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I'm 22, 5'5" 196lbs, I was 210 about 3 months ago...

I'm 22, 5'5" 196lbs, I was 210 about 3 months ago and I'm hoping to lose some more weight. Anyway I have a similar story to many of the people on this site. I've had breasts since I was about 8 and they were up to DDs by the time I was 11. They are now at 38H although that cup size is actually to small for me, but my boobs fit mostly in the cups and they weigh a whopping 9lbs all by themselves,. My right breast is probably one to two cups sizes bigger than the left.

They make me honestly miserable most all of the time, both mentally and physically. I am always conscious of them. Although I am 22, I have never been in a relationship with anyone, because whenever someone is interested I stop things because the though of having to take my bra off in front of someone and have them see my monstrous boobs scares me to death.

So, obviously I desperately wish to get this surgery done and have been researching it for at least the past five years. I know I am fairly young for such a serious surgery and most people get it after having children, but I have no plans on children until I am in my thirties at the very least. I also really want to get this done before I enter the professional/real world and since I am set to graduate with my BA in Spring 2013, I do not have much time left.

I just had my consultation with my PS on Monday Aug. 28. I liked him a lot and he seemed really friendly. He seemed very worried about the scarring because I am so young and will have to live with it for a very long time. However the scarring is not a huge deal for me my upper arms are covered in old acne scars from my teens and they are scattered on my chest and shoulders too. Besides that I have never thought scars, especially the kind from cuts, to be particularly ugly; I always think they hold some fascination.

I am more afraid of the needles and the wounds directly afterwards. I have a tendency to faint when poked with needles or confronted with large wounds, especially those with stitches in them. I can barely look at some of the pictures on this site for my squeamishness. However I have been able to overcome my delicacy, so to speak, in order to get a tattoo and have my ears pierced a second time, so I'm mildly confident I could get over myself once more.

My biggest fear however, is possible necrosis of any tissue. Just the thought of it makes me want to cry, although my PS did tell me the chances were very low given I am fairly healthy and do not smoke at all nor ever have.

I am sharing my story here because I do not really have any people in my life who can relate to my situation. None of my friends have such large breasts and neither does any of my family members that I am close to, though that is not to say they are not supportive for they very much are.

Now that I have gone off about my worries I will go back to the facts. At the moment I am awaiting a call from health insurance. My PS says he thinks they will cover the surgery, because my breasts are so large and the fact that I have already undergone about three months of physical therapy in the past for my neck/shoulders/back pain and it did nothing, of course. If insurance does cover it the surgery will cost $150 plus office visit which I think was $35. If everything works out I will hopefully be able to schedule my surgery during my winter vacation from school, because my PS said I would not be able to drive long distances for about 2 weeks after operation and I have to drive an hour to school and an hour back twice a week, but my work schedule is flexible. Anyway, I will keep you all updated and I may post pics if I can get up the courage. Also, I would so sincerely love any encouragement or kind words sent my way just to quell some of the fear I am having. Thank you dearly

Hi Amyfaye,
Just wanted to say welcome to the site, these ladies are so wonderful. I was a mess the few days before my surgery, but when I got there I had asked for something to help my nerves, i was out most of the time until it was done & they were waking me in recovery. i wish you all the best in your BR journey!
Hi kelly
if you haven't already found this site, it is worth a look. it really helped me prepare mentally
Hi amyfaye

Welcome to the site

I’m 61 yrs old and just had my BR surgery 2 weeks ago, after decades (literally) of thinking about it. I can tell you that like many others, I wish I had acted on this way sooner. It’s a brave thing for you to think about.

It is a little freaky to look at my chest at the moment, and like you, I’m not good with needles and wounds. So … a few thoughts. You have to keep a sense of humor about you, it will help you as you go through the whole process. When I found this site, I started with reading the July posts and would highly recommend them (it’s there I found the phrase ‘frankenboobs’ and several posts had me laughing out loud). August group (my group) is pretty funny, too

On the serious side, though: I ALWAYS close my eyes/don’t look when any needles are involved (yes, I’m chicken); even at the dentist if there’s Novocaine involved ☺ I tell the nurse or whoever: don’t take it personally, I just can’t look at this as it happens…. Yes, I feel a little foolish but it is a coping strategy that has worked for me.

My significant other had to put antibiotic ointment on my nipples (I had free nipple graft) and I actually used a sleep mask /something over my eyes so I didn’t have to see what he was doing, or what they looked like. (I admit to sneaking some peaks during week 2 in the mirror as I was getting dressed though, just for a minute or two – a little gross, but not as bad as I thought it would look).

You may want to start a tai chi, chi gong, or yoga type breathing -- I had taken tai chi classes years ago (which was interesting as my boobs would get in the way of the movements…. ) and learned some simple / repetitive breathing techniques. As I was getting my head set for the surgery, at random moments I would just take a few deep breaths and give myself a little positive message (“everything will be fine” “I trust my surgeon” “I will be able to do this”)… would do this on my way to work when stopped at traffic lights, or during the work day if I felt a little anxiety coming on. Found this as a suggestion on one of the forums. There are lots of tai chi/chi gong/yoga/mediations/suggested music on utube, and on some university /hospital websites too (check out alternative medicine centers at university health systems ) I know it sounds hokey (I’m not generally a person who meditates or anything like that), but the breathing seemed to have been very helpful, especially helped on the night before/way in to surgery :-D I was pleasantly surprised and entered surgery suite that morning ridiculously calm considering what was going on.

MUSIC soothes: had the ipod loaded up with music I knew would keep or get me calm.

All that said: keep posting and reading on the site: it is an enormous source of support and information, and I think you’ll find many other young women (and maybe some older ones like me) whose experiences can help you as you get ready for BR

All the best – stay strong!

I'm 23 now. Insurance was approved. They're paying...

I'm 23 now. Insurance was approved. They're paying for it all! Well except for a couple fees, but I will only be paying a couple hundred dollars if that. My surgery is scheduled for March 7th. I'm super scared and have been stressing out about it. I've started to do at least a half hour of yoga every other day or more and that has been helping me relax a lot.

Another thing that has helped is my aunt is a cardiac surgical nurse and is going to personally ask this anesthesiologist, who she and others consider the best around, to do my surgery. And if she can she is going to try to see who else is on my surgical team. So that has made me feel better, more secure.

Anyway I took my measurements they are 47 - 35 - 48. I'm a bigger girl, but I always have been and I actually generally really like my body, except for my breasts. I don't want small boobs, I would just like a more normal size. While I painfully squeeze myself into an H cup, according to my measurements I should be wearing a J/K cup. SO despite all my nervous, freaking out, I'm actually kind of getting excited.

And if I can get the courage up I may post some pictures soon.

Finally had it done Thursday. Had a rough first...

Finally had it done Thursday. Had a rough first two days, but I'm feeling better now. Very swollen, hard, and sore, but my ps says I have even less bruising than he normally sees which is great. I've only snuck a few peaks getting in and out of the shower because I'm squeamish and they really don't look too bad for what they are.
I'm of Percocet and am just taking regular tylenol every 6 hours. Im also having to have daily blood thinner shots in my stomach, giving me a nice pocadot pattern of bruises on my stomach.
Haven't taken any pics yet. Like I said I can barely peak at them right now. But I will finally post a few preop photos.
Oh and my ps took 600g out of my left breast and 1,000g out of my right.
Good for you. Get some rest and take it easy
Congrats! How has recorvery been going? Im having my surgery on June 19, nervous but excited
congrats, let the healing begin. I have a lot of the same fears as you had but everyone says it is worth it. Your before girls must have been so painful.
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