Very Excited About Rhinoplasty in Two Weeks! - Melbourne, Australia

I guess my story is a little less typical... I...

I guess my story is a little less typical... I broke my nose when I was young, but it hasn't been until later into adulthood that my crooked nose has bothered me. Im really self conscious about it now, and the decision to have rhinoplasty has been an easy one.

I only had one consultation and booked in with the surgeon right away. I think he will be great! It's exactly two weeks from today until my surgery, super excited and not nervous (yet!)

I will share photos soon :)
Wow. You had only one consult and decided to have surgery! Make sure your doctor unserstans what you desire in your new nose. Good luck and pls keep us updated.
Yep! I had neither the time or desire to see lots of surgeons so I did my research before consult and then when I met my surgeon, all of the positive reviews of him made sense to me. But I am also realistic about it, I don't expect a dramatic change but more an improvement. My nose is crooked so I want that corrected, also I want to be able to breathe again! My surgeon has also suggested slightly narrowing my nose and slightly refining the tip, which I am happy to go with as his before and afters look great.
I agree the conultation pocess may take a long time. It sounds like a very good plan. I hope everything goes well.

photos of my crooked nose :)

another before pic

wishing you all the best! I look forward to watching your progress
Thank you! Feeling nervous now, one more sleep...
Just two weeks missing! I wish you the best of results and will keep checking your profile to give you support! Good luck :)

one more sleep...

So ive just packed my overnight bag for my hospital stay. Starting to get really nervous! Excited, but nervous. Keep voicing irrational thoughts like what if I die under the general anesthetic? Im sure lots of people think those things, but talking about it drives my fiance crazy! Hope it all goes smoothly, will update afterwards....
And those irrational thought are totally normal, but you will be fine.You'll be awake before you know it. I was EXACTLY the same before my anaesthetic, I even cried myself to sleep the night before.
Yep me too! I felt like i would be the exception and something bad was gonna happen. Im glad i wasnt the only one thinking that haha
totally, I always put myself in that 1%. Horrible isn't it!

I am alive!

So I survived ! Overall, it wasnt too bad. I had a bit of a longer wait than expected after admission, which didn't help my nerves, but all of the nursing staff were wonderful and made me comfortable while waiting. Once I got to the operating theatre the anethesist gave me something to relax me before putting me to sleep. The last thing I remember is being asked was whether I could feel the drug to which I responded 'yes' and.... then suddenly im awake again thinking 'I did it! Im alive!!'

I stayed overnight in the hospital and I have to say, it wad rough. Very difficult to sleep without being able to breathe properly, and I felt pretty drugged out. Also I have very bad bruising and swelling on my eyes, so I am looking awful. But very little pain at all. Ive only had one panadol so far, and that was just before having the packing taken from my nose, which was gross but not painful.

my surgeon says he is very happy with the way the surgery went. He had to break my nose in two places to get it straight. Already I can see my nostrils are more even, which is pretty exciting. Cant really tell much more although my fiancé says it looks straighter.

Thank you to all of those who kindly took the time to write messages of support, I really appreciate it. Xxx
You did it! Speedy recovery to you.
Thank you :)
You're going to be so happy once it's all done. I had my splints removed today and although very swollen I am so pleased with the results. The week after surgery is the hardest and you just want to be able to breath, but trust me it's worth it in the end. Good luck for the rest of your week!

thoughts id add some recovery pics. . warning they are NOT pretty!

You are going to look amazing when you heal! Hang in there, the first week is rough. It gets better. It takes courage to be able to do this for yourself. Congrats.
Thank you so much, and yes recovery has been worse than id expected but I'm trying to stay positive:) xx
but wow that looks like a straight nose! Well done, hope you're feeling good soon

hard day today

After reading so many stories on here about recovery, I know that feeling emotional and having uncertainty is very normal after this surgery. Ive nevertheless had a pretty tough day today. Am starting to worry that maybe it wont look good, wont be worthwhile etc... lots of discomfort and expense if it doesnt look great. I know doubts are all part of the experience but its still hard... :(

I think ill be happier when I can breathe properly again and taste food again.

Swelling has subsided from my eyes and is now in my face, I have lovely fat cheeks lol The bruising has started to yellow which I think is a good sign? Will add pics.

oh also I thought I should add

I had septoplasty and rhinoplasty, which probably explains the extent of my discomfort and bruising. Am excited for the day that I will be able to breathe out of both nostrils again, will certainly make yoga a better experience!
wait tell the swelling falls to your jaws! I was miserable but had to laugh because it looked like curt russels jaws on my face! At least something made my smile during the dreaded week of torment post rhino.. Hang in there, it does get better but it was one of the longest weeks of my life!
yes the bruising is looking good already, how lucky!
You are going to look amazing. I can totally relate to having doubts, but it will all be worth it in the end. Recovery is tough, but by day 4 I felt pretty good. Hang in there :)

think I've turned a corner!

Feeling much better today. The bruising is still grossing me out, but swelling in my face has subsided a little and overall I feel better physically and emotionally. Ive tried to cover some of the bruising on my cheeks with mineral makeup, with fairly limited success lol but even just 'fading' them does make me feel better.

My sense of taste is returning along with my appetite. Ive lost 2kg already, so need to try to eat a bit more.

Tonight im going to try for a natural sleep, as ive needed sleep aids to get me through the past three nights.

