4 1/2 months on ......new pics

I have always been very flat chested, I got to 13...

I have always been very flat chested, I got to 13 years old and all my friends were getting bras and I still had nothing! Getting a breast augmentation would always cross my mind, however due to many reasons, money, job, getting married and three babies time slipped away.

I am now 38 years old 173cm tall and weigh 58kgs and after having my beautiful babies I am now even flatter (if that's possible lol) than before. My husband never really wanted me to get my boobs done as he said he loved me just the way I was etc etc, however over the years he has realised how much I hate looking the way I do. I explained to him how not a moment goes by in my mind when I undress about how depressed I am looking at my boobs, I feel like a child or a boy! I would be embarrassed wearing my bikini at the pool and even with padding etc still looked flat and boney in my chest.

So I finally did it and went to two surgeons and decided to go with my second
Surgeon. When he was measuring me he said yes you have no breast tissue at all!! I said you're telling me lol!!! So my ps recommended 280cc moderate profile round silicone under the muscle. I want to look fairly natural and my goal size is a large b to a c cup. I hope that I will get there with 280cc. I actually rang my surgeon last week and asked to go a little bigger maybe to 300cc??? It's so worrying as I don't want to go through all of this and regret not going bigger but I also don't want to look that obvious that I got my boobs done. Like everyone else I am so nervous but so excited about finally having boobs and actually shopping for bras that aren't padded!!!

My 6 yr old keeps seeing me looking at reviews and told my husband that mummy keeps looking at bras and she wants some for Mother's Day ha ha. Anyway ill keep you updated with my progress its so wonderful to read everyone's journeys and know that I'm not alone and that it will be ok.

Hi! Will be following your story also! We have such similar stories,, except I have furry 4-legged kids, LOL
Thankyou, it's exciting!!!!
ooops.. sorry I just assumed your 6 year old was a boy, I thought I read that somewhere.

I spoke to the plastic surgeon today and we have...

I spoke to the plastic surgeon today and we have both agreed on 310cc! I feel much happier with that size, the 280cc was worrying me as I didn't want to regret not going bigger. So hopefully the 310cc will get me to my goal size of a large b small c. Now just the waiting.......4 weeks to go, can't wait!!!!!
There's a few gals here having BA in 4 weeks like you; I'm very excited for all of you! I'm glad to hear you are happy with the size you chose :) Im on day 10 and the silicones are feeling softer by the day, I hope these next few weeks fly by for you! Have you started prepping for your BA (bras, meds, comfy pillows etc)?
So glad you are recovering so well, you look great!!!! I am not prepared really on what to buy, I have some bras etc and plan on buying a pillow, but I hear a lot of you girls talking about arnica??? I am in Australia and haven't heard of arnica so I will go to the chemist and see what I can find, getting excited now, but worrying about recovery!!!!
Hey justsome I read yr story and I'm so excited 4 u! I'm 2 weeks post op and I like u were very very flat chested and I have 2 say this was the best decision I have ever made. I love my new girls. I was undecided about size also I wanted a natural look and my ps said I couldn't go real big because I have no breat tissue 2 work with so I just trusted his judgement and I went with 385 mod profile gummy inplants and I have 2 say I love the look so far I'm just waiting on them 2 settle and drop n 2 place. Just remember when u go under the muscle u will loose alittle cc. Best of luck and keep us updated.

Well only 1 week to go!!!! Can't believe I am...

Well only 1 week to go!!!! Can't believe I am actually doing this!!!! Sometimes I try not to think about it as my mind tries to talk me out of it and I feel guilty etc for spending so much money on myself. I am very excited though and can't wait to throw out my terrible padded bras!!!
The hospital rang today to confirm my surgery and I won't know what time I'm due to be operated on until the day before. Anyway I Am pretty ready I think???? I have my pillow, arnica cream and body butter and I'm full of nerves but hope this week goes quick.
Thanks for sharing your story! I am starting with next to nothing and getting 300cc and 325cc so it's nice to follow those who may have similar results to my own. Don't forget to keep us updated! :D
Thankyou, when is your surgery? Im tomorrow and I can't believe it is actually happening, so excited, but scared too, I will definitely keep everyone updated, :)
I'm set up for April 16th! I'm super nervous too!! Thinking of you today!

