24 Year Old Starting Invisalign. Melbourne, AU

I have just started my invisalign and so far so...

I have just started my invisalign and so far so good!
Just wanted to sign up and hear about other invisalign users experience/problems/reviews etc:)
I do have a question though, how long is too long to have your aligners our of a day?
All up I think I would have mine out for about 2 hours total...is that alright??
Hi!  And welcome to our Invisalign community :).  

So, Invisalign generally recommends 20-22 hours of wear per day.  Doctors vary in their recommendations from that amount, some of them insisting on a minimum of 22 hours/day of wear.  Most people severely underestimate the length of time they have their aligners out in a day, so sometimes it's helpful to try a timer for a day and see how you do.  But if you are leaving your aligners out for a maximum of 2 hours, that is well within all of the recommendations I have seen.  Doctors here on RealSelf recommend that it not be all at once, but broken into short bouts throughout the day (as for meals and hygiene).

I hope you give us some more info about your case so that we can follow your progress!  You can also help others as you go through your treatment :).

BTW, we have lots of Aussies right now, and quite a few from Melbourne specifically.  Here are some of them: Nadinelliana, CJ13, SophieD, Astrodog21, littleoz, Crooky24, Sunluvva, smilemelbshannon1990Dante555, Malnic, Megastar, and Bec1234.
Oh great! Thank-you so much for your help! I will definitely keep my invisalign journey updated on here:)
Thank you!  I look forward to following your treatment :).  And if you ever need help with RealSelf, just let me know!

Gross aligners!

So is it normal for like after a week and a half of wearing invisalign for the aligners to be kinda gross?
I brush them every time I take them out with toothpaste and rinse them all the time but they're just like, getting kind of nasty...
Is it really important to soak them in vinegar and warm water? I have been leaving them in a cup with warm water when I eat but no vinegar...Should I really start doing that? Will that keep them cleaner?
Like TwoPlusOne said, mine got better once I stopped using toothpaste on them. I soak them in Polident every three or four days only because I didn't seem to get anything from the vinegar (maybe I didn't use enough?)
For me, the grossness stopped when I stopped using toothpaste.  I know it sounds counterintuitive, but some of us use toothpaste that has these microbeads that help clean your teeth better.  But those tiny little things can scratch your aligners, and the tiny scratches are a great place for bacteria to live and multiply.  But the scratches are smaller than the bristles on your toothbrush.  Which makes it really difficult to get the bacteria out of them.  If you either switch to a gel-type toothpaste without grit in it, or just use some sort of soap to brush your retainers, I think you'll have a much better time of it.  You can soak them in a soap-and-water solution in between--it doesn't have to be diluted vinegar.  I used hydrogen peroxide most of the time, but soap and water is fine--even unscented, clear dish soap.  I found that using the highly scented ones left me with that taste in my mouth (ugh!) and I was afraid the colored ones would stain so I stayed away from the one at my mum's house :).
Oh wow that's interesting. I don't use toothpaste with the beads so i'm not sure if it's that but like, I can see they look all gross and like, not that clear anymore but no matter how much I brush the plate, it won't clean them. Oh well, only 4 more days till I change to my next aligners!:P Thank's for your help once again!:) I will be buying some unscented soap tonight I think!

More about myself/teeth

Ok so I didn't initially elaborate much about myself and teeth etc!
My name is Jess and i am a 24 year old female who has ALWAYS been insecure about my teeth.
My teeth I guess were never bad enough for my parents to pay for braces but both my sisters have had braces and now they're teeth are perfect!
I thought, that's enough! i am getting invisalign. I was initially planning on getting veneers but every dentist suggested braces which at first I was disheartened about but now I think about it, it is a lot better in the long run!
All my friends think I am crazy and shouldn't be so worried about it but it's just one of those things that I need to do!
So far I feel like I am already seeing changes!
I am on my second aligners in 3 days and am looking forward to seeing more results!
Thank you for introducing yourself! :D  

You will be so happy to have fixed your teeth instead of just covering them up.  You will be wearing retainers for life, so there is eternal maintenance in that sense, but you won't have to go and get veneers replaced.  You're too young to have to deal with that for the rest of your life ;).  

