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I come from a family of small breasted women. We...

I come from a family of small breasted women. We all breast-fed our babies (I had 3) and amazed ourselves at how such tiny boobs could sustain growing babies. My Dad who's a Vet tended to make comments about how some of the best milking cows are Jerseys with small udders ;\ thanks Dad!
So I'm having a tummy tuck to correct the other thing that runs in our family - big diastasis recti (mum and her 3 girls all got it after pregnancies), and during the pre-op consult the subject of BA came up and, well, I suddenly allowed myself to think what it would be like to have the boobs I've dreamt of.
I'm currently losing hours of sleep a night worrying about it - what if I get lymphoma, what if I get capsular contracture, what if people at work notice and think less of me for getting new boobs - none of these are particularly rational thoughts but there you go...
So unless I run out of nerve, I might be adding a BA to my TT...
A bit about myself - I'm 41, 5'4", 128lb lost 13kg of my baby weight, I am fit- workout 3-5 times per week, and have no boobs whatsoever. I spend my life strapping fake bumps to my chest in the form of ridiculously padded bras. So who am I kidding? This isn't that much different.
I want to keep this a secret - even from my mum who knows about the TT - I don't know why but I'm very self-conscious about doing something to increase my sexiness. The TT is to decrease my pregnant-looking-bellyness but the boobs are really very optional so I feel like they're harder to justify. I know - get over it, Outieumbie!
So, big breath... meeting with the PS on Friday to talk cc's - I have a small frame and he wants to do about 300cc smooth round silicone part sub muscular part under breast. I still can't quite believe I'm doing this..

tweaking the padded bra...

Ahh yes... my delightful 2 yo girl is suddenly noticing boobs having never paid any attention to them since being weaned over a year ago. Great timing! She gave my ridiculously padded bra a big tweak tonight and giggled hysterically. Guess I wont be laughing if she tries that in a few weeks' time...
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             one more month and youll be part of boobieville!
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Thank you ladies! I'm doing my best to stop freaking out. it's no big deal right?
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Good luck to you !! You will do just fine go for it. Defiantly is very stressful before the surgery but its so so worth it .
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Thanks Cris! I hope so... did a self-hypnosis podcast on the iPhone today (Joseph Clough - pre surgery nerves hypnosis) and it really helped. I hope it's going to really boost my self esteem which has never been great when it comes to body image!
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I know how you feel! Try not to let other people's opinions affect you. At this point I've decided I just can't care what anyone else thinks! My surgery is tomorrow , 310cc's
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oooh novomamma - how exciting!! Best of luck tomorrow - you're going to look amazing! Sleep well and heal well!
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It is one of those items on my "this is the strangest things I've ever done" list. Right after pregnancy and breastfeeding. But those turned out pretty good...
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Hey!!! Don't freak yourself out!! Wanting to look and feel like what so many other women take for granted is nothing to be ashamed of. Wanting your clothes to fit normal and feel awesome when u look in the's the best thing you can gift yourself and you won't regret it.
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That's such a good point! I am so sick of having to get clothes adjusted to fit, and having to buy bottoms that minimise my tummy and tops that maximise my boobs!
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