Well tomorrow is the day!!!!!!! I can't actually...

Well tomorrow is the day!!!!!!! I can't actually believe it's happening it seems like I was waiting forever and now this time tomorrow I'm going to have boobs!!!!! I rang the hospital today and my surgery isn't until 11.30am and I have to fast from midnight tonight!! I'm going to be starving come my surgery and the anticipation will be killing me all morning!!!

Well I've cleaned the house, made some dinners for next week and froze them, I have everything I need after surgery. It's just the waiting now. I'm going to explain to my kids tonight about my surgery. They sort of know what's happening but haven't been very interested they are 9,8 and 6. My best friends gave me a little bag today filled with magazines, a new bra, and Reece's peanut butter cups which are my favourite!!! My sister also dropped over a good luck card and a box of chocolates so I have been spoilt. My sister knows how depressed I've always been about my boobs and totally understands my decision to have the surgery. Funny thing is ten years ago she had a breast reduction!!!! It's a joke in our family that I should have been lying in the bed next to hers getting some of hers that she didn't want!!! Anyway I will post some photos as soon as I can. I am soooooo nervous x
I hope your surgery goes fantastically tomorrow - good luck!
Thank you so much! I am just about to leave for the hospital. I'm so nervous and excited......and hungry lol. Hope you are well I only just looked at your pics, you look great!!! Hope your recovery goes well. Ill post a pic later :)
Congrats on your new additions! I'm sore under my arms and a little farther down around the curve of my boobs, too. I think that they look great!

I finally have boobs!!! I just got home and feel...

I finally have boobs!!! I just got home and feel good, I'm drugged up a little so don't know how the pain will be when it wears off. So far the pain is not as bad as I thought it would be. It's a little hard to breathe in and out and just tender around my underarms??? And chest. I will post more later but here are some pics!!! Sooo happy I did this !!!!

Last night wasn't too bad. I was expecting the...

Last night wasn't too bad. I was expecting the worst but I set my alarm to go off every three hours to take my meds. I woke up once with a little pain so just took some stronger meds Endone which is like morphine I think so felt much better.
My surgery went well. My husband and I got to the hospital at 11.30, and by this stage I was starving!!!! I was sent in pretty much straight away. I had to take an anti nausea tablet and a gastric acid tablet. I was weighed and then placed on a bed and waited for my PS to arrive. The nurses were so lovely and knew I was nervous. My ps came in did his markings and we had a little talk and then the anaenthitist came in and placed a needle in my forearm and gave me some calming drug as he called it and bam I feel asleep.
I woke up at 2pm in recovery and just felt a liitle sore and hard to breathe in and out like something was on my chest. So the nurse gave me fentanyl and I fell asleep for another two hours. When I woke again the nurse helped me get dressed and I saw my boobs !!!! I was so happy just to see something on my chest, it was surreal!!! Anyway I was sent out to another recovery room where I met my hubby. He was worried as I took so long. So the nurse gave me sandwiches and a cup of tea, and I can tell you it was the best cup of tea I've ever had ha ha!! I was then discharged as I didn't feel sick at all, I briefly spoke to my Ps who said everything went well and that I had waterproof tape and the stitches are disolveable so I can shower when I want.
I went home and lay down and pretty much slept on and off through the night.

My three girls were so gorgeous, they came in to me and were so gentle and kissed me. My youngest is quite wild ha ha but she knew to be gentle.
I had a shower this morning and it felt sooo good I was a little nervous having a shower and was very careful. I keep looking at my boobs and can't believe it!! I've been waiting so long for this and I feel so happy already. Just to fill out a bra and look feminine, I wish I did it years ago but I think the time is right in my life now. I have no regrets at all so far and just hope everything goes well with my healing. I started some light post op exercises this morning like raising my arms slowly up, and there was very little pain, so I feeling pretty good. I know some people say day three is bad so I am preparing myself for that. Anyway I'm just resting today, kids are at school so have a quiet house!!! Lol. I also posted a photo of the bra my girlfriends got me as I remember looking at it when they gave it to me thinking how good it will feel when I can fill this!!!!!!!
I love that your friends bought you a pretty new bra! That's awesome!
another Aussie here!! congrats!! :-)

I am day 3 post op and love my boobs. They are...