The fact that you're feeling happy about your decision, though, is the most important thing.  So excited to see how happy you are going to be at the end of this!  It's a great feeling to be able to smile and know that everyone is just seeing your joy, instead of wondering whether they're looking at whichever tooth it is that bothers you.
Oh wow you have hit the nail on the head! haha. That is exactly how I feel! Like, when I would be talking to someone or smiling (which is rare) I would always think they are looking at my crooked teeth! Thank for your comment!:) I cannot wait to have straight teeth!

Old aligners

Do I need to look after my old aligners?? I just put my new ones in and chucked my old ones in the little aligner case. Will k ever use them again?? They're pretty worse or wear!
You should clean  the old ones thoroughly, dry them (air dry is fine), and store them in the bag they came in so you know which is which.  And then make sure you save the last several aligners at all times.  I kept all of them, but I think that's more confusing than useful.  Three to five should be plenty.  Sometimes things go wrong and you need to backtrack, but it's rare.  If you do lose an aligner, though, you will need to go back to the previous (or ahead to the next, depending on your doctor's advice,) and it'd be terrible to not have what you need!  I kept all of them because I was afraid I'd need them in case of mistakes.  But I didn't :D.

Not much pain

So I am not experiencing much pain at all while wearing my Invisalign...I feel as though I should be though! haha. I just don't feel like there is much movement going on if when i wear my plates it feels fine...
Is this normal??
By the end of the first set of aligners, you should be feeling close to nothing.  When you put in the next set (try to do it just before bed) you will likely feel a bit of pressure.  Over the course of the next 8-12 hours, the discomfort will build, but for some it stays discomfort and for others it becomes pain.  But the second tray is unlikely to be as bad as the first.  When you get your attachments, it's likely to be like the first again :D, and much harder to take them out (depending on how many you get).  Are you changing tomorrow?
ahh ok. I changed to my second set 2 days ago which I did at night time. I'm just not feeling as much pain as I thought I would. If anything, just a very very mild dull ache in my teeth. First set of aligners were a bit more painful and my teeth were very tender and sensitive when I ate. This time round, not so much!
That sounds about right :).  No worries!  Will you get attachments with tray 3?

Ulcer on inside of lip

So I have a small ulcer on inside of lower lip and it hurts so bad as it scraps on the rough section of the lower alligner! I have tried filing it down with my nail file a bit but it hasn't really done much!
Do you think it's ok if I leave my bottom alligners out for the rest of the day?? Its 2 pm here....It hurts so much:(
Hi! Where did you get your invisalign done? I found a place that did it for $8000 (I'm a student so I want to find a cheaper place!)
8000?? Wow that's heaps!!! I got mine at freedom dental in south Melbourne! Amazing customer service too!
Hi! Where did you get your invisalign done? I found a place that did it for $8000 (I'm a student so I want to find a cheaper place!)


Hate them already!! Ha. I couldn't get my aligners off with my weak finger nails so I had to use a fork:( is that bad?
Use a crocher hook (like for knitting) i was supplied with one from my ortho. Never used it as i have very strong nails.
It's only bad if you tear your aligners, LOL!  I tore my aligners at least once, trying to get them out.  Might not be great for your teeth, though.  Maybe you can strengthen just the two nails you need with some kind of nail polish or something?  My nails are pretty thick but I did cut them off at one point, which led to the tearing.  Just be careful :).
Oh thanks for that! I might need to do that. So incredibly hard to get in and out! I think one of the buttons came off as I was trying to get them off!:( is that really bad??

Not a whole lot happening as of yet!

I feel as though I am not feeling as much pain as I should be?!
I hope my teeth are moving because really, i'm not experiencing much pain at all!
My attachments have all stayed on so far after getting two put back on after they fell off.
I cant wait to start seeing my front tooth moving as that is why I got invisalign in the first place!
Have you met falee?  You two are both on the painless track! LOL!
Oh I havnt! haha. Where is her profile?
Here's her review. :)
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