Amazing Vaser Lipo results on my abs - Melbourne, Australia

Words cannot describe my satisfaction with the...

Words cannot describe my satisfaction with the reults of vaser liposuction which I had performed on my tummy 3 months ago. The results were immediate and impressive.

PROs - Hardly any pain (Ive had more pain during my period) - Very limited bruising or swelling - Immediate results!! The after photo below was taken the day after the surgery. - I now have a 6 pack - making the hours spent in the gym worthwhile.

CONs - wearing the cumbersome compression gear during 40 degree (c) heat in an Australian Summer.

I have always been quite fit but overweight. I had recently lost 20 kilos prior to my vaser procedure. I chose vaser liposuction because I did a lot of ab weight work but couldn't acheive the 6 pack look i desired because i was carrying extra abdominal fat. I did a heap of research on reputable surgeons in Victoria and read at least 100 real-self reviews before booking my procedure with the Doctor I found to be the most experienced and knowledgeable in this procedure. It has been one of the best decisions I have made for my body and for my self esteem.

Yeah I never got around to posting my before and...

Yeah I never got around to posting my before and after photos. It's now been 2 years and I'm still very happy with the results. The best thing is that it's extremely hard to put abdominal fat on ..bonus! However one thing I would point out is that when I do put weight on it goes everywhere except where the liposuction was performed. As such I need to be very careful about weight gain as it may appear very disproportionate. So I still have a 6-pack and a couple of months in the gym + low carb diet + tan really shows it off. I would recommend it if you have a bit of belly fat you can't budge.

Regarding pain after the surgery. Well it's a distant memory now but I remember it not being an issue. I was back at work 3 days later.. No probs. the bruising took about 6 weeks to fade. I had some swelling over my fanny/pelvic region which scared me as it looked foul. That disappears after a week or so. I had general anaesthetic. :))

Ps. I have some stretch marks which the vaser...

Ps. I have some stretch marks which the vaser can't do anything about! If u get it done make sure u wear the compression garment for as long as possible to ensure smoothness. I had a tiny haematoma under the skin in the midline area which took about 6 months to resolve. I could feel it but it wasn't visible
Dr. Daniel Lanzer

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Hey thanks Ausgirl! Your abs look amazing! I live in Perth but it seems appealing going to Dr Lanzer. He seems very good and his prices are less than what you find in Perth. Also, I think he's the only doctor who provides long-term fat storage. A really good idea for future breast augmentation (when it's allowed in Australia). Sounds really good that you hardly had pain. Maybe you have a high pain threshold? Did you do your flanks/love handles too or just lower ab? I have more fat on my flanks/love handles and not too much on the lower ab. But because you just said that the fat when you gain weight tends to go to untreated areas first, I think it's wise to treat both my lower abs and flanks. Otherwise the fat may migrate to my lower abs if I gain weight! So are you a pear-shaped kind of girl or more apple? I'm just wondering since I'm pear-shaped, whether that means that if I gained fat in the future it would go first to my thighs and butt rather than arms and breasts etc (I hardly gain weight on the upper body). Thanks again!
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Hi miffy! I had flanks and love handles done as well! I'm a pear shape too! It's good that you don't carry a lot of weight in your arms as I have noticed that when I do put on weight it goes to my posterior arms/ fadubadahs! Lol and I also notice it on the front of my thighs and in my boobs! But as soon as I lose weight they shrink down again. I'm in proportion now so it's not a problem. Definitely get your hips/ flanks/ upper and lower and done. Otherwise u may notice it if u do put on weight. I can tell u that dr Lanzer is quite the artist with his vaser laser... I truly am so happy still with my abs. I wish i could show u the before pic as the difference is quite amazing. And it was instantly noticeable. He is a very busy man though so don't expect him to hang around for a chat! He is all business.. But his nurses are lovely and very caring. Yeah really the recovery went quite smooth. I obviously had oozing from the cannula sites for a day or so, and I remember needing help to get up off the bed and had to stand up to use the toilet for the first night. In my opinion the pain was perhaps a little more intense that muscle pain after a really heavy weight training session. Good luck and if u have any other Qs just ask :)
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Hey cool, thanks for your answer! I don't have much fat on the upper ab though. So dunno if I should also do that since it's already so expensive. So if you had GA how come you only paid $4500 in total incl. GST? Is that price including GA, Anaesthetist's fee and hospital fee? I think prices may have gone up since then... :(
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The $4500 was just for the abdominal hi def vaser!! In my original post I never commented on the other areas I had done. The total cost ( I think) was about $9500.00 including the garments, anethetist and GA. I would've though the cost of the vaser would have decreased a little? Did you get a quote for what u want done? If he thinks u need the upper abdo done as well to make it look nicer, I'm sure he will recommend it to you.
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Yeah that price sounds closer to it :) Eeek. Soo expensive. It may not be worth the trip to Melbourne considering I'd also have to pay for accommodation. But then again Daniel Lanzer is a liposuction 'artist' as you say. Thanks so much for your help!
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Hi Ausgirl, question: where are the scars of your surgery and are they noticeable? Also, straight after you had the surgery and you were up and about, was it easy to conceal the fact that you had it done or was it obvious - like was the compression garment hard to hide under tight clothing etc.? Just want to know whether people could figure it out easily or not...
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Hi miffy! After the surgery I think I had 6 tiny cuts each about 6mm long from the suction cannulas. These are left open so the residue liquified fat can ooze its way out. They stick pads over each site to avoid infection. The oozing feels wet and gross but mine only oozed for about a day. I had one cut in each groin, one on each inner upper thigh, and one on each side of the lower belly about 10 cm from and at the level of the belly button. I can hardly see them. If you are a keloid scarrer they may be more noticeable but they are so small it's insignificant. The compression garments are tight but fairly thin and can be worn under the right clothes without seeing them. There is however this big thick extra compression wrap thing that dr Lanzer has devised for his vaser patients to wear. There is no way you can hide this thing as its about 8cm thick and wraps right around your abdomen sumo style!! Your meant to wear it day n night for 2 weeks but I took it off when I left the house! So it's absolutely possible to do this without everyone knowing. No one knows I had it done except my hubby and I had it done one week before Chrissy. The bruising is hangs around for weeks and would have to be hidden under clothing.
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Oh and I would say I was back to normal activities within a week. I was walking around the next day, just awkwardly and a bit stiff and tender in places.
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Hi, I don't see any pictures of our results. :) Did you go under General Anaesthetic or Local? I'm surprised you had little post-operative pain. Could you walk around and do normal things straight away or was there some down time - how long? Thanks heaps.
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