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I am in my early 40s now and always said that when...

I am in my early 40s now and always said that when I finished having children I will have a breast reduction. My youngest is now 10 years old.

I am booked in for the 1st of February 2013.
My goal is to wear a white t shirt and I don't even want it to be tight.

I am currently a 34e but want after surgery to be a size a or b - I don't need those boobs any more -
I live in Australia and have to pay for it privately I have no insurance - I am looking at it as an investment
After reading many posts - it is my understanding that doing sport gets easier as I no longer have to wear 2 bras and 2 singlet tops
I feel excited ,anxious and a little scared of the unknown
Let me know your thoughts - I also feel guilty because its a lot of $
As far as husbands go - my husband says the boobs are perfect as they are- but for the last 20 years I have always cried about them to him - he actually wants me to have the surgery so 'I shut up about them being to big'
Look forward to hearing your thoughts
White t shirt woman

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Hi there, just wanted to know how you've recovered? I hope you are happy about doing the procedure regardless of the blood clots - close call I know I've had both leg DVT and lung embolisms - have you been tested for any causes of the clotting or has it been determined it was directly resulting from surgery?
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Hi everyone - I wanted to fill you in - I am 4 weeks post operation. It has not been fun- I developed blood clots in my lungs after 2 weeks post surgery. I was hospitalized for four days. My understanding is that I am the 10% risk that can happen to anyone . I did not expect the clots to occur. I am now taking warfrin and having lots of blood tests- I hate injections. Anyway I have noticed my breasts are smaller - but have been thru so much In regard to regrets - not sure yet ? Please let me know if anyone had the same condition?
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I had the say dream, white t-shirt. I had my surgery last week and I am completely new. My doctor was able to go from a D to a B. I cried the second day because I thought they were very small (and they were swealled). Best decision I made in my life. Good idea to get a recliner, I couldn't sleep in bed and the recliner was more comfortable.
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Hi happiest person ever - I am going to spend 3 days in hospital - so if there are issues may end up in a recliner. I just met with the plastic surgeon and also said I want to be a b - he said he's not sure about that as always later he can take out more - if we go too small then it might not be in proportion to your body . My theory is smaller is better - less than a week to go - cant wait - hope this week goes fast - I want this done already
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Congrats for doing this for you , I live in cairns ( Australia ) I to had to pay for everything and felt huge gilt for spending $13,000 on me . When the kitchen and bathroom are in serious need of some love . It's been 6 months since my op and I'm so glad I decided to spend the money on me . My hubby says he loved my old boobs but I know he lives my new ones as much as I do lol . 2 weeks after my op I when shopping with my sister , I got things I would never have tried on before and had a fantastic day . ( I was shattered after but it was great ) I rang my hubby at work to thank him so much for letting me do this that I was so happy . I don't think he relises how greatful I am coz as you say it's a lot of money . I wish you the best of luck with it all , please check out my profile . And keep us posted
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Hi I have seen you around the forum - that dog is quiet distinctive. I am just so looking forward to shopping too, especially a white t shirt - I think I'm obsessed with it because I have never been able to wear one. Also just to close a shirt with buttons without popping out of one. Good husbands always think we are perfect but we know what we have to do -Get the girls reduced
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Wow we are both going for surgery the same day. Im about the same size... and husband says the exact same and feels the same way... I have my 2 daughters and am happy they are 7 and 3 and crazy lol... I told the older one I was having back surgery... and she goes so why are u always looking at boobs on your phone.... lol she just wouldnt understand plus my whole town would know... lol What are u doing to get ready... the 1st is coming up quick... im on a zpac cause of a bad sinus inferction timining couldn't be better lol...
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Do you know what size you want to be after the surgery - I want small actually super small I am getting myself psychologically ready - just relaxing - I'm so ready to go in tomorrow morning even Yeah kids are smart they pick up things Are you going in for day surgery or staying overnight? I'm actually going in for a few days overnight because I'm also going to do my stomach as well Can't wait to wear a white t shirt - never thought how simple it was until you just stick out all over the place Hope you fell better before your procedure
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Thx sounds like you will look amazing! I am going in as a outpatient ...its at medical center not hosp...I would love to be a c but dr say he thinks he can only get me down to a d...I just want all this to be really worth it...I am 40 as well my parents live close. I plan to stay at their house overnight or possibly longer maybe the weekend. ..I took the following week off work. I will be home for about 10 days. I have a desk job....do u have a recliner I hear it will be our best friend . Also I got arnica montana at a gnc store...lots of pjs that button down..... Sending u lots of quick recovery wishes.
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I have not got a recliner - I really prefer the bed. That's what I'm really scared of not being able to go smalllllllll- what I've read and understood is that they can't go drastically small - just 2 sizes down I breast fed my kids and I think that is what also caused them to sag Are you located in the USA ? I'm in Australia - look how us women all have the same issues. I work from home- but at times need to do inspections
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