Does Anyone Have Any Recommendations of Drs to Get Lower Blephoplasty in Melbourne Australia?

Hello, I'm 24 years old and by the looks of it...

Hello, I'm 24 years old and by the looks of it have excess skin under my eyes which make me look tired all the time and makes me feel older than I am. I've been looking in to this surgery to fix my issue. However, I am so very scared after reading up on the surgery and the negative effects that people have experienced with this surgery such as dragging of the eyelid etc.. Can anyone that has had this surgery done recommend it or is it too risky? What are your experiences? Also, any recommendations on who to go and see? I've been looking in to Dr Daniel Lanzer and Graeme Southwick at this stage but cannot find enough reviews on these doctors. If you have any recommendations and can share your experiences, that would be much much appreciated! I have attached a photo of under my eye as well to give more of any idea as to what I mean by tired eyes. Thank you so so much in advance!

How is everything going?  Have you found a doctor?  We'd love a review update to hear what you've been up to with your pre-op research.

Dr Howard Webster consult was very interesting, he is very good, very understanding and took time to ask me questions and explain in detail the proceedure he thought would be best for me, which is very different to the other drs I have seen and perform a lower septal reset as well as a upper bleph. He answered all of my questions and consult was very relaxed, unrushed and thourough. So now I am going to do some soul searching and make a decision. I would recommend him for a consult though very informative.
Hi again, I will have a look and research about Dr Howard Webster. It is always comforting when the Drs seem to genuinely care and ensure that they answer all of your questions. I've been to Dr Daniel Lanzer's office and asked him about the surgery but I felt as though he was feeling bothered by my questions about the surgery and that I wasn't being given enough information. Thank you so much for the name! I will do my research about Dr Howard. I'm not sure whether you've seen but I've just had someone that has had a bad experience with Dr Roger Davies and that he will not admit to his mistakes. I just wanted to post it again in the case that you haven't seen the comment.
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