39 Years Old, No Kids, 5'6" Size 8/10 UK, 30GG - Melbourne, AU

For a small person I have very large breasts. I'm...

For a small person I have very large breasts. I'm a 30GG however wear 32GG, I have had problems with getting dresses in a size 10, problems getting shirts. My decision to have a breast reduction is based on frustration and the desire to have small breast. I have had my first consultation and my experience has a been great, next one in Dec, will move forward with op in February.
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Dr Tomlinson consults at a private hospital and I decided to have a consultation with her because I work at the hospital, I heard she's well liked from management and her website was transparent, her consult fees, medicare rebuts if you have a referral and her costs. Meeting Jill, she was friendly, very professional and you could tell she's a perfectionist, she has a check list, she made sure she told me everything. Jill, as said, was transparent and truthful, she told me she had not done many breast reductions, she's a hand surgeon, she gave me a recommendation if I wanted to see someone who does breast reductions all day, every day. Jill has an eye for detail, she immediately saw i had one breast larger than the other and sat slightly higher. To be honest I had not even noticed, I had no idea that I had one breast larger than the other, to me they were just large. My reason for going forward with Jill are quite a few, I truly believe she cares and wants to do a fantastic job, she's a perfectionist, she's arty she draws she told me, this may not matter to people however in my mind someone who paints, draws, takes pictures thinks about composition, composition means the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole. Yes I'm saying my breasts will be a work of art for her. Jill likes to do vertical breast reduction instead of the anchor, less scaring however she did say if she needs to do the anchor, it will only be a short cut under the fold. Also she's a hand surgeon, her stitching must be fantastic. We went through some picture because I said I wanted to do go down to a 32C - this has now changed and I want to go down to a 32B. My reason, all my life I have been in a bra, I was a size 6/8 growing up and now I'm a size 10 although stopped now what about when I have kids? When I have my kids I do believe that my breast will grow and I don't think they will go back down to the nice C cup I paid for, history tells me that my body is meant for big boobs, but not nice perky big boobs, big fat saggy ones. I also forgot to say - because of my age they don't normally do an mammography however I felt that I really should have one before my consultation, which I did - I first had an ultrasound and the report came back that I might have three small fibroadenomas on the left breast, fibroadenoma is a benign tumour in the breast. I had a mammography and a biopsy to confirm they were fibroadenomas, which they are. It was just one less thing to deal with, it's not a problem moving forward with the surgery, she knows they are there and they will be taken out. So this is my first post on my journey - I have another consultation in Dec with my surgeon, she wants me to look at some pictures, I have a few pictures of breasts that I would like and we'll decide together. I just love her approach, I'm not sure if this is the same service as most surgeons but it works for me. I didn't take recommendation on the other breast surgeon because I don't just want to be another patient, who wants a breast reduction, a number through the door and not taking time to see me as a person. I won't be posting until December when my next consultation is but feel free to comment or ask questions and I will answer. Thanks for reading.

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