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After I paid my deposit, it took only 1 week for...

After I paid my deposit, it took only 1 week for my Invisalign trays to arrive! pretty quick. I got the trays fitted today and I can feel some tightness in my teeth. It was so hard to remove. I felt like I was going to break the tray because I was pulling it too hard. I hope they are durable for some time because I usually clench my teeth at night. I don't want to have to pay $250 for a replacement...

About after 5 hours of wearing the trays, my teeth started to hurt.
I seriously don't know how I'm going to manage brushing my teeth after I eat something.

I have 20 aligners and my treatment will be done by the end of this year woo!!

Wow, 1 a one week turnaround on getting the trays back is really fast - how awesome for you!!

I'd love to see a picture of your teeth biting down from the front so we can see the difference in your smile zone!



So it has been almost a week now with my...

So it has been almost a week now with my invisalign. It is so much easier to remove and there is no more tightness and pain which I'm very happy about. Now, I don't realise I'm actually wearing them anymore. I'm still salivating alot but I think this is going to diminish soon. I'm trying my best to wear the trays for a minimum 22 hours a day but it gets hard. I read somewhere you're not supposed to brush your teeth straight after you eat because of the acid in the food which makes the enamel soft. And you're supposed to wait 30 minutes. I'm also scared of getting cavities. I really hope I don't get any :/
Hi Abbey, It's almost a week for me wearing my Invisalign, also. I still find the bottoms hard to remove and have to wear those medical exam gloves to get a better grip on the braces so I won't break my nails. I have lots of sores on my tongue and gums. Needing to remove them to eat when I am not at home is what stresses me out the most, especially since I need to wear the gloves when I remove them. My doctor told me I shouldn't even drink water with them on because it causes suction and makes them harder to remove. Were you told anything like that? I'm afraid I'll get dehydrated so I am taking little sips of water occasionally. I'm not a happy camper yet. Charlotte T. Saugus, MA
Hey Charlotte. My doctor hasn't told me anything about that. It's also hard for me to remove my bottom tray. The first 3 days my nails started chipping :/ To remove it, it's good to start at the back, starting from the molars. So on one side, I hook my nails under the tray and lift it up so that the tray is half way above my teeth. Then I do the same thing on the other side. Then using my thumbs, I gently lift the tray up in front of my teeth. It's hard for me to explain in writing... But I hope you understand this. I hope it gets soo much easier for you !
I have been thinking about getting them. there is a special going on on groupon. I am a singer and professional voice teacher so I am worried about the no drinking water situation. is that true?I drink water all day

I put my tray number 3 on at night on Wednesday...

I put my tray number 3 on at night on Wednesday and it felt like tray 1 all over again. It hurt so much! It took a day or 2 for me to get used to the trays in my mouth again. I don't see any improvements yet but I'm so excited !

IPR on wednesday 10/7/2013

Im on tray 13 of 20 and I really notice a difference in my smile. It's more straighter! IPR is when the dentist shaves the sides of your teeth to make more room for the other teeth. The good thing about it is: it's painless, but there was some bleeding in my gums. What I didn't like about it was the sound of the tool that they used (it sounded like a drill) and how water just splattered all over my face -__-
7 trays left!! WOO can't wait. I'm going to get my next IPR done in 2 weeks.

tray 13 of 20

I forgot to add, my teeth hurt sooooooo much when I wore my next trays. It was like day 1 all over again.
Hi!  You said you'd be done with treatment by the end of last year.  Did things work out as you'd hoped?  :)
I just got my first tray yesterday morning. I was almost in tears trying to take it out to have my meals. I have very soft short nails. Thank you, whoever mentioned wearing gloves. I will try that and hope it will help. My dentist applied a lot of attachments and it makes it so difficult to get the trays off. I think I will be losing a lot of weight while in treatment -- my daytime snacking, and my evening wine don't seem to fit in with the program.

Bummer to hear your teeth were hurting so badly from your last tray. I'm guessing its because they were freed up to move quite a bit more from the IPR, which of course is a good thing...too bad it can't happen without any discomfort at all though!

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My dentist was very knowledgable and informative. He took time to go through the whole procedure of Invisalign. He told me about the attachments and IPR. He answered all my questions and was very approachable. Other dentists I went to was not informative at all. They didn't explain anything.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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