I am day 3 post op and love my boobs. They are very swollen and hard but I like the size. I have a lot of swelling in between my chest and when I touch it it is soft, so I assume its fluid?? Has anyone else had this? I also have swelling around the sides of my ribs near the incisions which are puffy too, wondering when that goes away? Will ice make it better? So many questions lol. I feel pretty good still sleeping reclined in a chair but just taking ibroprofen and paracetamol regularly.
I found out the PS put in silimed silicone round implants 305cc Hi profile, so glad I didn't get the 280cc now, I think this size is good for my shape I could of even gone a little bigger maybe 320cc but I am still happy with my choice. Hope everyone is recovering well and will update again soon :)
SOexcited for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thankyou, I still cant believe its happened, not long for you either, good luck and Ill be looking forward to your updates too :)
I have a feeling I will be in shock that I actually did it lol I'm not nervous at all but Wednesday morning might be a different story. I had a dream I over slepr, that would be horrible, but I doubt ill even sleep the night before lol

Post op day 4 - still really puffy and swollen in...

Post op day 4 - still really puffy and swollen in between my chest where my muscle is I suppose anyone else have this, I'm a bit worried?
Been doing some post op exercises but my ps does not suggest massage but I can't really feel my boobs getting any softer yet. I know it can take time.
I feel pretty good only taking panadeine extra strength and just have sore chest muscles but pain wise nothing really. Sleeping on the lounge still but getting good sleeps considering. I tried on a few bras I tried on pre op and was so happy actually being able to fill out the bras now!!!!!
Justsome, your results look great! It's nice to see your size! I'm getting 325HP on May 1st, so it's nice to see the results! So glad you are happy. It sounds like you had wonderful support from your friends and family, that's awesome! :) Congratulations! -KL
Hi thankyou, I am feeling good. I think 325cc will be perfect for you as you aren't totally flat like I was so you will probably a nice full c. I am fitting in small c big b post op bras at the moment but I know things can change. I have had a great recovery resting a lot which can make you stir crazy as I'm usually always busy on my feet but its been good for the recovery. Ill be looking forward to seeing your results soon :)
Thank u and yes I had my husband and mom and kids helping me im very happy with myself and my girls :) are you going to post ur b4 and after pic

I'm post op day 9 today and I can say today I am...

I'm post op day 9 today and I can say today I am feeling really good. Last night was the first night I slept in my bed since surgery day. I had been sleeping on a day lounge for 8 nights but my back and neck were so sore I couldn't stand it anymore. I was able to lie down with just two pillows and can lie a little on my side now so I am so happy. I have little soreness now and my chest muscles aren't very sore either so I am able to do so much more now. Went to my post op appointment yesterday where my sutures were checked and everything is healing well. No infection and I just have to keep the micropore tape on for six more weeks!. If anyone is having surgery soon the first week is the hardest but it is getting so much better now!!! Can't wait for the boobs to soften up !

Tomorrow it will be two weeks post op!!! I...

Tomorrow it will be two weeks post op!!! I actually drove for the first time today and felt good. I am not taking any pain meds and just massage bio oil and arnica cream on my boobs twice a day. So happy to drive though I was going crazy being cooped up inside and getting everyone to drive me everywhere! So excited I bought a bikini today on sale as we are away to Thailand in June. It was the best feeling to pick up a bikini and get the same size top and bottom and not a extra small top with medium bottoms.

I have noticed my left boob has dropped a bit but my right is higher, I also notice I have a space between my breasts which I guess was there before but I never knew as I had nothing, so my cleavage isn't close. I can't complain though its early days and I have boobs!!! Instead of a flat boys chest. Anyone considering this, it is so worth it my self esteem has increased and it is not as half as bad the pain/ recovery, it is so worth it!!!!


