53 Years Old Mum of 6 Babies All Around 4.2kg Working Nurse/midwife Having Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction - Melbourne

Having surgery on 18th August 2014, just hate my...

Having surgery on 18th August 2014, just hate my large breasts and Tummy have wanted this even before my last baby who is now 11 years, I have put it off to allow my kids to become more independent and feel it is time for me. My hubby is supportive but thinks I'm nuts "getting my body chopped up" saying you have birthed 6 babies and that's what happens " he thinks I am beautiful just the way I am I love him so much but I am doing this for me.
Getting very anxious but excited.
I am in Australia and will have 5 days in hospital and 8 weeks off work.
I have appreciated the other girls reviews and found it interesting that the girls in the USA and Canada only had 1 night in hospital .
I will post photo ASAP


I am thinking about you this morning and sending happy thoughts and hugs your way.  Please check in with me as soon as you can.
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Now 3 days PO

I started to post while I was waiting to go to theatre but they came to get me in the middle of it so it never happend.
Surgery too about 5 hours got
back to my room at 10:30pm
My husband and daughter we're waiting and I know it was a long wait for them but I'm glad they were there.
Initially the pain was terrible complicated by the nausea, every time I dry reached I thought I was going to die,
but they got it under control quite quickly.
So that first night was hard but since then I've been really good.
I couldn't wee that first day so had a catheter put in
once the 800ml of urine drained I felt better ( I had been up twice to the loo but just couldn't go although I wanted to)
Any way catheter out now and weeing good.
IV drip came down yesterday I'm drinking plenty but don't gave much of an appetite yet.
2 drain tubes remain insitu and draining quite a bit one has 200ml and one 100mls in the past 20 hours.
Have seen the PS oi his nurse every day and they are happy with progress.
I have a soft bra on and no PG on my tummy they said because of the drain tubes but have been given two support pants to wear after Draintubes come out.
Every thing is bruised and swollen
The dressings haven't been taken down yet.
I can't believe the transformation I can see and feel already.
No regrets


Hi, I had my TT august 19, I was in surgery for 4hrs and approximately 2 hrs in recovery then I got to go home. I am 3 days PO now and off my pain meds. I don't feel pain just uncomfortable tightness and swelling, lots of swelling. I can't wait to see your pics, I will post some after pics when I get my drain out. Happy healing to you:))
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OMG, you have done so well I'm hoping to go home today but dreading the 1 hour drive in the car. Pain as with you but I an having 6hourly Panadol. Do you have Drain tubes in and when are you seeing your PS next oh and where are you. Thanks for your post
I am from Canada, I do have a drain in. I see my PS again Tuesday and he will take it out then. I went back to see him the day after surgery because he wanted to have a look for himself and see how I was doing because it was a long surgery. The only time I feel pain is when I have to cough, it hurts so much:( other than that I feel great, can't wait for this swelling to go down tho. Do you have much swelling? I can't wait to shower. Hope everything is great with you:)

PO day 13

D6 First night at home was quite uncomfortable with drain tubes still in, returned to PS the next day and had dressings taken down for the first time, drain tubes removed and sports bra fitted 36 DD with lots of bruising and swelling hope to go down at least to a D when all is settled. Abdo wound looked good dressings replaced with micro pore take advices to redo every week until 8 week review.
I have been showering every day using shower chair and hand held shower head up until today stood up today.
Still feeling tummy tight and stooping but much less now, I have had a couple of short trips out with hubby but feel tired very quickly and taking panadol for pain.
I'm eating well and taking stool softener and have had no problems since the first BM in hospital.
All in I'm very happy with my result and progress I just think you have to remember that you have had major surgery and it takes time to heal and the better you comply with Doctors orders the quicker you will feel yourself.

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