Asymmetry - Can't See Much Difference After Upper Blepharoplasty

I am disappointed as my eyes still don't look...

I am disappointed as my eyes still don't look 'opened' up and 'untired' and really wanted to show my eyelids.

Had an allergic reaction the very first night and ended up so swollen my eye closed and the other was about to close. Surgeon said I was allergic to ointment (Chlormycetin) and was prescribed Prednisolone which reduced the swelling over 3 days. As a result I feel eyes haven't opened up enough and inner right eye looks like it's been stretched/pulled down to give an 'Asian' appearance to the inner corner which I really wanted lifted to look more open.

So disappointed and it's now 8 weeks and I can't see much of a difference after going through surgery.

Will this be an indication of what the final end result will look like - ie not much difference at all? I'm depressed as I have always been self-conscious of my 'hooded' eyes and hated them and was so excited to actually be able to have eyelids showing.

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I should have done more research and asked to see more of his work (photos etc) and should really have gone through an oculoplastic surgeon or plastic surgeon rather than a cosmetic surgeon.

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I am 9 weeks post surgery eyes/neck and my eye complaint is that my he cut closer to the lid on the left eye then the right.

The left eye is sore and is puffier than the right.

P.S. says he may need to go back and revise the left eye (take more skin out) but that we should wait and see.

How long should I wait?

I'd like to hear from someone who's been through it as
my P.S. has been overly confident with me since day 1.

Thank you!!
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I think your results are pretty much perfect — completely symmetrical and not too different from your original look, but just enough to make a difference. You really won't like it if too much of your lids are showing after your surgery, it won't look like you. I speak from personal experience of having an over-aggressive bleph. Just enjoy your new look! It looks great and no-one would be able to tell why! That's the whole point of plastic surgery.
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I'd say you are a bit undercorrected. But is is easier to fix undercorrected than to fix overcorrected. A little more skin removal with elevation of the crease would probably be helpful. Good luck!
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i joined realself just to reply to you. i definitely see a difference. the before photo shows that your brows are much higher, which seems to indicate that you were raising them with your forehead muscles to keep them from drooping. your eyes in the after photo look much more relaxed, your eyebrows lower. you have exotically beautiful eyes. i hope you're happier now with the outcome.
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We are all are own worse critics...I personally can see a difference in your eyes, they look much more rested and your eyes are beautiful! I feel your pain though, I still look at my eyes in the mirror and can find something wrong with them. I can tell your eyes are still swollen. As soon as I hit the 3 month mark my swelling went away and my eyes started looking more like one another. I will post a more recent picture soon and you will see how much they can change from month to month. It's hard to be patient because you see them everyday and expect to wake up and look in the mirror and your eyes to be perfect but it's a gradual process...Just hang in there, they will look even better in a month..
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Hi just to let know that you are still swollen not only from the surgery, but from the allergic reaction. You will look nice once you heal. For the swelling to go down takes a good year. Dont do anything else to yourself i had my eyes done and i look real bad i wish i could take it all back. Be patient and love yourself for how you look I would give anything if my eyes looked at least half of yours.
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Hi eric12, thanks for your reply. Geez I can't believe I have to have so much patience! I guess I was expecting to have the final result at around 2mths and now I am reading it can take up to a year to see the real 'final' outcome. It's so hard when you look at yourself everyday and it still looks the same to me. Also every time I look at other people's photos from day 1 their eyes look different and I mean with a big difference on the size of their eyelids. My eyelids just don't look any bigger - I would prefer the hollow look to what I've got now. To think you spend (well for me anyway) a large amount of money for a difference to be made to my eyes and self-esteem and I feel I've wasted the money and time and feel worse looking at myself. I have always been hooked up on having larger looking eyelids especially when have no makeup on as I look so tired and old!! Anyway I know I need to be patient from what everyone has said but it is hard when you have to look at yourself every day and can't resist looking to see if there's any difference every day. I am wondering if anyone else has gone through the same thing as me and after patience and time they have ended up with a totally satisfactory result?
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I didnt get a chance to tell you that my first surgery also went bad. That doctor had no clue what he was doing. I did the top and also did the bottom of my eyes and do they look bad. Let me start by telling you that my bottom lid got ectropion and another thing called scarlet show where you can see a lot of the white of your eye. Now for the top he removed too much fat and tissue. The top has ptosis and i look horrible. I recently had another surgery only to correct the medical issues with Dr Norman Shorr. Beverly Hills. California. So far i like what i see. I heard that he was the best doctor to fix all of my medical problems and i am so glad i did my homework. At first i was afraid but, i made the best choice i would highly recommend him he has been an eye doctor for over 37 years. He also has a technique that he invented called the madame butterfly that is used when you have doll eyes it worked very well on my eyes i was a mess. Now i can look at myself in the mirror. To end let me tell you to please be patient.
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