Breast Lift (Mastopexy) - Melbourne, AU

Having considered and researched this procedure...

Having considered and researched this procedure (post children) for 5 yrs I finally went ahead with it. Like most women considering this procedure I was unhappy with the "saggy" over stretched and well used breasts (breast feeding, fluctuation over yrs in weight up/down be it from pregnancy or lifestyle).

About me: 32 yr old woman - Mother of 2 (11 and 4 yrs) - 156 cms tall / petite build - Weight at time of operation 53kgs (max weight full term pregnant with 2nd child 68 kgs) - Bra sz at time of operation 12 DD/E (largest sz post baby 12GG)

Personal goals: perkier breasts / natural. I have a very realistic view on what I was requiring and the realistic outcome. Scarring, size.... etc. My biggest point when considering any surgery is remember if you are basing your outcome on glossy mags don't! Remember photoshop plays a big part.

Outcome and life changing?... well I'm only 13 days post op this far, so a little early to say. So far very happy with my decision. It has not been a straight forward recovery. However not a night mare either. I was unlucky enough to get a haemotoma under my left breast. 13 days post op and it has become larger, I am booked to see him again in a few days to discuss draining it. Really no biggy :) Been closely monitored and informed. I have a fantastic surgeon.

What I wish I knew pre op? Well one thing I didn't know that concerned me for several days was the "flaps of skin" known as dog tags that occur post op in most cases under the breasts (very normal!!) I was unaware until just this morning that this was normal and that I would be going back in (hospital) in around the 6 month mark to have them removed. Again now I know, Im fine but I was a little worried about them (visually) before I knew. NO STRESS it's normal and will be fixed :)

Cost in AU dollars $10800.00
Medicare rebate of approx $1400.00
20% of out of pocket Medical expenses claimable at Tax time
Plus any private health insurance claimable. As I only have extras on health insurance I was unable to claim. But in most cases there will be approx $2000 that can be claimed back.

The surgery its self: Day surgery - Admitted at...

The surgery its self:
Day surgery - Admitted at 8am home by 2pm
General Anastasia

Post surgery:
Pain... I liken it to the same feeling as when your milk "comes in" after giving birth. Not painful in the least.

Post Op meds:
Anti nausea meds when required
Panadol 4 hrly for approx 3 days - more of a precaution I think ;)
Antibiotics- precautionary mesure incase of infection
Bromelain capsules (plant extract "bromiliade") for imflamation and swelling
Prefer not to say. However Highly Recommended.

Google search and Registered Plastic Surgeons Board.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks for your comment. Your results look great. I hope my procedure goes well. Can't wait to see your progress. All the best!!
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Hello hope you're doing well still. Great result be god to see how shape is changing. I'm having this reduction technique soon - so nervous :)
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Well ladies 3weeks 2 days post op and my haemotoma has nearly disolved!! Yay ;) it is probably the size of a soup spoon now. Healing really well. Feeling very good. @BrightonBird: No, my understanding is its pooling of blood (basically a bruise) that hardens when it has not drained. Definitely something to make your surgeon aware of or vise versa and monitored. There are options of draining / removing it. But the risk of infection to fine needle aspirate or re open an already healing incision out weighs the benifit. My surgeon made me very comfortable and re assured with the situation - what it is, what can or will / wont happen. Re assured my that my body would do the right thing to disolve it. But would take a few weeks. And he was correct. @angiemcc Yes we do have that product over here. Thanks for your help ;) Ok girls ill pop some new picks up sometime today. Loving my new boobettes ;)
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Your boobs are gona look so fine when that swelling goes a heamatoma something to worry about? im having my implants removed with a lift in March and im terrified of what could go wrong. xx
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15/02/2013 Update on haemotoma. Back to see my wonderful surgeon today, with intentions of draining haemotoma (left breast, hence the different more swollen shape) As it had continued to get larger. After consulting and running thru options: 1. to drain with a normally via needle 2. Re-open existing and well healing vertical incision we have chosen to let nature run it's course and leave it alone. as the haemotoma was determined to be "gel" like rather than "fluid"... I was not willing to risk ruining the well healing incision. Yes, a little discomfort from the pressure. However, I am assured that it will dissolve over time and my breast will heal as per normal. Just a little slower than my right one. I am now able to start to use the silicone patches for scar healing and topical lotions. I was told "Trilogy oil" was great. Any suggestions or recommendations ladies??
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Kimmers seemed to love Palmer's Oil. Not sure if you have that where you are or not...

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So sorry about your hematoma, but OMG, your shape is fabulous. Thank you immensely for sharing your experience. I hope you'll continue to keep us posted!

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