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Finally Got Invisalign! - Melbourne, Australia

I got my Invisalign on Thursday, four days ago now...

I got my Invisalign on Thursday, four days ago now. Getting the impressions done of teeth and everything was all pretty easy. On Thursday I had some teeth filed and the attachments put on my teeth. It was uncomfortable but not really painful.
The first two days were pretty horrible. Straight after getting them I had to go to work and then the Friday I had an early shift (I'm a nurse) so I didn't have a lot of time to get used to them. Taking them in and out to begin with was so horrible. I thought I was going to rip my teeth out, and I found it difficult to reattach the elastics. On the Friday night, the second day I'd had them, I had to go straight from work to meet friends at a sport event. All the bathrooms had shared sinks and I didn't feel confident taking them in and out yet so I pretty much just didn't eat until I got home that night at midnight. By this stage the aligners had starting cutting into my upper lip and it was very painful and I was hungry and really upset about getting them and worried I'd made a really bad decision. At home all I had to eat was mashed potato because my teeth were aching so much I couldn't chew!

It's now Sunday (had them for about four days) and things are already starting to get easier. They're already easier to take in and out. It hasn't been the tension on the teeth that's bothered me, it's been the plastic cutting into my mouth. My tongues been fine, it's really only the part where the elastics attach at the front. After doing some reading on here (it's been so helpful!!) I filed the plastic a little bit and have bought some orthodontic wax which has really made it better. I'm not sure whether the filing or wax had helped more because I did both at the same time. My mouth is already starting to heal.

The other thing is I have a pretty bad lisp which is very noticeable to my friends and family. Fingers crossed it goes away!!

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Hi!  Wondering whether you got over that hump all right, with the discomfort?  You should have switched trays a couple of times by now?
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Hang in there! It definitely gets better the more and more you get used to it, I promise! I didn't have to do elastics, but I have a ton of "buttons" so my trays are quite noticeable. As time goes on, you worry less about the obviousness of them and look forward to straighter teeth. Good luck!
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Hi! I'm from Sydney and I got mine on the 15th of July so I'm a little more ahead of you (but not by much). My pain/uncomfortableness lasted for about 5 days but then it went away. I've become much more confident taking these bad boys off in public and I'm always brushing my teeth at work. My friends understand and a few others look at me a little strange but not enough to worry me. I'm putting on my second tray tonight and I'm freaking because I don't want to have to go back to the pain and the cut tongue and the ortho wax but I guess it will be worth it in the end. The orthodontic wax was my best friend for the first 5 days!! How many trays do you need?
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