The blue bikini is so cute! Looks great on you. Glad you are healing well and I can't wait til I am at your stage after surgery! Happy healing!
Thankyou, I am so glad I finally did this, I read your review and I had the same feelings as you the more I waited for my surgery the more I talked myself out of it worrying about the worst. I can tell you if I knew it was going to be like this I would of done it years ago. The recovery isn't half as bad as I was imagining and my self confidence now has already improved. I can fill my tops now and bras without huge padded bras!!! I have seen a few people since my op and no one can tell, they are easy to hide. Good luck with your op and try not to worry as you will be so happy when you are on the "other side" . Ill look forward to your post op pics :)
Thank you!! Reading your reply makes me feel a bit better.. You know before your surgery and you are just stocking this site and looking up every possible thing you can and freaking out! That's me! It's SO SCARY!!! But I believe you when you say you have more confidence already and would have done it years ago, I am sure I will feel that way soon! That's good to hear too that you can hide them if you need too, I am not a fan of everyone having an opinion on my chest lol. Thank you again and I will try hard not to worry sooo much..if thats possible.

9 weeks po - can't stop buying bras !!

9 weeks!!! It has gone so fast it feels like I had my boobs done so long ago. I am loving my boobs, sometimes I wish I went a little bigger but I am so happy. I am able to sleep on my sides and I even slept on my stomach the other night for a while. As I started out with nothing it took a while for my boobs to feel soft and moveable, but realised in the past week or so they are much softer and moving around more.

One thing I love now is bra shopping!!! A task I hated on the past. I saw a 10a bra today and it was tiny and just to think I had gaps in my old 10a s!!! I am measuring a 10c and my 10b bra my friends got me is too small now!!! Best thing I have ever done for myself:)
Great look! Love the natural look!
Thank you, I didn't want to go too big for me especially going from totally flat :)
Exactly what I felt too. So glad to have nice, well formed breasts now. Perfect size for my frame and you have the same. Yay BA sisters!!

41/2months on..... Only wish I did it sooner!

Just some updated pics for everyone. I am still loving my new boobs and they feel like a part of me now. Summer is coming up here in down under so can't wait to show them off more, they have been covered up ever since I got them lol!!! They aren't too big or small just right for my frame but I do sometimes still wish I went bigger .....;)

Congratulations! Your before and after pictures are amazing. You look great...just the right size for you in my opinion. Hope you have put up a few more mirrors in your house so you can enjoy checking in on your new look. ;) Thanks for the updates and new photos. I'll look forward to some down under summer swimsuit shots! 

Thanks Beth, yes I still walk past a mirror and do a double take ! Can't believe I have boobs, went and had to buy a 32d bra yesterday, I've added a pic. I never thought I'd see the day I would fit in a D bra lol

Oh my goodness, you look so good! No wonder you're still buying new bras! LOL!


32 d bra

You look amazing ;) I read you reviews and noticed you wanted to be a full B cup but post-op 4mths you're C? So after a few months you do find your implants "fluff" out and you do get bigger? I'm 19 days post-op and just feeling I should've gone bigger. But my PS said no more than 405cc. So I didn't really have a choice. I think.. He did tell me last week that they're going to get bigger. My skin and muscles still need to stretch. It's amazing seeing post-op photos from day 1 to 1 month, 2mths, 3mths and 6mths! Thank you for sharing your journey and giving insight to us. xx
Yes I actually was a C to start with an I got 455ccs an I'm a 28DDD/F I love them I wish you the best
Thank's for sharing ...Can you look at my pictures and let me know if you were about my size ? I would really apreciate it ! I am going for silicone moderate profile 300 or 325 CC but Now i look at you'res and 310 Looks gorgeous on you! would you change anything ? and you look really happy with youre size and it is soooo perfect on ya :) Congrats and thank you for helping others on choosing size ....you're pictures a sooo helpful !
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