24 Year Old Starting Invisalign. Melbourne, AU

I have just started my invisalign and so far so...

I have just started my invisalign and so far so good!
Just wanted to sign up and hear about other invisalign users experience/problems/reviews etc:)
I do have a question though, how long is too long to have your aligners our of a day?
All up I think I would have mine out for about 2 hours total...is that alright??

Gross aligners!

So is it normal for like after a week and a half of wearing invisalign for the aligners to be kinda gross?
I brush them every time I take them out with toothpaste and rinse them all the time but they're just like, getting kind of nasty...
Is it really important to soak them in vinegar and warm water? I have been leaving them in a cup with warm water when I eat but no vinegar...Should I really start doing that? Will that keep them cleaner?

More about myself/teeth

Ok so I didn't initially elaborate much about myself and teeth etc!
My name is Jess and i am a 24 year old female who has ALWAYS been insecure about my teeth.
My teeth I guess were never bad enough for my parents to pay for braces but both my sisters have had braces and now they're teeth are perfect!
I thought, that's enough! i am getting invisalign. I was initially planning on getting veneers but every dentist suggested braces which at first I was disheartened about but now I think about it, it is a lot better in the long run!
All my friends think I am crazy and shouldn't be so worried about it but it's just one of those things that I need to do!
So far I feel like I am already seeing changes!
I am on my second aligners in 3 days and am looking forward to seeing more results!

Old aligners

Do I need to look after my old aligners?? I just put my new ones in and chucked my old ones in the little aligner case. Will k ever use them again?? They're pretty worse or wear!

Not much pain

So I am not experiencing much pain at all while wearing my Invisalign...I feel as though I should be though! haha. I just don't feel like there is much movement going on if when i wear my plates it feels fine...
Is this normal??

Ulcer on inside of lip

So I have a small ulcer on inside of lower lip and it hurts so bad as it scraps on the rough section of the lower alligner! I have tried filing it down with my nail file a bit but it hasn't really done much!
Do you think it's ok if I leave my bottom alligners out for the rest of the day?? Its 2 pm here....It hurts so much:(


Hate them already!! Ha. I couldn't get my aligners off with my weak finger nails so I had to use a fork:( is that bad?

Not a whole lot happening as of yet!

I feel as though I am not feeling as much pain as I should be?!
I hope my teeth are moving because really, i'm not experiencing much pain at all!
My attachments have all stayed on so far after getting two put back on after they fell off.
I cant wait to start seeing my front tooth moving as that is why I got invisalign in the first place!

Denture cleaner!

So my aligners were getting sooooo gross like all yellow and so much build up.
So I bought denture cleaners and they clean them pretty well!
Just a tip!:)

Attachments falling off!!

Argh so it hasn't happened for a while but another attachment has fallen off my front tooth only like two days after ive gotten it put on! grrrrrrr
I so can't be bothered going back in but they said you dont need to, you just wait until your next appointment but my next appointment is like 8 weeks away!
Is this normal??
I just dont want it to hinder the progress of my teeth moving!

Starting to see some progress

So I am on aligner 9 and boy i have been feeling a bit of pain, which is a good thing!
I feel like I am finally starting to see some progress.
What do you think?!
Or am I seeing things...ha.

Starting to see some changes!

I am very slack with updating my progress on here so terribly sorry about that real self! ha.
I feel a though I am seeing some changes with my front tooth which was my main problem.
Although the attachment does not stay on. Last appointment I went to they literally couldn't keep it on so they said they would order in more templates? Anyway here is a pic of where i am now!


So my first freak out.
I just got my new aligners like two days ago and at the very back of my aligners it has cracked.
Only small and the aligner still feel tight around my teeth but arghh im freaking out.
I called the invisalign place and they said either move forward or back...
I just want to get some opinions!!
I was thinking of wearing them for a week as they still feel nice and tight and then move forward....
What does everyone think!!!
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