My Journey to Explant - Melbourne, Australia

Hi ladies I've been stalking this forum for a...

Hi ladies
I've been stalking this forum for a while as Im thinking about explanting.
I had my 450 salines put in about 7.years ago and since had 2 beautiful children do Im really scared about how ill look after with all the skin stretching that's happened. My left breast has cc and i think righty is getting there too.
Love to hear from anyone that's had similar size taken out and what your experience has been like.
Im really wanting it done but going through doubts.
Thanks and look forward to hearing from you awesome ladies.

I'm glad you're here and have started your story. It sounds like you're still in the decision making's what some doctors said to a woman getting 400cc implants removed and what she could expect afterward. I hope this helps. Please keep us posted on what you choose to do!

Hi there h r u hope fine it's better u do explant coz god give us a beautiful body but u don't think negetive u will b love ur body after removed I bet but a it will take a time after that very first u feel free nd comfortable don't sad think positive I removed my implant just 11 days but I m also think like that but now I m wearing my sports bra feel free nd very confident if we have implant always we r facing a health issues nd complecation so don't worry u can read my story . Well I know a bit confusion before that but u can do that it's good trust me . Thanxx may b my mail give u a gr8 emotional supports thanks again byee
Thanks Sophia.Jenny :-) its great to have the support from u ladies.Ill read your story now God bless u and hope your healing well xo

seen first surgeon

hey ladies sorry its been a while but have had nothing to update until now.I went to see a surgeon who told me i have hardly any breast tissue and if i just took them out i might end up looking like the national geographic map :-( He also said id probably need a lift which i don't want as i plan on having 1 more baby, God willing. So now he has me considering getting smaller implants instead. so confused!!!

seen 2nd surgeon

Hey guys so I've seen the 2nd surgeon now who i was really happy with. He took one look and said "no good".
He said he thinks id be happier with smaller implants but he's happy to take them out with a full capsulectomy which will take 2-3hrs and cost me 9200!!! Wasn't expecting that but seems to be the norm here.
we went trough a few scenarios like deflate the implants and wait a few months, remove implants and replaceor remove implant only and leave capsual and the removal with capsulectomy. Im so confused and scared.
Any suggestions? I was told again that i have very little breast tissue so worried how they will look after feeding 2 children.
Thanks heaps ladies xo
You can also call me if you like, I'll inbox you. I lived in melb for 3.5 years :))
Hey there:) I know a lady who was double a beforehand and then not sure her implant size but looked like a D, decently larger than my c anyway. She looked bad to start with but after 4 months she was pretty much close to normal and was extremely happy with her result. She is also very slim so looked like a puddle of skin straight after surgery. She got very healthy and took lots of healing supps and did a detox before the surgery. I think having a bit more fat on you to start with helps get a better result from all the girls I've seen (I was part of a Facebook group that got closed due to nudity but there was heaps of explants) just make sure the surgeon is very experienced with explants, as its a tricky surgery removing the capsule. I went from double a to now a smallish c and am getting mine removed, still haven't completely decided on a surgeon but most likely seeing who that lady saw, Lisa creighton in Brisbane. You'll get through it, please inbox me for all the tips I got from the site from ladies that went through it if you like xx
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