if I should start it so soon after getting the filler.
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Ouch for sure!  Hopefully it works- keep us posted.  I'm not sure it would matter if you used it tonight or not, but better safe than sorry I guess.

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Hi Oceangurl, very happy for you. Thank you so much for posting. I am very interested in doing the same procedure. May I ask approx. how much does it cost? Thank you.
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It was $500 for the one vial of Restylane.
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