Only two more sleeps till cast removal, nervous and excited :)

swelling and bruising at day 4

Thought I'd add some pics showing swelling and bruising 4 days post op.
Awwwwww u look cute even with the bandages and bruises :) Always waiting to see more updates from you. Hope youre managing to sleep a bit better. xx

one week appointment with surgeon, cast off on Friday!

So it has been a week since my surgery. Its weird, in some ways the time has flown but in another sense it feels like an eternity!!

I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon & got stitches removed today. Getting the stitches out was awful! Not too painful but the sensation of having my nose touched made me feel sick! Happy that part is over.

My surgeon decided to leave the cast on as I had extensive work done. So it was a bit of an anti climax, as I was ready to have it taken off today. He looked up my nostrils and seemed happy with my progress.. which prompted me to look up my nostrils @home lol and now im doing the way-too-early freak out thing as I feel like they're asymmetrical?? Ive added a pic for opinions...

My bruises and swelling have subsided a lot and the rest ive been covering with makeup. My smile is so weird! Has anyone else experienced this!? Hoping it will correct itself soon...

will post again after friday cast removal!

bruises and swelling fading YAY!

Just adding pics to show how my bruising is fading
Looking great, already!
You already look great! Good luck with cast removal. :)

cast off today, very happy!!!

Just going to post pics for now and will do a proper update later. Im very pleased with the results, even with the swelling. Its amazing to have a straight nose! And its going to get smaller and better :)

new nose :)

WOW!!!! u look amazing!!!! :) im so excited for u xx
Thank you lovely :):)

cast removal part two!

So today was the big, much anticipated day of my cast removal. I woke with a mixture of nerves and excitement. So many people on here have described that fear of having the cast off and seeing no change at all, and I was the same.

Thankfully there wasn't a wait at the surgeon's office and I went straight through to see a nurse, who removed it. It was completely painless. As soon as she handed me the mirror I knew my surgeon had done a good job. Its straight! Still can't believe it. As expected, its swollen and puffy and not all that attractive yet, but I don't care because it is STRAIGHT! And I can breathe!!!

I kept thanking the nurse and my surgeon over and over, I think I was in a bit of disbelief over it all.

I have been noticing some slight asymmetry at the tip but won't sweat it until all of the swelling subsides.

Im still wearing tape that will stay on for three more days, but im happy to be in public now, bruises and all, as I was going crazy after 9 days in the apartment!

Ill add some more before pics and some more afters now :)

Thanks so much to everyone that has been following me and supporting me, it has made a big difference to my recovery and I intend to offer the same support and advice to others. xx
you are looking great! Im so glad that you are happy with the results, thats the most important thing.. The best part is it will keep getting better! :)
thank you :)
Wow you look great already!! What a major improvement!!

Two days post cast removal - pics

Still a lot of swelling but it is taking shape a bit more. Very exciting to see it change! And to breathe properly again!

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You look absolutely amazing... Can i ask please how much your surgery was all up? With hospital charges and anesthetist??
Thank you lovely! Before private health insurance and medicare rebates, it came in at around $12K, but I paid around $7.5K as my private health insurance covered the hospital stay (which would have been around $3K) and I received around $1.5K from medicare for the surgery and anesthetist. Ive been really happy with my results so far and my surgeon is really lovely, kind manner and a perfectionisy :)
Amazing results. You don't look like you had surgery. Congrats.

two weeks post surgery!

So ive been doing pretty well. I went back to work this week which was haaaard... still exhausted from the surgery I think, but I improved as the week went on and im feeling almost back to my usual energy levels. Yay!

My nose changes day to day. Mid week I had some asymmetrical swelling which freaked me out a bit... but it seems to have evens up in the past couple of days

ive had lots of comments along the lines of "it is very natural" and "you still look like you" which I guess is a good thing?! Lol.. the difference is more noticeable to my fiancé, who can see it has been narrowed as well as straightened. I guess it will become more refined in time. I've included two week pics :)
I think you have wonderful results- congrats!
Do u suggest this surgeon..I Iive in melbourne and I want a nose job in the next 2 years or so and dont know where to start!!
Hi there! I have been very happy so far and believe he is an excellent surgeon :) a lot of people have a number of consultations before deciding, but I didnt really feel need to (he was the only surgeon I saw) If you have a referral from your doctor, you can claim some of the cost of your first consultation back from medicare. Ive heard that andrew greensmith is also good! Let me know if you want any more info, im very happy to share!

four week post

Thought id pop in for another update. the last couple of weeks have been very busy! My nose seems to change all the time... overall I am happy, but the last few days ive been anxious because there's an indent in my right nostril that is creating some asymmetry... im not sure whether this will correct itself or not, seems like it may not be related to swelling but is a structural thing? ? I am posting pics for opinions, any advice would be so much appreciated. thanks all xxx
Do you remember when you first could wash your hair and have a shower?
Your nose looks amazing!
Wow! You were stunning before, and now you're stunning with a perfect nose :) I'm on day 2 of my recovery (also caused by breaking my nose as a child). I hope my results are as good. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

almost three months!

Cant believe it has almost been 3mths since the op. All is progressing pretty well. My nose is not perfect, but it is a lot better. It still kind of swings to one side a little, but I am not fussed with that :) attached some pics.
Very pretty!
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