39 Years Old, No Kids, 5'6" Size 8/10 UK, 30GG - Melbourne, AU

For a small person I have very large breasts. I'm...

For a small person I have very large breasts. I'm a 30GG however wear 32GG, I have had problems with getting dresses in a size 10, problems getting shirts. My decision to have a breast reduction is based on frustration and the desire to have small breast. I have had my first consultation and my experience has a been great, next one in Dec, will move forward with op in February.

New Surgeon

I just wanted to give an update as February is drawing closer and I'm getting excited.

I decided to change my surgeon as I was getting slightly worried about not seeing any of my previous surgeon's work. I was directed to a webpage however as she's more experienced as a hand surgeon she had lots of great work on hands and the scarring looked great, but still a bit unsettled about not seeing any breast work.

I went to a Women's health luncheon with Epworth and heard Dr Jane Paterson speak, she showed lots of before and after pictures, women at all ages, so I booked in with Dr Paterson. Jane is based at Epworth Richmond and working into her rooms I felt like a rock star. Steph her practice manager was lovely, greeted me by name, little chit chat, Jane herself is very impressive and I knew I made the right decision for me. Jane's experience and knowledge made me feel comfortable, she's warm, friendly, went through the routine questions and answers. Dr Paterson does the vertical scar technique (lollipop incision) instead of inferior pedicle flap technique (anchor incision), she said she wouldn't do it on a family member so why do it on me, fair point.

I'm keen to go down to a 32C however she said the best she can do is a D - why do all surgeon's opt for D cups? I actually think we're not on the same page with breast sizes, I'm thinking UK perhaps she's thinking Australian. I've purchased a 32C and 32D cup from the UK and I'm going to purchase 10C and 10D cup Australian so we can work this out together.

Granted that Jane Paterson is more expensive at $8250 however that includes all follow ups, surgery bras, if something goes wrong and needs to fix it she's not charging extra. For me that was a big bonus and made me feel comfortable knowing if anything went wrong I was covered.

I'm still worried about my scarring, I heal well I think however I'm just concerned that it will be thick and dark like another scar I have, but it's only been 5 months and the scar is still healing. Are there any dark skin ladies out there reading this who can tell me their experience with scarring please?

Next apponitment is in February, until then have an excellent Christmas and New Year! :)

It's all about to happen

My operation is next week Wednesday and i've read some reviews that are scaring me and I hope to God my operation and recovery will go really well and I have no issues.

I went to see my surgeon for the last time before my op and we ran through sizes and what will happen after surgery. Because I'm dark skinned she felt she would use silicon on my stitches after 4 weeks to prevent keloid scarring. Jane really was patient, could see i was nervous and put me at ease. I actually took my iPad and went on Realself website to look at size of breasts and what she feel was a great looking pair, I wanted to be on the same page, she didn't seem to mind me asking a lot of questions and pouring through this website, I'm so happy with my choice.

Next week Wednesday I'll be going into hospital, it's a private hospital in Melbourne Epworth Clivedon, the care is first class I hear so I'm looking forward to reviewing my experience.

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!

I'm sitting up at 2.11am Melbourne time, not because I'm in pain or upset - I've just facetimed my best friend in London to show off my new breasts.

I had my surgery yesterday morning. While Jane drew on me with a measuring tape and lined me up - I told her that she reminded me of a dress maker and an artist, ready to create something perfect/extraordinary, if you remember my first entry I believe a surgeon with an eye for detail, understands composition while painting and sees beauty everywhere is the person I'd trust with my breasts. Jane loves art, drew and painted when she was younger. Good enough for me.

I'm really happy with the results, I kept telling Jane please go to small D or better still a full C cup, a full C cup is great, her assistant and Jane agreed. I think I have that, but I'm still bandaged up and swollen. I'm sitting up typing my review and I don't have shooting pains down my back nor do I have breasts touching my stomach when sitting up.

After 20 years of wanting a breast reduction I can tick that goal off. I'm so happy and can't wait to shop for new pretty underwear....to be honest I think my boyfriend is more excited about the shopping for underwear. Bless him....girls please involve your husbands and partners you'll need the support and someone to look after you, I'm not a fan of taking it easy but for my recovery and the best results I'm not going to push myself, I've read to many horror stories on here to know I'm not going to lift and push myself.

I've got a pre-op and post-op pictures, I'll continue to up date on my recovery. Night peeps

Day 2 post op

Taking off my support bra and standing in front of the mirror I'm in shock. My breasts just sit there, is the tape keeping them up? I doubt it. I'm really happy with the results, they still look big but they are swollen so I just need to relax, either way they still look better than before. I wore a strappy top to bed last night and both boobs stayed in place...amazing!!

Bath or shower after breast reduction

It might sound like a silly question but I've read a few post where women were advised not to have a shower. Ladies you can have a shower or have a shallow bath, you can relax and take your time, just don't wet your dressing. If you're going to have a shower I found it easier by wrapping my breasts with cling wrap (I know but works) turning my back to the shower, I'm able to control the water from my back to my front.

My first appointment with Dr Paterson is on Tuesday - she'll change my dressing and give me another bra, silicon strips and other stuff I guess. I'm on antibiotics and no longer in pain, not that I had much but I hope the scars are healing well and don't look terrible. Breasts still look full and round I really do hope they are still swollen and will reduce in size. On the plus side I tried on a few dresses that I normally wear a vest under, strapless dresses and shirts I'm looking pretty good, just need to get back into the gym.

One week post-op appointment

I met with Dr Paterson today, where she changed my dressing and taped me up. Doc answered questions I had about silicon strips as she taped me up along with other questions I had. She gave me another bra, said I could use the crop top ones or sports bras, told me to take it easy and not go shopping, not to buy any bras because I'm still swollen. Light walking and no gym!! Doc gave me a bag with post op care goodies, explaining what I need to do before our next appointment in 6 weeks time.
The stitching was not what I was expecting, I thought the areola would be round and more defined, but either way I think it will heal nicely and look natural.
Will up date during the next 6 weeks.

Picture update one week post-op appointment

Pic update
Jane Paterson

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